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Vegeta cheating in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Vegeta is a character from the Dragon Ball anime series and is the Prince of the Saiyans. Even though his daddy's dead, he's not King because Saiyan monarchy doesn't work that way.


Vegeta first came to earth with his bum buddy Nappa, after his other bum Raditz was killed by Kakarot and his friends. After a year in space they got to Earth and started to look for him. After a while they found them and started to beat them up. After some more time they got bored and waited for Kakarot to come. Kakarot came and defeat both of them and Vegeta fled the planet.

He would return to Kakarot and his friends to help them fight Frieza, but he was killed. After his resurrection, Vegeta then lived on earth and help the protagonists when evil was around. Vegeta's future son Trunks came to the present time to tell them about some androids which would be made in three years time. Three years came and passed and the androids came. The first androids got kicked by Vegeta and Piccolo, but the second two would prove to be more formidable. Eventually, an organic android named Cell, who then became perfect. Cell then was killed by Kakarot's Son Gohan thanks to Vegeta distracting him with a blast. Long story short, ever since his first loss, Vegeta has always wanted to become stronger than Kakarot but always drew the short straw. He got beat up and killed most of the time, and then became friends with Kakarot at the end of the series.

Super lets him get blue hair like Kakarot does, and he spends most of his time trying to beat Kakarot, jobbing out to Kakarot Black, jobbing out to everyone else and getting a new form that literally just edits teh RGB values on his blue ahir form and adds glitter.

And then GT gave him a moustache but nobody cares about GT.

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Vegeta in real life.


  • Killing people
  • His family
    • His son Trunks
    • Bulma
  • Cervantes De Leon



  • Also known as Vegetable
  • Has two different versions of his Big Bang Attack (See Rape Case above).
  • He fought Mewtwo 32 times, and he won. (I guess...)
  • Can be dumb sometimes.
  • Believed to be the greatest Saiyan alive.
  • Also believed to be the greatest cookie baker alive!


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Vegeta taking a shit
  • It's over eight thousand....
  • You came to play?
  • I will not stand for this! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!
  • This is ridiculous...I'm a WARRIOR! Not a variety of flower!
  • Ahahahahaha! Guess what, Kakarot? I'm having you for lunch
  • Bulma, Trunks, I do this for you...and yes, even for you, Kakarot!
  • Now, if only there was a junk yard nearby so we could give him a proper burial, heh heh.
  • Pity there’s never a camera around when you need one…
  • I will never fuse with you Kakarot!
  • I wasn’t sure how long I could sustain the effort without breaking in two. It was as though the only thing holding my body together was my one burning desire to be better then Kakarot. Sometimes I thought I was losing my mind. Why wasn’t I able to obtain what Kakarot had obtained?! It didn’t make any sense. It was infuriating… and it was my fury that kept me alive.
  • So, that little worm is collecting the Dragon Balls also? And he thinks he stands a chance against the likes of me and Frieza? Oh well, it can’t hurt to try…or can it? Hahaha!!
  • Welcome... to Super Vegeta's... Big Bang Attack!!!!
  • Being a good fiend is like being a photographer…you have to search for the right moment!
  • Aww what’s the matter? You’re the one who started this game. Now you’re losing and you don’t want to play any more.
  • Never send a boy to do a man's job.
  • Now tell me, does a machine like you ever experience fear?
  • Kakarot! I’m going to kill you, your son and that bald guy!
  • My heart is calm and pure…pure EVIL!
  • I am Super Vegeta now!
  • I'll get you for this, you won't WRATH!!!!!
  • Final FLASH!!!!!!!
  • Babidi may have invaded my mind and body, but there is one thing a Saiyan always keeps, his PRIDE!!!!!!!!!
  • I do lots of push ups and sit ups...and drink plenty of juice!
  • They... merged like it was nothing!
  • Maybe you won't be such a the next dimension!
  • I lied when I said I'll let you go, at least partially lied. For I will let you go...into another dimension!
  • My gosh! That's one whopper of a lizard!
  • It's amazing how every time you open your mouth you prove you're an idiot!
  • The Saiyans are a true warrior race. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE US!
  • The Saiyans are a true ham and cheese sandwich. DON'T UNDERESTOMATO!
  • BITE ME!
  • Cui, do you remember three years ago on Easter Day? YOU STOLE MY CHOCOLATE BUNNY! NOW BURN IN HELL FOR THAT!

List of People Defeated by Vegeta[edit]

  • Nappa
  • Loads of Frieza's Henchmen
    • Cui
    • Appule
    • Dodoria
    • Zarbon
    • Guldo
    • Jeice
  • Android 19
  • Cell (Imperfect form)
  • Pui-Pui
  • Frost (AKA some bootleg Frieza from another universe)
  • Most of the jobbers from the Tournament of Power
  • Toppo
  • The microchip that was one the Big Gete Star that enabled Cooler to cheat death.
  • Chuck Norris (Norris couldn't even touch him.)
  • Admiral Ackbar (It was a trap.)
  • Hektad (He was melted, thus exposing his beating heart)
  • Mewtwo
  • The entire cast of Naruto. Believe it!

List of People who have defeated Vegeta[edit]