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Hulk Hogan

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Name: Terry Gene Bollea (stage name is Hulk Hogan)
Appears In: WWF/WWE/TruTv/TNA
Sex: Male
Age: 1953 (age 69–70)
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Professional Wrestler/(Voice) Actor

Hulk Hogan is perhaps the most famous of professional wrestlers, a patriotic superstar of the 1980s wrestling landscape who has remained in the spotlight since. His ultimate penis grill is one of the most destructive forces around, though the grill stopped working because of overuse.

While the mid-2010s revelation of his racist outbursts has damaged his reputation, he still remains a pillar of YouTube Poop culture considering the hilarious injokes derived from him.

This is what a Hogasm looks like.



Hulk Hogan can cause a powerful earth-rumbling ejaculation called a hogasm. This phenomena can cause your crotch to explode into an giant semen shower, destroying your pants in the process. It's rumored the ejaculation is secretly used to transport people, as it packs enough power to propel victims backwards to the moon. However, this has yet to be confirmed. Some people hate to be confronted by a occurrence of a hogasm, leading to unnecessary aggression. It's advised to treat them with care.


  • He stars in a cartoon.
  • Occasionally makes mistakes in speeches.
  • He is the ONLY person who could battle Brock Samson and win.
  • His ultimate rival is apparently The Ultimate Warrior.
  • Was a former wrestler in the WWF/WWE.
  • Once had his own reality TV show.
  • Also known as The Incredible Hulk Hogan.
  • He sometimes does voice acting for Robot Chicken.
  • Francine proposed that he wrestle against Arthur Read. Yes.
  • He returned to wrestling multiple times recently. Starring on TNA instead of the WWE.
  • He once fought against Rocky Balboa!
  • The Ultimate Warrior once wanted Hulk Hogan to knock out everyone on his plane and make the plane that he's on go into a complete nosedive!
  • Hulk Hogan once held a midget wrestling championship named the "Micro Championship Wrestling Tournament"...yeah.
  • Hogan gave praise to the Insane Clown Posse for still following him for all these years.
  • He made a sex tape, having many hogasm's in the process.
  • He was once the General Manager of TNA. Way to go Hulk!
  • Once owned a restaurant in 1995 called Pastamania. It was shut down in less than a year, however, when Gay Luigi ate all the merchandise.
  • In the '90s, he actually became a heel, co-founding the nWo and becoming Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Its too bad his ego and politicking ultimately helped kill the WCW.
  • Look up "Fingerpoke of Doom" to see his equally as buff best bud Kevin Nash taking a fingerpoke to the chest like he was taking a Death Star to the everything.
  • He voice acted in Saints Row 3 as well!
  • He once wrote a song dedicated to a young fan of his who sadly died before he could attend a Hogan match. Said song...wasn't well composed, to put it mildly.
  • Once ran a promo where he said that he, along with Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner and Geoff Johns would run wild on Sinestro, Black Hand and Atrocitus. No really this is a thing that happened.
  • He once recorded a very tacky musical album, Hulk Rules. One of the songs, "Hulkster in Heaven", is a tribute to a young Hulkamaniac who sadly died of cancer. Though the song should be heartfelt, Hulkster bungles it with the tacky instrumentals and the lyrics being more about himself than the child.


  • Saying "Brother", "Dude" and "Jack"
  • Yellow/Red Uniforms
  • Wrestling


  • His Ultimate Grill
  • Kevin Nash
  • Eric Bischoff
  • The Yapapi Indian Strap Match
  • The Green Lantern Corps message board
  • Failing objectives


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