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Soulja Boy

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Jafar hates Soulja Boy.   Soulja Boy is a Rapper, but not a good one.
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Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

Soulja Boy is a great rapper who was delivered to us by God from Africa, he makes much better rap songs than those other lousy bastards. His real name is DeAndre Ramone Way. When he produced his original hit, Crank Dat, he spent years of his life boxed up in a little recording studio, knowing that his time of fame was at hand...

Crank Dat was created during a time when creativity was almost completely absent from the media. Soulja Boy's investors, who will remain unnamed here, were very wary of funding this ambitious project at first, but after reading through the lyrics, they invested a total of eight million dollars into the Soulja Boy Project.

The song was released in 1997 and had a short popularity spree then, but Soulja Boy decided not to release any more singles until he had perfected his unique style. After releasing "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" in 2008, he immediately regained all of his popularity.

To conclude (regarding Crank Dat):

"This is quite possibly the greatest song ever written. The lyrics have such depth and meaning. It articulates the struggle of the black males of this country who ardently attempt to get their crank on, but because of political circumstance are incapable of doing so. It instills in the listener a respect for the astute intelligence of the artist and this atrabilious and forlorn masterpiece."

Soulja Boy Music Videos[edit]





  • Pow

This song is the indefinete best introduction to Soulja Boy, as it shows what he did from "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" and made it a million times better as it shows his rappin skills expand through a new level. It also has some truely gangsta lyrics.

  • Kiss Me Thru the Phone

This video is the second best introduction to Soulja Boy, as it shows his fully developed rhythms and vocals and is probably the best showcase for his talent so far. It has some kick-ass lyrics as well.

  • Crank Dat

Originally produced in 1997, this song, while still having kick-ass beats, is, shockingly enough, not quite descriptive of Soulja Boy's full potential - however, it does show what he's capable of, and with this video, even being one of his less impressive works, easily beats almost every other rap song ever made.

  • Donk

An underrated song with a great beat and kick-ass lyrics. As the titular expression exclaims, Donk!

Liked By[edit]

  • SneakyBoots, mostly for Crank Dat fan-parodies.

Disliked By[edit]


Other Facts[edit]

  • Contrary to his stage name, he is neither a soldier or a boy.
  • Soulja Boy identifies his goal as making upbeat, party-themed music that avoids the negative, violent image that he sees in most Hip-Hop.
  • For the 50th Grammy Awards, Soulja Boy was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song with "Crank That (Soulja Boy)". He lost to Kanye West's and T-Pain's "Good Life".
  • Has a lot of haters because he is incapable of writing good music.
  • His greatest fan is DONKey Kong.
    • She Got A DONK!
    • However, he says in his "Successful" song that he just wants to be successful, so yeah.
  • In his song named "Anime", he sees himself as Goku, Death Note, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Case Closed, Inuyasha, and Anime itself. Also, he thinks that Pikachu diamonds exist.
  • Once tried selling his own game console, "SouljaGame", got his ass sued by Nintendo then sentenced to jail.