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Mr. Towes

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Name: Norman Towes
Appears In: My Life Me
Sex: Male
Occupation(s): Teacher
Played By: Terrence Scammell

Mr. Towes is a teacher character from My Life Me. While My Life Me itself is largely a cookie-cutter attempt at Canadian anime, Towes himself proved a memorable character due to his theatrical flair and various quirks (for instance, referring to his students as "pods"). His voice actor, Terrence Scammell, played a big role in the character's entertainment value, with Towes randomly bursting into foreign accents and sometimes dramatically extending his words. He was the last significant injoke on YouChew to be spearheaded by PapaGonzales.

On YouChew[edit]

A tender moment in the teacher's lounge.

A thread for My Life Me was created on YouChew in 2011, which was near entirely lampooning the shoddy quality of the cartoon. A comic creator was discovered on the My Life Me website, which involved selecting a number of still images from the show and then adding quotes to them. There were a few Towes faces among the usable frames, which included a creepy stare and one where he has an exaggeratedly large ear. PapaGonzales observed that Towes was like a human Mr. Ratburn, and Towes's popularity in the thread snowballed from there. Though he got a spinoff image edit thread, Towes conversation largely remained concentrated in the My Life Me thread. Consensus was largely that while My Life Me in itself was a hot mess, Towes was highly entertaining and the show's only redeeming quality.

The popularity of Towes would lead to NAveryW of the YouChew Writing Staff interviewing My Life Me creator JC Little. In addition to discussing the origins of My Life Me, she also gave some background origin on Mr. Towes, revealing that his character was designed around Terrence Scammell's vocal performance:

"The Youchew gang know a good thing when they see it. Mr. Towes is one of my all time favourite characters. The voice actor is the wonderfully talented Terrence Scammell. He was actually auditioning for another character (one that we eventually cut) and we had him do lots of different accents for that one. At the time Towes was being written as a regular teacher, and I was still seeking a way to make him stand out. Witnessing these auditions gave me the idea to turn Towes into a performer with a captive audience. Terrence followed the script but interpreted it his own way. He nailed it every time in one take! He really was great. Since we were storyboarding after the voice recordings, it was a lot easier to give visual support to his vocal antics."

Mr. Towes would later become YouChew Trading Card #37. Despite Towes being a popular injoke for several months, he never made a wide splash on the Internet at large. Due to the show's obscurity and the closure of YouChew and several image hosts, Towes and My Life Me are now something of a mirage, with few images and videos remaining online.