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Phil Collins

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3768.gifKirby likes the musician Phil Collins and he thinks you should like him too.

I know you, you're that guy.


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Phil Collins caught by surprise.


A demonic ruler of several worlds. His powers are recorded here:

  • Kills numerous people with a stare
  • Has the ability to hump the air, not unlike Mohammed Abdul.
  • His crotch took over Japan and possessed it's civilians; which explains the nature of Hard Gay.
  • If he ever offers you his hat, it means you are worthy for one of his thrones of power. You'll end up dying somehow though.
  • Has died once, but came back.
  • Ear rape.
  • Ate Saturn for brunch.
  • You can't hurry love, but Phil Collins can.
  • Has spontaneously combusted a total of five times.
  • He challenges Mohammed Abdul to an air-humping contest.
  • Is friends with Hulk Hogan's BROTHERRRRR
  • He hates retarded kids.
  • Is a resident of Vice City.
  • He has 52 balls.
  • He can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.
  • His girfriend is Sue Sussudio.
  • He has danced into the ligggokay, enough with the Phil Collins jokes.

His only weakness is his sub-par ability to make music on his own.


An entire series about Phil Collins is being created by SeductiveBaz who according to TangerineImpz is rumored to be Phil himself, but he has appeared in other poops.



  • He has stroke or something like that that's ruined his hands. :(
  • He was originally in the progressive rock band Genesis, and took over Peter Gabriel as the lead singer when he left.
  • Wrote the soundtrack to the critically-acclaimed YouTube Poop: The Movie.