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The King's Epic Adventure

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The King's Epic Adventure is an ongoing multi-part flash-augmented Youtube Poop series started by Geibuchan on October 9, 2008, with it's most recent installation being uploaded on October 31, 2012. It is noted for being one of very few YTP "series" started in YTP's early years to have continued in dedicated fashion past its era of origin, and remains the crown jewels of Geibuchan's work and his main claim to fame in YTP. The first installation is his fourth most popular video on his channel, sitting at a comfortable 190,000+ views, with the other installments containing between 78,000 and 110,000 views each. They are generally the most anticipated of all of his forthcoming videos, always coming out with long spaces of time apart due to diligent craft of quality from its maker.


Part 1(2008)[edit]


Link declares that he "sure is stupid" before being abruptly shut up by King Harkinian, who announces his Shit for dinner, apparently not for the first time. The royal family and associates all voice protest, but are met by an angrily insistent Harkinian who tells each individual person through angry nose-pointing that they must eat his Shit, going as far as to say that the Triforce of Wisdom is incorrect for saying otherwise. He then climbs to highest point of his castle, bellows out that the world will "all eat [his] shit", and plummets 175 stories to the stone hard ground below, flattening himself and momentarily convincing Link that he is dead. After a period of non-responsiveness, the King suddenly springs to life and takes off into the barren wasteland beyond his castle, not to be seen again by Link, Zelda, or any of the other Hyrule Castle residents until an unspecified date. Zelda calls him on his flip phone, curious about his wherabouts, and the King first reveals his plan to "make people all around the world eat [his] shit". He assures them that he has taken the Triforce of Courage to protect himself, and gives Link the explicit command not to kill Zelda if he is not heard from again in a month. Initially sprinting with incredible energy, the King soon forces himself to slow down, and finds himself in the desolate Mushroomy Kingdom, where he encounters Solid Snake. The King conveys his grand shit-feeding plan to an incredulous Snake, who at first doesn't believe he is serious. After assuring him that he is indeed committed, and that he knows quite a good deal of information about his scatological properties, Snake's interest is piqued. He offers to join the King on his quest, and is initially turned down, on account of, for some reason, being considered overweight. Snake responds by pointing a rocket launcher squarely at the King's penis, now asking to join him with considerable persuasion. The King relents, and acquires the use of Snake's box as a means of transportation, no longer having to travel on foot. The fellowship of shit-feeding grows from one to two.

Elsewhere, Dr. Robotnik recruits Tomo Takino as the newest member of his Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad, declaring her to be mean, malicious, and his kind of rotten. After giving her the rundown of her mission, Tomo suggests that should they win, Robotnik should treat her to a can of juice, to which he agrees, reminding that he said ANYTHING to have Sonic return to his dungeon.

Part 2(2009)[edit]


The King and Snake encounter the Gate to the Multiverse, a central recurring location throughout the series, laying out for them all eight of the realms they will have to conquer on their Shit-feeding quest. They first choose to enter the realm of Dieman(played by Ganon), crash landing next to his castle within close range of Mama Luigi, who is sent falling for hours. Snake observes that the area is "crawling with NOTHING", and the King, who knows Dieman as an old and well-battled rival of his, assures him that he tends to stay "cooped up in his castle all day". He suggests to Snake that he protects himself, lest he risks immolation. He calls up Link, who is in the process of attempting to saw Zelda in half, and requests to talk to Zelda, asking Link off to the side if he wouldn't truly marry a panther. With Zelda on the phone, the King momentarily forgets what he planned to request, but upon drinking punch, explains to Zelda that he plans to make Dieman eat his shit for dinner and that he wishes for Zelda to do Everything for him, apathetic to her concerns for her well-being. Zelda turns to Impa in desperation, who is in the restroom at that exact moment, leading Zelda to run off in protest. While all this is occurring, Snake engages in a long-distance "box call" with Otocon, which apparently ends in a way that disgusts the latter.

