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Mr. Ratburn

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Name: Nigel Charles Ratburn
Appears In: Arthur
Sex: Male
Occupation(s): Teacher
Played By: Arthur Holden

Mr. Ratburn is a teacher at Lakewood Elementary School in Arthur, and one of the few Arthur characters where the animal of origin is painstakingly obvious. Though strict in the classroom, he also has a lighthearted side that includes a fondness for cake. Ratburn is also a trailbrazer as one of the few openly gay characters in a preschool program.

On YouChew, Ratburn became popular in image edits thanks to his smug expression.

On YouChew[edit]

The genesis of Ratburn's YouChew popularity dates to late 2010 within the Arthur Comic Maker thread. The thread was one of several which saw the forumgoers take an official Flash-based comic creator for a children's cartoon and go wild with it. People quickly caught on to how amusingly smug the usable Ratburn picture looked, with various comics being made where the final panel was just a closeup of Ratburn's face. This prompted cantflyman to establish a maxim Nozdordomu would call "Cantflyman's Law":

"I swear to God, Mr Ratburn's zoomed in face can be the punchline to anything and still be laugh out loud hilarious."

Surely enough, Ratburn remained a focal point of many comics, eventually prompting Rokto to create a standalone thread for Ratburn image edits, which itself proved popular. It further enshrined Ratburn as a YouChew icon, and as the community's second smug sensation in a few months (following Smug Porky). Both threads were later moved to the Hall of Fame. Ratburn was later featured on YouChew Trading Card #36.


  • "Did someone say caaaaake?"
  • "Hey!"
  • "I'm motherfucking Santa Claus"

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