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Real Luigi

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Name: Real Luigi
Appears In: The Super Mario Brothers Super Show
Sex: Male
Age: 72
Occupation(s): Plumber
Played By: Danny Wells (really named Jack Westelman)

Who Is He?

He WAS the real form of Luigi which is seen with Real Mario in the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. He had problems coping with Real Mario's death to the point where he just couldn't take it anymore.


  • "Hey Mario, you sure you know what you're doing?"
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    Lookin' a bit TOO real there, Luigi.
  • "Are you kidding me? No!"
  • "And by the way, you have some spaghetti on your overalls."
  • "Holy Cher, it's Shit! I mean, holy shit, it's Cher! Don't open this door, caphice?"
  • "See? I told ya Cher's a bitch!"


  • Has been known to piss off Real Mario by telling him that he has spaghetti on his overalls.
  • He's obsessed with seeing former L.A. Lakers star Earvin "Magic" Johnson in his own home.
  • When he hears Real Mario come home (LUIGI, I'M HOME!), he quickly hides his marijuana.
  • When he's not busy, he likes to shave his favorite mug.
  • Developed a drinking problem after his brother's death.
  • He is racist.
  • He thinks that Cher is a bitch.
  • At one point Real Luigi took over the forums.
  • The Real Luigi ended up dying on November 28, 2013, just over 4 years after his brother's initial death. He is, by connection, finally home for good!