The King and Snake are momentarily met by a laughing Baby Daisy, causing the King to mention that this will take Zelda a while. Soon after, Zelda appears, and the King promptly throws her through the front door of Dieman's castle. Dieman appears before her, at which point Zelda begins a long array of confounding distractions (most of them involving music) while dodging Dieman's occasional lightening strikes.

Just at that moment, Metal Gear Mark II shows up as a means for Otocon to communicate more directly in person with Snake, offering him a 3 Musketeers candy bar. The King, Snake, and Otocon spend much of the next several minutes dicking around outside, before the King punches a tree with over-sized fruit, causing an oddly normal sized fruit to fall out into his mouth. The King spits it out due to its revolting taste, and it reveals itself to be APPLELORD, COFFEE ADDICTED FLOATING MONITOR, the first Mini-Boss encountered by the King. Initially devastating the King with fireballs, bombs, sawblades and a thwomp, the King begins to gain the upper hand when he smashes APPLELORD into the Thwomp's face. Snake witnesses the battle from a distance, and promptly fires a rocket towards APPLELORD, destroying it immediately. Zelda is at that very moment ejected from Dieman's Castle, and Dieman, with his ire fully provoked, now appears to personally confront the King, and battle commences.

Dieman first sends his many minions towards the King, including Like Like, Rope, Chu Chu, Octoroks, Tektites, Leevers too, Dodongo, a Redead, the Stupidest Moblin, and The Darknut, many of which the King initially defeats by punching or by scaring away, acquiring Green Chu Jelly and a Wooden Shield in the process. Link briefly reappears to eat the Octorok, a bomb is used to destroy the Dodongo, the Stupidest Moblin kills itself, and the Triforce of Courage is used to overcome the Redead. The Darknut proves to be a much tougher enemy, as its armor is invulnerable to the King's punch attacks. The King is knocked down to only 12 HP by his charged sword attack, before Otocon appears to give the King a new weapon: the Dinner Blaster. The King uses this to defeat The Darknut in one swift blow, at which point Dieman himself, at a towering 9015 HP, approaches the King.

True to Dieman's original game of origin, he is invulnerable to all attacks, as even the Dinner Blaster is useless against him. Thankfully, the Triforce of Courage protects the King from getting destroyed by Dieman's attack, allowing him to hang on in battle. Otocon, referring to the Dinner Blaster as "small arms" suggests that "a large caliber weapon oughta do the trick", giving the King the Machine Gun. The King promptly chucks the Machine Gun at Dieman, and defeats him in a single hit, sealing him away inside of a book wrapped in chains. The King gains a new power-up, the DIEBOLT, allowing him to summon a massive lightening strike that obliterates the ground before him. Victorious, the shit-feeding fellowship takes off, now joined by Otocon, who prefers to not to travel by box, jumping out of it at 10,000 feet in the air. Snake and the King come to a sudden shocking realization: they forgot to make Dieman eat the King's Shit.

Meanwhile, back on the Planet Mobius, Scratch acquires the manga omnibus of Azumanga Daioh!, and he and Grounder proceed to amuse themselves reading it while Dr. Robotnik obsesses over his new prison, which he has dubbed Robotnik's Beautiful Love Resort. Upon witnessing their distracted attention upon what he deems a "comic book", he promptly swipes it from them and glares at its contents. He finds himself immediately stricken with the character of Koyomi Mizuhara, putting on Percy Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman" on his record player to accompany him as he dives deeper into his newly appropriated property. His fantasies are abruptly cut short when he encounters Tomo alongside her in many frames and artworks throughout the omnibus, revealing at that moment that he had made her his secret agent and head of the SSSSS squad "one minute ago".

Part 3(2010)[edit]


Link comments on how boring it has gotten around Hyrule castle, leading to an incredulous reaction when the King is not there to follow up with his famous line. Zelda returns from having faced Dieman, in which Link immediately grabs his sword and charges to cut down Zelda. He is interrupted by Gwonam, who informs Link that it is time to look at the birds, and elaborates that his presence is due to his house undergoing extensive fumigation. Gwonam and Zelda devolve into a heated and intense arguement, while Link wonders alone about the whereabouts of the King.

