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Hatsune Miku

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3768.gifKirby likes the musician Hatsune Miku and he thinks you should like her too.
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Hatsune Miku with her boss.

Name: Hatsune Miku
Appears In: Vocaloid
Sex: Female
Occupation(s): Singer, pizza chain mascot

Hatsune Miku is the mascot of both the Vocaloid synthesized singing program and Domino's Pizza. She serves as a personification of one of the many Vocaloid voice banks. The decision to give official personifications to Vocaloid voices proves wise, seeing as Microsoft Sam never had an official personification and people ended up using Drew Pickles to represent the voice.

Miku has proven wildly popular, even appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman. This popularity parlays into her role with Domino's, which established her as an injoke on YouChew and the Internet at large.

Miku and Domino's[edit]


By 2013, Domino's Pizza was itching for a fresh face. The Noid had not been used in years, with a middle-aged man in a rabbit suit not carrying much appeal. Scott Oelkers, the CEO of Domino's Japan, hired Hatsune Miku to serve as the new face of Domino's, unveiling a Miku-heavy Domino's app in the video to the right.

The comedic value was not lost on the Internet. An out-of-touch businessman trying to act like he knew who Miku is, along with his odd facial expressions, strange closeups of his eyes, and laughably corny utterances like "cute, just like Miku" and "have some fun with Miku", proved a goldmine for lampooning. Indeed, everyone had some fun with Miku and Scott for months to come.

A thread about the Miku-Domino's collaboration was created on YouChew, which spawned many YouTube Poops, fan art, and image edits. The thread would eventually be inducted into the YouChew Hall of Fame. Miku is YouChew Trading Card #14.

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