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Object.jpg This article is about an object that frequently appears in Youtube Poop.
Mah Boi! Elmullet must be killed off on disk 1 just before disk 2!
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Uctions (also known as Energon) are a universal power supply. They are commonly used in assembling powerful mechanical devices, nice computers, and instruction books. Mario has a deep passion for Uctions, claiming to own them almost entirely. They can also be used as energy for giant effing robots.

Uctions are also used to make Magic Drugs and Coca-Cola, and can be used as rennet for cheese.


  • The Hairspray Queen and Dr. Robotnik claim to own uctions, but it was recently proven to the contrary.
  • Robotnik would have had nearly twice the amount of his current uction possession if Fat Mario hadn't already claimed them his own during a competition of Beautiful Heads.
  • Uctions is also a brand of cereal.
  • Daniel J D'Arby has gambled repetedly for the possession of his own uctions, but has failed to this point.
  • Was also revealed to be the power source of the alternative Vice President for The Yoshi Regime.
  • They might have killed off elmullet.
  • One of Coca-Cola's secret ingredients is a powder made from crystallized Uctions.
  • The Transformers drink Energon as beer. They even get drunk off it.
  • In Arizona, one of their casinos are called "Uction Casino".
  • Sometimes humans who are 12.5% Android use this as the power source for their weapons,rather than nuke energy or sun energy.

Chosen Wielders of Uctions[edit]

Only a "few" people are chosen to harness the incredible power of Uctions, here is a list of some of them:

Luigi shows what Uctions are really like.