In the warpspace of the multiverse, the King is amusing himself by uttering dinner into the echoey void that surrounds him and Snake, and reinstates his goal to make the people eat his Shit. His and Snakes next target is Shinenzuman (played by Black Shadow) and the King orders Snake to send Zelda if he is not heard from in a month. The King arrives right as Shinenzuman is about to be obliterated by Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch, and is unable to get either of their attention about his Shit before being sent flying into deep space from the impact of the resulting galactic explosion, killing both Falcon and Shinenzuman. This registers as an automatic win for the King, and he gains a new power-up in the form of Shinenzuman's racer, the BLACK BULL. However, the King is incredibly distraught by his failure to now make two people eat his shit. Snake gives him some hard wisdom in support, and the King regains his confidence.

Their third target becomes Otakuwoman (played by Konata Izumi), much to the apparent ruluctance of Snake, her domain being in the anime version of Japan. The King quite nearly lands of Mama Luigi a second time, who reacts in a very pissed off New Yorker way at him. Coincidentally, Otakuwoman is close by, but a clear language barrier presents itself between the Japanese-speaking Otakuwoman and the English-Speaking King. Snake has him equipped with an automatic translator, but upon returning, nighttime has fallen, and Otakuwoman is nowhere to be seen. Mama Luigi floats by, having acquired a Magic Balloon. The King makes his way through a cemetery filled with monsters, making use of his newly acquired attacks from his previous victories to do so. The King finds Konata and her three friends, Tsukasa and Kagami Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara, soon to become an important character later in the series, as daylight comes again. The King promptly announces to them his plan to make them eat his Shit, upon which they have a long, in depth conversation about the culinary attributes of Shit, or lack thereof, much to the irritation of the King, who can now understand their conversation. He becomes more assertive, claiming that as the King of Hyrule, he can make them scrub all the floors in hell. With all four girls now clearly annoyed at his presence and subject matter, Konata steps foreward and firmly strikes the King against a structure, revealing considerable strength. She then produces a Nintendo DSi, traps the King inside of it, and proceeds to torment him with many drawing mechanisms that come to life inside of the Pictochat prison the King finds himself trapped in. Among these drawings is SCATTERBRAIN, DISEMBODIED MASTER OF QUESTIONABLE ATTACK MANEUVERS, the second Mini-Boss the King faces. Many of SCATTERBRAIN's attacks are also fireball based, but also involve many other kinds of projectiles, all of which initially devastate the King and make him sustain heavy damage. At one point, stars are circling the King's head, with one of the stars manifesting into a Starman, which grants the King invincibility, to the complete surprise of both SCATTERBRAIN and Konata. The King then proceeds to make short work of SCATTERBRAIN, finishing him off with the BLACK BULL, then delivering a very pissed off punch to Konata's face from inside the DSi. She responds by shutting her DSi away in her case, and her and her friends go to eat some cake.

A month passes, at which point, Snake follows the King's earlier instructions and attempts to contact Zelda. At Hyrule castle, Link is about to crush Zelda with a giant copy of Twilight before his ringtone sounds off at an ear-splitting volume. Snake is on the other side, furiously demanding who Link is and where Zelda went, something that Link now wonders too. Gwonam returns on his carpet and informs Link that it is now time to eat the most Dangerous of PANCAKES at IHOP. Zelda reappears wanting to eat too, but is turned down by Gwonam, who specifies the invitation is meant for only Link. As they leave, a distraught Zelda goes to watch videos on her laptop of girls on webcam eating bread to make themselves hiccup. Snake, frustrated at Zelda's apparent non-presence, decides to take matters into his own hands, and transports himself into the realm of Otakuwoman. In the morning before class starts, Konata turns her DSi back on, and continues drawing around the King, who proceeds to (mostly) make short work of all of her new creations, refusing to relent. Konata is suddenly met with a Falcon Punch and a Falcon Kick from Snake and Otocon respectively, miraculously surviving both. They demand where the King is being kept with guns drawn on her, but Konata unleashes her MIKURU BEAM upon them, wreaking absolute havoc. Otocon, who is thorough in the knowledge of Japanese Animes, reveals Konata to be a dangerous entity bent on world domination, and with the power to make it possible. Snake notices Konata's DSi, and before he can question her on it, Otocon unleashes a storm of bombs, blowing himself, Snake, Konata, Tsukasa, Kagami and Miyuki into the Planet Mobius dimension, finding themselves landing not far away from Dr. Robotnik's Fortress. Konata's DS lands on the ground, and the King cries out for help from inside it, with Snake responding in reassurance to him. Konata wagers with Snake that only she can use the DSi and free the King and only she will, unless Snake can beat her in a pokemon battle.

