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YouChew Trading Cards

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The YouChew Trading Card Series was a collectible set of 100 digital cards that were added in randomized packs of 5 to YouChew's Point Shop on May 6, 2016. Cards #1-60 were the Bronze Tier, #61-90 the Silver Tier, and #91-100 the Gold Tier, increasing in rarity as the card numbers go up. Cards could be purchased from the shop in either Bronze, Silver or Gold Packs, each yielding a higher chance of drawing gold cards from Bronze up. One could also purchase a lottery machine draw for a randomized single card at a cheaper price.

The idea of a YouChew-based trading card series was conceptualized by Maestro Snail in 2012. The project was originally a secret collaboration between him and Whelt, though it was soon shelved due to proving too ambitious for a two-person venture. Come 2015, the project was revived with Probo, Geibuchan, and tabull now also on the team. Another revival in 2015 - that of the Design Staff - spurred the idea of making the card game one of the early projects for said staff, and would see Fiddlesticks411 and dew join in. Additionally, there were a number of guest contributions from trusted members who were otherwise uninvolved with the project - Misselaineous10, Dopply, IntermissionForBunny, NegroTed, JazzDanceForChildren, DaftPunkYoshi, LuigiGodzillaGirl, and Combuskenisawesome. Select cards (mostly the Gold tier) featured custom illustrations by the maker of those cards.

Gallery of Obtainable Cards[edit]


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The full image of the collage of miscellaneous characters assembled for card #100.