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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
NiceBoomer2.jpg This pooper started during late 2006 - early 2007, when YouTube Poop experienced a boom in popularity.
Adminicon.jpg  RabbitSnore is a former administrator for the YouChew forums.
User.jpg  This article is about RabbitSnore, a Chewiki Sysop and a User on this Wiki.
COOL STORY, BRO.   RabbitSnore was a former major contributor to YouChew's news page.
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RabbitSnore is a former Café staff member for YouChew. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
Closed.png The account RabbitSnore has been Closed.

RabbitSnore is an overly sentimental, sarcastic, fiendishly poetic, and dickish fellow with a penchant for sticking his nose in whatever business catches his fancy, which is quite a lot of business. He is a fairly well-known pooper with over 100 videos to his name, many of which are tennis poops.

In brief

Have you ever heard a rabbit snore?

RabbitSnore is the sound a rabbit makes while asleep.


RabbitSnore learned about poop from Thereisnospork303, while over his house. It was love at first sight. RabbitSnore took poop to dinner that evening and made love to it until sunrise.

Early History

From the age of only five, RabbitSnore was trained to be an elite operator by US-SOCOM. Graduating at the top of his class from Sniper School, he was awarded the codename RabbitSnore, and given his own command from an early age.

He would befriend and frequently work with Sgt. Maj. McCrash2991, a senior and skilled intelligence officer who would go on to provide operational support for RabbitSnore's black ops. When RabbitSnore was ordered to infiltrate a hidden fortress in southern Brazil, the sergeant major provided the maps and personnel data for the operation. They worked together on other similar solo operations in which RabbitSnore required precise information for stealth infiltration and escape.

Later, RabbitSnore would join the crack Battle Mech-trained unit THE INCREDIBLE LASER SWORD.

Introduction to Poop

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RabbitSnore snores.

One afternoon while RabbitSnore was hanging out at Thereisnospoon303's house, TINS told him that he had found some funny videos on Youtube. On Rabbit's laptop, TINS, Black_Puffin, and Rabbit watched several early poops, mainly from MrSimon (later known as TheElectricCheese) and Stegblob. RabbitSnore laughed heartily at many of them, and he and TINS began to integrate poop humor into their arsenal of in-jokes, many of which are a source of alienation and confusion to any innocent bystanders who may happen to overhear any of their bizarre conversations.

Over the next weeks and months, TINS would occasionally mention the Youtube Poop Forum, at that time run by Conrad Slater. The vast majority of his comments about the forum were positive: that it was a fun place, full of amusing members. He would often report the latest antics of members like MrDrunkenFox and Stegblob. TINS would also gently urge Rabbit to begin making poops of his own, that is, beyond the literal fecal kind.

Later, Rabbit downloaded a trial version of Adobe Premiere CS3, the software he still uses to make most of his videos, and he made his first poop: Otacon's Emo Adventure. He joined the forum and Youtube the same day, which happened to be September 11th. It was not his intention to observe Patriot Day by uploading shit to Youtube and joining a forum easily mistaken for a scat fetish site, but such is life.

RabbitSnore Begins

His username "RabbitSnore" was created while he sat in his local bookstore and internet cafe, trying to think of a username that would reflect the sort of nonsense he was getting himself into. Wanting something a bit sillier than his usual repertoire of usernames, he decided to merge two unrelated words into one username: thus, RabbitSnore.

He would later discover that rabbits do in fact snore, rarely.

At the time, he had no idea.

When he found out rabbits actually do snore, he remarked, "Fancy that."

Forum Activity

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RabbitSnore armed with his weapon of choice, the SVD.

RabbitSnore's activity on the forum increased rapidly, and he became more involved with the YouChew community. Soon, after TINS suggested the idea, he began regularly writing Poop Tennis Reviews. His early writing gained the attention of Conrad, who published the articles to the YouChew news blog. In time, he and Conrad grew to be regular collaborators. Later, Conrad would entrust to Rabbit the privilege of conducting interviews of poopers for publication on the news page.

In time, Rabbit was given editorial access to the news page and given the informal title of News Editor. He was, at this point, effectively a member of the site's staff, but under Conrad, he was never given moderator powers, nor access to the private moderator section of the forum. As tensions began to rise on the forum with frequent spats of e-drama, Rabbit's staff position became increasingly precarious, as he was friendly with some of the moderators and many users, as well as Conrad himself, and it was apparent that a schism was growing between a large number of users and Conrad.

While under Conrad's administration, Rabbit published several articles on Poop Tennis, established himself as an avid Tennis player, and created the Poop Tennis Cafe. He at one time held the record for the largest number of Tennis games completed. He was instrumental in the development of competitive and tennis theory.

With Cloggedone, Dopply, and several others, Rabbit joined The Pachinko Machine, a short-lived forum aimed at providing a forum free of the drama that occasionally brewed on YouChew. The Pachinko Machine had two incarnations, neither of which endured.

When the shit hit the fan and Conrad fired MrDrunkenFox from the moderator staff and subsequently grew increasingly impatient with the userbase, Rabbit was instrumental in the creation of Planet Freedom, a forum with intentions not unlike The Pachinko Machine. Unlike The Pachinko Machine, Planet Freedom was hosted on free hosting, which made it vastly technically inferior to YouChew, though YouChew's old and feeble server had begun showing signs of overuse and crashed frequently at that time. RabbitSnore was one of the several administrators of Planet Freedom. At this time, Rabbit was stripped of his News Editor privileges and branded a Blackmailer and later an Iconoclast by Conrad.