A pokemon battle ensues, with Konata casting Caterpie and Snake casting his only pokemon, an Octorok. Octorok defeats Caterpie easily with a rock throw, and Konata's next pokemon cast is Slowpoke. Otocon shows up to grant Snake one extra pokemon, a Metal Gear Rex, which makes pathetically short work of Slowpoke after it takes too long to attack. Konata's next pokemon cast is Crabby, who is also easily defeated despite managing to damage Rex just by blowing bubbles. However, Konata's final pokemon cast is MOARBID KRABS, who's extremely powerful Death Beam wipes out Metal Gear Rex, forcing Snake to have to use Octorok once more. MOARBID KRABS responds by "EAT[ING IT] ALL ALIIIIIIIIIIIIVE", and Snake suffers a crushing, humiliating defeat.

Konata is about to seal the deal and trap Snake inside her DS alongside the King, but is shocked to realize it is not in her hands. She turns to see Kagami messing around joyously and mischievously with it, until it is run over by a passing-by Sonic the Hedgehog and split in half, freeing the King at last. This causes evil demonic spirits to awaken from underground and nearly suck Konata away into the dark underworld, until Konata simply says "No" and they retreat from whence they came. She then pulls out a pokeball is a possible substitute, but is then suddenly over by a passing vehicle, resulting in her final defeat. The King gains the MIKURU BEAM as his third acquired power-up as a consolation. The vehicle that struck Konata is revealed to be driven by Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts, initially in pursuit of Sonic, until their failure is fully realized. Upon seeing the King however, the approach him with the intent to arrest him, and an Earthbound style battle ensues(with the SSSSS Squad cued in musically as "Otherworldly Opponants").

Coconuts is defeated swiftly in one hit with a basic attack, but his sprite remains onscreen. Scratch does not attack, and only refuses to believe his eyes when Coconuts falls. Grounder mostly becomes confused and powers up his drills, and is defeated both by the King's DIEBOLT and by himself. Scratch grabs the two fallen robots and flees, with the King gaining 1337 XP points. This all catches the attention of Robotnik himself, who now appears on screen as part of the main plot for the first time. He berates his robots for again losing Sonic, who accuse the King of getting in the way of the operation. At this point, Tomo arrives flying in a brand new Robo-Battleship and operating a battlemech suit very excitedly. She restates her desired reward for catching Sonic, and engages him head-on in battle when he conveniently approaches at that moment. They battle day and night, apparently unable to gain a clear upper hand on either side, until Tomo's mech is suddenly seen in pieces and self destructs. In a fiery rage, Tomo charges at Sonic with her bare hands, who moves out of the way and results in her instead charging at and colliding with the King, causing them to both plummet to the depths of the ocean. Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder, Kagami, Tsukasa, Myuki, Snake (who finds himself surrounded uncomfortably by the previous three) and Otocon are at odds for what to do next, and all collectively decide to wait it out on land, even joined by Sonic.

