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Stu Pickles

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This article is about the Rugrats character. You may have been looking for Stuart K. Reilly.
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Stu is making chocolate pudding, and everyone is in worry.
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{{#ev:youtube|LyzzbJmXocw|320}}That's not Stu!

Stu Pickles is a character from the popular TV show Rugrats. He is the wife of Didi and the father of Tommy. His brother is Drew Pickles. Stu is a toy designer, but the toys he makes either suck or don't work properly. For instance, his Mr. Friend invention was intended to be an enjoyable toy for the babies, but the creepy look and annoying rhymes made nearly everyone hate the robotic clown. The Reptar Wagon was Stu's most successful invention, but it got the kids stranded in a forest, so it wasn't perfect.

He lost control of his life, with his entire being now at Angelica's behest. His duty in life, first and foremost, is to make chocolate pudding. He usually does so at 4 A.M. (or in Didi's case, four in the motherfucking morning). This chocolate pudding is promptly refused by Angelica, who miraculously loses her hunger without even eating (meaning her stomach should promptly be studied to solve world hunger once and for all... that, or she was just never hungry to begin with and is a manipulative little shit).

He has an evil clone that hangs around in your nightmares that can only say "I'M NOT STU!" and laugh.


  • "Making chocolate pudding."
  • "Because I've lost control of my life!"
  • "Here's your pudding, Angelica."
  • "Because I'm making chocolate pudding."
  • "Chocolate pudding is my life."
  • "Chocolate pudding, right?"
  • "Sausage manufacturing chocolate."
  • "Having trouble losing control of your life."
  • "Angelica types of bread."
  • "Wishes to contribute to sexual unrealistic watching and listening!"
  • "That stock of sexual is that's for sure, people!"
  • "I'm concocting some pudding!"
  • "Because you weren't in the kitchen."
  • "Here's the pudding, your majesty."
  • "I'M NOT STU!"
  • "Making chocolate pudding is my life."
  • "It's my life."
  • "Making chocolate pudding, Angelica."
  • "Fucking Angelica, making chocolate pudding is my fucking life."
  • "I love controlling Angelica's life."
  • "Here's your fucking pudding, AngeliCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "You stupid BITCH! Fred Flintstone's home."


  • The plots of all three Rugrats movies are motivated entirely by Stu screwing up in some way. What a track record.
  • In a deliberately outrageous Rugrats storyboard jam (of which only one page is known to the public), the production crew depicted Stu as really fucking ugly. Not only does he beat his wife, but what he plans on doing to Angelica is a level of fucked up on par with Internet Drew Pickles.