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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.
3768.gif   Kirby likes the band Dragonforce and he thinks you should like it too.
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Stegblob's Playlist

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The Post by PeskeyPlumber that started the madness
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On January 20, 2008 It became the #1 Most Responded Video (Today) and (This Week)
{{#ev:youtube|7GBvgT6P2es|320}}The Video (Hold The GuitarHero)


  • A Poop by kiz038 made in December 2007.
  • PeskeyPlumber STARTED THE MAKE ALL YOUR VIDEOS A RESPONSE THING on January 19, 2008 in the "Offtopic chat for the slaves" thread made by kiz038 in the forum as a random comment that many people in the community believed as a troll post and also the first person to respond to the video.
  • Stegblob nuked the video with responses the day after using the KingStegBlob account and made a Playlist about it.
  • RetardedAnimeParodyX and his fanbase nuked the video with responses for EPIC LULZ on the same day, as he has an insane obsession with said video even though there's not much of a problem with that.
  • The band itself rocks hard enough to rip the boundaries of space and time.


  • On January 22, 2008 It became the #1 Most Responded Video (Today),(This Week) and (This Month) with a whopping 2,230+ video responses.
  • Moved to the #2 Most Video Responded (All Time) due to attention whores who fills their own videos with responses from alt accounts. (That, or it must seriously let itself go during its rise to fame. I mean, how sad is it for the former #1 responded video of all time to lose to fucking Chris Crocker's Leave Britney Alone video?)
  • DRAGONFORCE was removed in July 2009 by a copyright claim by Universal Music. Those bastards.

Oh Yeah, The Actual Band Itself...[edit]

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