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3 Eyed Blue Luigi

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Name: 3 Eyed Blue Luigi
Appears In: The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
Sex: Male

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Shedding his raccoon ears, 3EBL makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

3 Eyed Blue Luigi is a phantom based upon Mario's fear that he will one day commit incest with his brother Luigi for not eating enough swords. He is always there in the corner, just out of sight. The only person Mario has told about his this living nightmare is Yoshi. Yoshi then went and told everyone.

It can be assumed that Luigi himself doesn't know about Mario's secret fear, for he has never mentioned. Although admittedly asking a brother if they are having sex nightmares about you can't be the easiest subject to bring up over the dinner table.

In Fiction[edit]

3 Eyed Blue Luigi is the vice president of Bowser's committee for ethnic cleansing. He often finds himself at odds with Rowby Goren, the creator (but he has since disowned it) of, a website filled with viruses and trojan porn. But that doesn't stop them all from enjoying it, and they read out the emails (which are printed onto yellow paper) to each other for big lulz and cum fests.

He often can be found eating Octoroks but seems to be immune to AIDS.

Once Grounder tried to punch 3EBL in the third eye with his drill bit thing. That must have hurt like hell. But not a single tear was seen.

His tail and ears are optional accessories for him.


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No one in Mario's universe is safe from getting unlicensed toys made of them.
He moves!
  • Not only was a third eye added in the original picture, but the second eye was moved farther from the first eye. If you look at the eyebrows you may notice this.
  • His third eye is a laser, similar to the laser sperm cells have.
  • Friends with Blue Koopa
  • His brother is One Eyed Orange Mario.
  • Credit is often given to peskeyplumber because his brother used to share an account with him.
  • He is thought to be planning to kick Weegee's Fad powered can outta youtube with the help of his bro, mentioned earlier.
  • He has exactly 17 bajillion uctions in his body.
  • He is the only being who can kill Emo Luigi. Emo Luigi knows this and constantly begs 3EBL to kill him, but 3EBL is too busy playing Minesweeper.
  • He is a result of DiC's shitty animation, much like Mario Luigi.
  • A forum skin made by dew was named after him, available to view Youchew with from early 2016 until its closure.