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King Leonidas

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Leonidas' reaction to YouTube Poop.

Famous for uttering the line "THIS IS SPARTA!" in the film 300, which was parodied in many poops, especially a genre of YTPMVs properly called "Sparta Remixes" that were most prominant throughout 2007 and 2008. These days he has been largely forgotten to the sands of time and 00s internet nostalgia.

He was a short-time a rival of King Harkinian, the king of the nearby land of Hyrule. While Harkinian desired to eat dinner in the Hyrule Castle grounds, Leonidas expressed a fierce desire to dine in Hell, leading to intense differences between the two monarchs. However, the two rulers offically befriended each other, in spite of their competitive past, and Sparta accepted an offer to become absorbed into Hyrulian territory, cameoing vaguely as the Gerudo Desert as seen in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and beyond(in the "Hero is Victorious" timeline logistically, although Harkinian generally personally prefers to defy all the Zelda timelines).


  • "Tonight we dine in hell!"


  • Killing Persians
  • Kicking Persian messengers into The Pit.
  • Saying "THIS IS SPARTA!"
  • Having a hearty breakfast.
  • His new friend, King Harkinian.


  • Techno Music
  • Actually, Sparta in general.
  • Also, dining in hell.



  • In his spare time, he is also the dean of a college found somewhere in the state of Michigan. There, he trains a new legion of Spartans for the hopes of regaining the powers of the original 300 Spartan army. Unfortunately for him, these Spartans would much rather hone their training for education and sports like basketball and American Football rather than fighting the Persians.