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Name: Grounder
Sex: Male
Occupation(s): Robot
Played By: Gary Chalk, Kōki Miyata

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Grounder on his smoke break.

Grounder is a weird fat and short robot working for Dr. Robotnik, who enjoys eating buckets of chicken, to Scratch's dismay. He secretly hates Scratch and he is very prone to having hammers dropped on his head. He is a smoker and an alcoholic with a fetish for twin-tailed foxes. One of Grounder's greatest abilities is his right drill, which can transform into a number of context-relevant things such as a hand or even a pumpkin. This led to an incident where his right hand was eaten by a starving child.




  • "Y'think he saw us?"
  • "But what will happen to all the people?"
Grounder arguing with Scratch in comic book form.
  • "It's MY turn to blow the whistle, you chicken-livered bucket of bolts!"
  • "Hoo-ee! Good stuff!"
  • "Gimme my smokes!"
  • "Yeah! She's got really big BOOBS."
  • "Try it!"
  • "Oh yeah! How could I be so stupid?"
  • "Heh-heh-heh. He's gonna be fish food."


  • Grounder has the ability to merge with Scratch to become the mechanical abomination known as Scrounder.
  • When Grounder becomes frustrated beyond belief, he transforms into a giant mechanical monster known as Giga Grounder.
  • He sometimes goes by the name of SAM, because he's like a surface-to-air missile and he's gonna have you for launch.


  • He was supposed to be a clone of Scratch, but Scratch pulled an extra lever causing him to come out malformed.