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Speed Racer

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Name: Speed Racer/Mach Go! Go! Go! [マッハGoGoGo]
Country of Origin: Japan
Type of Source: Animated TV show
Created By: Tatsunoko
Year Created: 1966

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer! He's a demon on wheels...

Speed Racer, the main and title character.


Speed Racer is an anime series made by Tatsunoko in the '60s, that made its way to the United States (which was, at the time, a rarity). The series was originally a manga, written by Tatsuo Yoshida.

Stateside, Speed Racer would prove to be highly popular, to the point where it would become a pop culture icon, with toys, games, and various merchandise, and even a film adaptation in the Noughties (reviewed hilariously by Nostalgia Critic and Bennett the Sage here).

The English dub is well-known for its fast dialogue, which was originally done in order to synchronize with the lip movements of the characters (who were originally animated with Japanese in mind).

Media Information[edit]

  • TV Anime
  • Originally a Manga
  • Various adaptations also exist.

Made By[edit]

  • Tatsunoko
  • Trans-Lux (dub)

Country of Origin[edit]



  • Speed Racer
  • Spritle
  • Chim-Chim
  • Pops
  • Racer X (aka Space Ghost)
  • Trixie

Used in Poop By[edit]

Further Information[edit]

Main Source for Poopers[edit]

Most of the episodes are available on YouTube


  • In Germany, the show was pulled after 3 episodes due to complaints about violence.
  • In the '90s, the show rebounded in popularity after a re-airing on cable.
  • Partly inspired the visual style of the Matrix series.
  • Why is the Mach 5 numbered "5"? In Japanese, "Go" is how you pronounce the number 5. Since the Japanese title is "Mach Go! Go! Go!", the Mach 5's number is actually a pun on the word "Go" (which is used in the English sense in the title).
  • Danielle Pluzsik has stated that her dad watched the show when he was a kid.