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Anthony Higgs

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Remember me?

Name: Anthony Higgs
Appears In: Metroid: Other M
Sex: Male
Nationality: African
Occupation(s): Galactic Federation Trooper
Played By: Mike McGillycuty

Remember him? Anthony Higgs, formerly nicknamed the Mysterious Black Dude (or MBD for short) and the Remember Me Guy (or RMG for short), is the name of a character who first appeared in the trailer for the very controversial Metroid: Other M. He wears a suit similar to Samus, with a visor that can move up and down. He often opens and closes the visor in rapid succession, which tends to result in damage to his helmet. He also often asks people if they remember him, and smiles even if they say no. Sometimes, his face gets replaced with other faces.

Remember Him?!

Why Should We Remember Him?[edit]

Remember Him?!


Because he's just so fucking awesome!

Things Replacing His Face[edit]


  • "Remember me?!"
  • "Ah...Fancy meeting you here, Princess!"
  • "Hey punk! Don't you know how to treat a lady? Let me teach you a lesson about subtlety!"



  • His favorite song is "Remember Me?" by Eminem, RBX, and Sticky Fingaz.
    • Oddly enough, his second favorite song is "Do You Remember?" by Jey Sean, Sean Paul, and Lil' Sean Jon.
  • Believe it or not, he's actually the first ever Metroid character to be added on this Chewiki.
  • He was once knocked into The Pit by Ridley, but survived because he froze and bounced off of Frollo's escaping spirit, also pushing Frollo back down into The Pit in the process.
  • Was once sexually fingered by a bipedal anomalocaris while dangling over The Pit.
  • Before being a space marine man, he used to advertise for Boost Mobile.
  • Samus Aran wishes that her man would smell like Anthony Higgs.
  • Unfortunately for Anthony Higgs, we don't remember him. :(