The King and Tomo engage in an intense battle on the Seabed, and items periodically spawn during the brawl. Tomo's attacks are based off of Sonic's physical attacks, and are also heavily focused around Bullet Bill fire and whirlwinds, too many of which causes her to become stunned out of dizzyness. The King throws an item capsule at her concealing a roulette coin which spins three Scrow Bells, causing a bell to ring that turns the King into a Scarecrow, leaving him open to heavy sustained damage. A health kit item restores the King to his original form and heals him, and he deals some punches to Tomo, nearly hits her with the DIEBOLT, and then successfully with the MIKURU BRAM, knocking her down to almost empty HP. Two item capsules are opened, one containing a roulette coin and the other containing a KFC Bumper Bucket. Tomo nabs the coin and spins a jackpot, granting her 9042 additional credits. She then spins Balloon Party, dealing the King a giant balloon explosion, Watermelonia, dealing the King damage via a watermelon stampede, a chocolate river based attack, a three cherries attack, and then spins Robotnikleback, causing a giant gold statue of Robotnik to crush her, depleting the last of her HP and defeating her. However, she is not finished with the King yet, despite his pleas to talk things over instead of fighting. Back on the surface, the remaining characters are kicking back and relaxing around a campfire. Snake and Otocon are fishing, while Coconuts discovers a hive of bees in a nearby bush, which promptly wisks its way into the ocean. the King is pulled up by Otocon's fishing line, while Tomo faces the full wrath of the bees. Robotnik and his robots flee in embarrassment, with a caged Sonic, Tsukasa and Kagami in tow. They accidentally drop a chaos emerald as they depart, which is obtained by Otocon.

The King is reduced to tears as he has still failed, even once, to make just one person eat his Shit. Myuki approaches the King and informs him of the Lucky Channel, and the King returns to Anime Japan and forces his way into the station, now clearly desperate. He creates his diabolical concoction by defecating beautifully into a water bottle, and forced it into the hands of Lucky Channel's host and forces her to drink it under threat of death. Creeped out beyond belief, she does so with intense reluctance, and almost immediately spits it out, declaring it to be absolutely delicious. The King's Shit becomes an absolute sensation, and at long last, the King has finally succeeded.

Back at Robotnik's Fortress, Robotnik is tormented in his private chambers by the dark forboding and ear-splitting music of his anthropomorphic pipe organ robot, who he wants to help him write a song for Koyomi Mizuhara, his afore-mentioned love interest. The organ displays unrelenting jealosy towards the attention of his master being drawn to somewhere else, and gaslights Robotnik by claiming that she is not real. Robotnik counters that her friend Tomo is in his SSSSS Squad, and coincidentally wonders why she is late in returning to the fortress. The organ continues attempting to manipulate him by claiming that Tomo has abandoned him, and taunts him with song and luminescent green music-based attacks. Robotnik throws a chest at the organ, telling it to "GET OUT OF LIFE", and destroys it in the process, upon which Scratch reports that Sonic has just escaped. When Scratch then asks about what is to be done with Tsukasa and Kagami, Robotnik simply replies, quoting TheChairman45, to simply "fuck them". Robotnik then heads to the bar, waited by his associate BAGELMAN, where word and distribution of the King's Shit, sold as a trendy imported Japanese Drink, has reached. Robotnik turns down an offer to try one in disgust, and instead orders a pie-flavored ICEE, which he spits out, claiming that it tastes like papaya.

Part 4(2011-2012)[edit]


