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Smug Porky

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Name: Smug Porky Pig
Appears In: Looney Tunes
Sex: Male
Played By: Mel Blanc, Bob Bergen, others

Smug Porky is a still frame of Porky Pig from the "That's all folks!" Looney Tunes closing sequence. Though actually in the process of closing his eyes, Porky's expression looked mighty smug, leading to the name. He was the focus of one of the first big image editing threads of Invision-era YouChew.

On YouChew[edit]

YouChew user and Looney Tunes fan SBB_GameMaster paused the original "That's all folks!" video, and by pure luck his pause was on the Smug Porky frame. The exploitability of Smug Porky's face was not lost on him, and in October 2010, a YouChew thread was started. His face would be edited onto numerous famous pigs and popular YouChew characters, and many laughs and stutters were had.

SSB_GameMaster later made a Smug Porky collage video set to the Cartoon Network Groovy "Pork Jam". It includes most if not all of the Smug Porky edits up to that point, plus a few edits of Fiddlesticks411's old Sonic character created specifically for the video (as "Fiddlesticks!" is a lyric in "Pork Jam"). Given a lot of the edits are no longer viewable in the thread as a result of shoddy image hosts, the video serves as an important archive of this smug bit of YouChew history.

Smug Porky remains a fond memory for many who used YouChew in 2010. He is card #47 in the YouChew Trading Cards series, and an emoji in the Neon Castle Discord.



  • Years after the Smug Porky YouChew thread, the same frame became a 4chan joke under a different name (le pig shig) entirely.

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