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Wheel Gator

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Name: Wheel Gator
Appears In: Mega Man X2
Sex: Male
Nationality: Robot
Occupation(s): Tank Driver and YouChew inside joke

Wheel Gator is a large, green, mechanical aligator with spikes placed all around his body. He runs the Dinosaur Tank, a massive train that he and Sigma use to demolish cities. He became something of an in joke within YouChew, where he is regarded as the eternal nemesis of the late Fred Phelps.

Relating to his inside joke status, he was originally only an inside joke between SuperYoshi and Yaminomalex long before the metallic croc ever gained forum traction. Those two are likewise why Gator is associated heavily with Fred Phelps. In 2007, Yamino created one of the first Westboro Baptist Church YouTube Poops after him and SuperYoshi realized the pooping potential in Fred Phelps's sermons. Said poop included the line "COMEDIAN JON STEWART AND HIS HOOLIGAN SIDEKICK" followed by Yamino shouting "WHEEEEEEEEELL GAAAAAATOR". SuperYoshi found this hilarious and quickly made a sequel where Fred's shouting of "hooligan sidekick" was immediately followed by Gator's blaring theme for the remainder of the video. Though Yamino's poop was lost to the sands of time, SuperYoshi's remains preserved thanks to SeductiveBaz.


  • He and Jon Stewart enjoy trolling Fred Phelps.
  • His level has the best theme in the history of videogames.
  • During the 2010 YouChew festival, a speedrun of his level was held in his honor.
  • Everyone loves him!
  • He features a distinct lack of wheels on his body, instead using them as weapons.
{{#ev:youtube|i-BeeC6D7Xc|320}}Quite possibly the best theme ever to be featured in a video game.