After Conrad agreed to transfer control of YouChew to TINS, Rabbit volunteered to resume his position as editor of the news page, returning as Editor-in-Chief. Though he moderated Planet Freedom, he originally had not intended to be a moderator on YouChew, even when TINS took over. He frequently stated on YouChew, under Conrad's administration, that he did not want to be a moderator. Nevertheless, Rabbit's technical skills -- or lack thereof -- were required, and he assisted Dopply in moving YouChew to a new server, purchased shortly after TINS's takeover. Rabbit remained in the position of administrator subsequent to his migration back to YouChew. He operated actively as moderator and administrator as the YouChew community continued to expand and evolve, and after years of involvement with the site and community, he departed both his position as administrator and the forum.

First poop seen


First poop made

Otacon's Emo Adventure (a piece of shit, actually.)


Preferred Sources

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Sonic Anime
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Star Wars
  • Gameplay Footage
  • Lots of other stuff

Preferred Methods

  • Juxtaposition
  • Layering
  • Visual Warping
  • Minimal Sentence Mixing
  • Loops
  • Reversals
  • Excessive Layering
  • Excessive Sentimentality
  • Standard two-man sniping from the seated position, with a Dragonov SVD
  • Trap Videos
  • Tennis

Preferred Tech

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
  • The GIMP (for still images)
  • M1911 or custom cloned version, with suppressor and combat light
  • Sony Vegas (rarely used)
  • M4 CQB with SOPMOD (must be cleaned hourly lest it jam at an inconvenient time)
  • Hand to hand, the basis of all combat.


  • Flash augmentations, most of the time
  • On-site procurement
  • Lack of effort
  • Poopers who take themselves too seriously

Vital Statistics

Name: RabbitSnore

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Class/Levels: Barbarian 12, Rogue 4

Race: Anthropomorphic Rabbit (Polymorphed from Mindflayer)

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Skin: N/A

Hair: White

Eyes: Black

Height: 2'7"

Weight: Never ask a woman her weight

HP: 103


Str 15

Dex 19

Con 14

Int 6

Wis 11

Cha 25

Armor Class: 21

Flat-Footed AC: 16 (never flat-footed)

Touch AC: 15


Fortitude +11

Reflex +13

Will +5


RabbitSnore was received much like a railroad spike driven through the foot of an innocent child, if that answers your question.


RabbitSnore is often described as a piece of smoldering shit, sitting on your front porch, waiting to be stepped on.

His style changes at his whim, which can alienate viewers who want or expect consistency. RabbitSnore tends not to care about this unfortunate trend.


  • Rabbit was hailed by Conrad Slater as the "master of Poop Tennis." Several others have called him "The King of Tennis" and other endearing titles about Poop Tennis. RabbitSnore prefers to be called RabbitSnore.
  • He played in and helped organize the first Poop Tennis League. He came in second place with six points. In the second, much larger League, he played and managed again, this time coming in second place in his division after many matches described frequently as "epic."
  • He wrote several Poop Tennis Reviews, before going on temporary hiatus to move onto pooper interviews.
  • One of his proudest moments was playing a nine-round Tennis match with Conrad Slater. This was one of the most challenging and extreme matches for him.
  • RabbitSnore is a martial arts expert. He destroyed Metal Gear 1 and is now operations leader for Operation 747.


In Person

  • Thereisnospork303 - Friend from way the hell back in elementary school.
  • Black_Puffin - Brother
  • SquirrelsTwitch - Friend

RabbitSnore has met several forum-goers in person, including but not limited to

  • Dilrod90
  • Ruthie
  • Deepercutt
  • SfarioBros
  • UncleChuckTH
  • RedLuigi



  • Herman Melville, for his brilliant contributions to Poop.
  • Anyone with whom he has played Poop Tennis.


Poop Tennis History

Games Played

RabbitSnore has played Tennis with the following poopers:

Variants Developed

RabbitSnore has helped develop several variants of Tennis, stemming from the original design of the six-round match.

The Poop Duel was developed by RabbitSnore. The first Duel was played between Rabbit and Ikwaylx. It is not strictly a Tennis variant, but it follows the same basic social format of Tennis. It involves two players competing to create the best videos from a common pool of source material.

Rabbit also helped develop the format of the Doubles Match, though RAKninja is chiefly responsible for generating the popularity of the format.

Perhaps most notably, Rabbit helped spark the popularity of competitive Tennis, beginning with his assistance of Gallers in creating the first Poop Tennis League.

Other Information


  • RabbitSnore is a not actually a rabbit. He is in fact the snore of a rabbit, not the actual rabbit.
  • Unlike a rabbit, RabbitSnore does not eat things from his anus because doing so would likely result in physical illness and generally nastiness. This behavior by rabbits is fascinating, if icky.
  • Only a handful of poopers know RabbitSnore's "real name." Conrad Slater certainly does, from all the times Rabbit has emailed him. Thereisnospoon303 also knows for obvious reasons. Most of the moderation team of the forum knows his name, at least his first name. That is, except Emperor Ing, because he is purposely kept out of the loop.
  • He is the editor-in-chief of the YouChewPoop news page.
  • He was an administrator at YouChewPoop. Due to a number of real-life issues and other personal things, he resigned and left the forums.
  • He's a whole other game from Liquid.
  • He's not just the boss around here. He's the boss to surpass Big Boss himself.


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