With no one else currently in Hyrule Castle except Zelda (and presumably Impa, who has yet to reappear), Zelda wakes up in the middle of the night and watches YTPs on her big screen TV, first commencing with "WHY IS IT SO MEEN.mp4" by DoomZappo. She loses electrical power however, and, while recollecting memories of when Link and Gwonam left, along with an All Dogs Go To Heaven Youtube Poop that she saw around the same time, expresses frustration that "apparently it takes a whole year just to go to IHOP". Finally, Gwonam and Link return with a giant mountain of leftover "biscuits and gravy, and other stuff too". As Zelda is about to dig in, Link is once again overcome by an overwhelming desire to kill Zelda, and this time brandishes a giant hunting knife. He is intercepted by Gwonam who announces that it's "time for [him] to hit the sack", and heads for the upstairs bedrooms of the castle, claiming his house is still being fumigated. As Zelda sarcastically suggests that his house is probably fine, the explosive volume of Link's cell ringtone goes off again. It is King Harkinian, smoking a fat cigar on his penthouse balcony in Anime Japan, and he tells Zelda and Link about how his Shit is all the rage. Double D, serving apparently as a consort to the King in this residency, appears to remind the King however that his success remains strictly local to this dimension. As the King looks around, he becomes reaffirmed of his original quest, proclaiming "WE CANNOT STAY HERE, WE GOTTA GO FAST." Snake, Otocon and Miyuki are watching TV in the master bedroom, the King promptly destroys the TV with the DIEBOLT and orders everyone to move. Double D requests if he can assist, prompting Snake to wonder where his two counterparts, Ed and Eddy, are located. Before Double D can answer, the King punches Snake out through the wall and swiftly catches him in the box ship, allowing it to fall so it can gain momentum to take off. It crash lands onto the front of a semi truck, conveniently driven by Ed and an offscreen Eddy, allowing the box to build an incredible level of velocity and acceleration and eventually rocket into the stratosphere. The shit-feeding fellowship, now increased to four, is off on adventure once again.

Snake and Otocon are skeptical about continuing, reasoning that the King found true happiness after he "crapped in the kid's mouth" at the end of Part 3. The King reasons it having to do with Shit's limited success in a single country, in addition to it only being advertised as a drink, despite having more multi-faceted consummation properties. He claims that they have to "take on the other bosses before [they] can call it quits", with Snake remaining committed to following through on the quest. The King also admits to being self-conscious about his ability to spread his product across the other dimensions and remain popular. Snake advises him to simply focus on trying to take out as many bosses as he can, and not to worry about everybody hating him. The King and his party are now represented by a 4-player character select screen, and The King, Snake, Otocon and Miyuki are selected. The King however insists that Miyuki watches over the base, despite Miyuki wishing to rescue Kagami and Tsukasa, and punches her off of the select screen to the disagreement and protestation of Otocon. They return to the Gate to the Multiverse, now with 5 bosses remaining. Their fourth target is decided to be Totally Depraved Evil Insidious Man (played by King Koopa, billed as Bowser Koopa), and they promptly warp to the Dinosaur World dimension, just outside of Castle Koopa.

The box appears out of a warp pipe, and this time, Mama Luigi is nowhere to be seen, with the King landing on a koopa soldier as he touches ground. As Snake and Otocon nag to each other inside the box, the King finds a hidden vine block and promply begins to make his descent onto Castle Koopa by crashing through the ceiling directly above Totally Depraved Evil Insidious Man. The King declares his wish to make him eat his Shit, which a buried-in-rubble TDEI Man believes is a stupid idea. Snake attempts to stage a surprise attack by firing Otocon out of his rocket launcher, only for it to fail embarrassingly. TDEI Man blasts out of the rubble from his demolished ceiling, using the power of his magic wand, and sends his Koopa guards after the King and his cohorts. The King promptly stomps one into his shell, and kicks it into the other Koopa, scoring a 1-up combo("That was an accident!") TDEI Man then charges toward them himself, and the King and Otocon flee while Snake sneakily hides in his box, avoiding the action. A chase scene occurs through the labyrinthine interior of Castle Koopa before TDEI Man corners them at a door that won't open. The King uses BLACK BULL to crash through it, but collides into a stone hard wall, falling to the floor. He and Otocon awake to find themselves in prison, with TDEI Man intent on making them his koopa captives for the rest of their lives. However, right as he enjoys an evil victorious laugh, the floor gives way, and the King and Otocon vanish into the dark basement of Castle Koopa.

