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Aloha, little cuzes!

Name: Tito Makani Jr.
Appears In: Rocket Power
Sex: Male
Occupation(s): Surfer, fry cook
Played By: Ray Bumatai

Tito is a supporting character on the corny sports-focused Nicktoon Rocket Power, and a character who epitomizes the maxim that the best character on a mediocre cartoon will usually be a goofy, middle-aged man. He is a portly and mellow Hawaiian fella who co-founded the Shore Shack eatery with Raymundo Rocket, where he serves as a cook. Despite his heft, he still partakes in athletics alongside the rest of the cast, with surfing his favorite sport.

Goofy catchphrases (such as "shoobies" and "woogity woogity woogity") are a hallmark of Rocket Power, and Tito does it the most memorably. He serves as a fountain of wisdom to the little cuzes around him, sharing philosophical utterances that are always prefixed by something in the vein of "Like the Ancient Hawaiians used to say...". The Ancient Hawaiian sayings are equal parts silly and sagely, making Tito somewhat like the Yogi Berra of Ocean Shores. Though when you consider the density of Otto and Twister, one wishes Tito would use his wisdom on worthier recipients.

On YouChew[edit]

Tito was one of several characters to become prominent on YouChew thanks to PapaGonzales, alongside Oscar from Shark Tale, Mr. Towes, and the Hulk. PapaGonzales created the "Tito Image Spam" thread in July 2008, which saw numerous posters edit Tito into various scenarios, and his face onto different characters. Tito would then become a recurring joke within the community, and the thread would later be enshrined in the Hall of Fame section.


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Little known photo of Tito meeting Hulk Hogan. He seemingly was not a Hulkamaniac.
Tito Tito

Never drink the milk from a coconut you found in the dark.

Tito Tito

The Ancient Hawaiians never said that...

Tito Tito

It's an indoor surf contest?

Tito Tito

Lie about the size, I can see it in your eyes!

Tito Tito

It's like the Ancient Hawaiians used to say... stop giving fucking Otto new skateboards every time he fucking breaks one! Goddamnit! No wonder he's such a brat, he gets free stuff all the time from you. Teach him some discipline, get him a... make him get a job or something. I mean... and every time he fucks up, you just let him off the hook. God, you're a terrible parent. Goddamnit, you fucking idiot. Bro.


  • He developed a strange fixation on vegemite in a Rocket Power TV movie where they visit New Zealand.

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