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Name: Lucario
Appears In: Pokemon
Played By: Sean Schemmel, Bill Rogers, others

Lucario is a highly popular Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon, originally from Diamond and Pearl. It is a blue-and-black Anubis-esque creature noted for its utilization of aura. Its aura mastery also allows it to be one of the few Pokemon capable of human speech. It is perhaps the most heavily promoted Sinnoh-originating Pokemon, and is playable in the Super Smash Bros. series from Brawl onwards.


Several YouChew members were huge fans of Lucario, including former staff members tabull and DaftPunkYoshi. In August 2016, shortly before tabull resigned from his admin position, he created a thread that was a Lucario image spam, accompanied by many users changing their avatars to Lucario for the rest of the day. The Lucario-fest would stay a site tradition for the remainder of YouChew's existence. Due to its popularity with several prominent members, Lucario cameos in YouChew Trading Card #100.

Lucario is also the third component of the classic YTPMV "Mario Wario Lucario".


  • "Groof!"
  • "Watch the power of the aura!"

Liked By[edit]


  • Lucario sometimes eats chocolate, despite it usually being poisonous to dogs. Its Steel typing is immune to poison, which is perhaps the key.