In the basement, Otocon and the King encounter Mario, a boss they will have to fight later on in the series, busting holes in the basement ceiling, and leaves them two Super Mushrooms. He invites them back to his house for pancakes, but is suddenly blocked off by a wall rising up between himself and the King and Otocon. The one responsible is the next Mini-Boss faced by the King, MASTER I; JUST A GIANT VERSION OF ONE OF THOSE MR. I MONSTERS FROM SUPER MARIO 64. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? Unlike previous Mini-Boss battles, the King and MASTER I are well matched, and both manage to take good blows out of each other. Items and assist trophies spawn, with MASTER I spawning a Running Spiderman that unleashes a Kid Pix based attack against the King. The King obtains an invisibility power-up, and vanishes from MASTER I's sight. As he hides away from it, the King finds himself considerably winded, and Otocon steps in to provide MASTER I a distraction. He engages him in friendly conversation about Youtube Poop, which MASTER I does not like due to supposedly incorrect perceived impressions of it. Otocon attempts to change MASTER I's mind by showing it other YTPs done in a style different from what it had previously seen, starting with an original YTP of a giant fish eating a smaller fish in a fish tank, seguing later into Mickey Mouse, Spongebob and the Donkey Kong Country cartoon. MASTER I enjoys himself, and Otocon shows him works by other YTPers, including "One Winter Evening" by Likety, "Rudolph's nose serves no flight navigation purposes" by CommanderGwonam, and "GENIE HAS ALLERGIES" by Whelt. The King comes over to watch with them, with his invisibility wearing off unbeknownst to either him or MASTER I in the process. At some point, the King gives away his position and the battle resumes, with the King staging a large assault using DIEBOLT, BLACK BULL and unleashing an assist trophy in the form of Shuma-Gorath, who utterly devastates and defeats MASTER I in glorious fashion ("AN EYE FOR AN EYE").

Snake returns, blasting a hole through the cellar wall, and reveals crucial information learned as he remained hidden in his box. TDEI Man and his family are revealed to apparently be in cultural exile from the Mushroom Kingdom, with their original castle left barren and deserted and them left living in the devastation of the much more inferior Castle Koopa of the Dinosaur World. Snake demonstrates by easily headbutting through another castle wall, revealing the cheap and crude material it was constructed with. He reveals a plan to reason with TDEI Man about retrieving his old castle in exchange for getting him to eat the King's shit, which brings the King on board with the idea. They attempt to go outside, but are ravaged by a man-eating blazing sun, and return inside. While TDEI Man rests, his 7 children, the Koopalings, are partying and watching YTPs on the computer, including a video by HahaHound that coincidentally happens to feature Lucky Star as its main source. Snake, Otocon and the King blasts back into the throne room, awakening TDEI Man, but insist that they are here to help and listen to his troubles. King Koopa laments at the state of his current castle of residence, and how he continues to get defeated by the Mario brothers, unable to live as he wishes to. Bully Koopa arrives, and TDEI Man instructs him to go to bed, mentioning that he plans to return the King and his party back to prison. The King is overly resistant to the idea, and fires his DIEBOLT as a display of his power. Bully becomes hesitent for TDEI Man to further engage with the King, and TDEI Man whispers aside to bully that he does in fact have a secret plan. Snake affirms that they wish to help him return to his Mushroom Kingdom-based Castle Koopa, shutting up the King before he can mention making TDEI Man eat his Shit. TDEI Man jumps at the offer excitedly, but warns that Princess Toadstool would not easily give back the castle. The King assures that they will be able to get around this problem, and TDEI Man quickly sends Bully to round up the other Koopalings. He gives The King a Goron Bracelet to help him lift heavy objects in order to assist him in packing his things to move, and TDEI Man suggests that they move back before the Mario Brothers discover that they've left Dinosaur World. He delights returning to a much lower heating bill as they prepare to leave.

Otocon is not trusting of TDEI Man, citing his role in the Super Mario games and claiming that he lies, steals and touches trains. Snake and the King convince him that there are strategic reasons for them to be helping TDEI Man, which they refer to as "science". Otocon gives in, just in time for TDEI Man and the Koopalings to be ready to leave. They take off in the Box and two Clown Ships, and TDEI Man waves goodbye to his shitty castle, rock television, and his "stupid potato neighborhood" before promptly destroying the Dinosaur World Castle Koopa with his magic wand. The King and TDEI Man turn on some music, and the two parties take off into the sunset toward the Mushroom Kingdom. They are watched from a distance by a silent and mysterious Meta Knight, who departs after they have vanished from sight.

