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Smirking Bitch

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She grinned at your pitiful attempts to view the archives back in June 4-7 of 2009. Now she's grinning because she knows she's seeing you again.
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Push over, ya Smirking Bitch. I'm taking over the archives now!
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She is evil. Pure evil incarnate. Not even Dracula's might could stand up to the mighty Smirking Bitch. - SkyPrower's summarization of the Smirking Bitch.

In Brief[edit]

When the community turned to view their nostalgic forum and Chewiki pages at (now defunct) on June 4th 2009, they were shocked to see the pages gone and replaced by a smiling teenage girl. Chaos ensued.

The forum decided to name her "The Smirking Bitch"

But the madness eventually faded after 3 days and the bitch turned into the French Maid. Soon after, the archives were restored, and peace returned to Youchew.

Who Was To Blame?[edit]

There were many suspects and situations to what had caused the disappearance of the archives:

The Future[edit]

We will never know when she'll come back. Who knows what evil plots she'll have in store for us next time.

Smirking Bitch lives again.


  • Radock nominated her for new forum banner. Though this was not realized until a few months later, Smirking Bitch became the former Chewiki banner until she was eventually replaced by Real Luigi.
    • She returned to being a Chewiki banner later.
  • She has no soul, which is the reason why she stares at yours.
  • Her piercing gaze can paralyze almost anyone with fear.
  • The Smirking Bitch does not only hang around
  • Her real name is Hannah Steller.
  • She's watching you.
  • She has a French maid sister that appears in similar situations, as well as another sister that also goes to college.
  • Was once choked by Wayne Brady.