Meanwhile, back in dimensional subspace, a bored Miyuki hears the cries for help from Kagami and Tsukasa, and (after finishing a fruit snack)ventures boldly alone into the Mobius dimension, where it is finally revealed that Dr. Robotnik's boss name is Eggman. Miyuki finds the climate having radically shifted from the tropical grass land it used to be, before a towering, over-sized behemoth of a spaceship carrying Robotnik's fortress reveals itself from behind a cliff, and Robotnik is seen flying into its bottom hatch before it takes off. Miyuki leaps off the cliff and makes her way through the Launch Base Zone, finding a rocket and blasting off toward the fortress. Tsukasa and Kagami are seen being tortured by a horror movie playing within their cell, Tomo is crouched outside the cell door, Coconuts is sitting in the corner while Scratch is seated in a chair, playing Ocarina of Time 3DS attempting to defeat a Skullwalltula preventing his game progress. Miyuki's rocket crashes just outside the Fortress, and Miyuki finds a wooden board in a river and attempts unsuccessfully to retrieve it. She encounters the twin-headed EGG GATE-O-MATIC; NASTY DESPOTIC SECURITY GATE WITH TWO HOLOGRAPHIC HEADS, both of Robotnik, who blocks her way, with Dr. Robotnik claiming through a connected intercom that only robots are allowed to pass through, unless an appointment is made. Robotnik orders her to leave, calling her a "shitty Yomi recolor", and Miyuki walks a short distance away from the gate's vision, tumbles down a hill and lands inside of an oil drum. Inside it she discovers a sticky note with the gate password, "I HAVE CRABS!", written to Grounder by Scratch as a reminder in case he forgets. With the oil drum as a disguise, she recites the password to the gate and allowed inside, mistaken for a robot. Sonic rushes in right as the gates swing open, and as Miyuki makes her way into the Fortress grounds, she is run over by Sonic, who destroys her disguise. They learn from each other that they are there for the same purpose of rescuing Tsukasa and Kagami, and Miyuki requests to hitch a ride in Sonic's backpack and travel with him. Before they are about to leave, Miyuki discovers a rope, the perfect tool to help her retrieve the board she found in the river, but mistakenly walks back outside of the EGG GATE-O-MATIC, where her cover is blown. Sonic rushes in before the Gate can attack her, and turns the Gate's full attention onto him, which starts an intense battle. Sonic easily defeats the gate by deflecting all of its projectiles back into it. Miyuki then retrieves the wooden board obstacle-free, but loses the rope in the process. She is then met from all sides by malevolent robots (including many Daleks singing YMCA), and she takes cover in Sonic's backpack. Sonic makes short work of the robots and they make their way toward Robotnik's fortress.


  • Throughout the series, "commercials" are inserted between important moments of the action, usually in between major sections when a part is split up into different acts.
  • Impa retreats to the restroom in Part 2, and as of Part 4, is apparently still there.
  • All except two of the Boss characters have been encountered in the series thus far, with only Miss Sakaki's character and M. Bison's character (presumably to be called Yesman) yet to enter into the story at some stage.
  • The King holds many unused or rarely used items at his disposal, including a wooden shield, Green Chu Jelly, and the Dinner Blaster, currently only used once. It is unclear as to whether these will be used again due to the current presence of much more powerful attacks.
  • The story has not been abandoned, but put off only due to the intense current-day work schedule of its creator. He is still, as ever, slowly chipping away at future works, potentially including whatever may continue this series. The next installment will mark the longest time gap in between parts in the story thus far. The most recent evidence of future installments was the creation of a new boss intro in 2016, featuring the prototype boss Priorities Man(played by Pete from the Goof Troop series)