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Gay Luigi

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Name: Gay Luigi
Appears In: Hotel Mario
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Occupation(s): Plumber
Played By: Marc Graue

"Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, Gay Luigi?" - Fat Mario.

Gay Luigi is one of the many alter-egos of the not-so known Luigi, that accompanies Fat Mario in the epic game Hotel Mario, to save the princess again, and stop Bowser from his evil schemes, again.


Gay Luigi is known to have some anxiety issues, but is usually relieved after eating lotsa spaghetti. He constantly argues with Mario about where things are, and at Mario's forgetfulness when it comes to illumination.

This is the amount of spaghetti Gay Luigi has consumed while you sit here and read this stupid page.

Counter5.gifCounter4.gifCounter3.gifCounter2.gif Kilograms

Hobbies & Careers

Outside of paling around with Mario, Gay Luigi's favorite activity and pastime is pole dancing on beanstalks that originate from kicked boxes. However, he has always held a deep hatred of said boxes, furiously kicking them until something comes out.

He is one of the three rulers of Youtube Poop, ruling with Mama Luigi and Stone Luigi. When he has spare time, he also works as a State Alchemist, known to friend and enemy alike as the notorious Lotsa-Spaghetti Alchemist.


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Can you find the hidden message?
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Gay Luigi?

It has been rumored that Gay Luigi is Mario's stepstool, but such claims have been disproven by Jack Thompson's good twin brother, Mack Thompson. There have also been numerous reports that Gay Luigi is a closet schizophrenic who claims to hear "creepy laughs" at certain times.

It is also rumored that Gay Luigi was once a strong candidate for a sidekick character in Super Mario Galaxy, but was later rejected by Mario and replaced with Game Luigi. Upon this sudden unemployment, Gay Luigi boycotted the game (failing miserably), but because he irked the workers at Nintendo so much, they left him a hidden message on the cover of Super Mario Galaxy, which can be found by reading only the seven letters in the title that are marked by small stars.

It is rumored that Gay Luigi's real brother ain't Fat Mario but in fact Garfield, as both have a fetish for Lotsa Spaghetti while Fat Mario loves toast.

Legal Issues

In a certain cutscene, caught on tape by a nearby hotel's security camera, Gay Luigi was seen "persuading" a Koopa for a light, who later sued Gay Luigi for counts of molestation. However, the Koopa was later killed by Fat Mario's gigantic fan, and all charges pending for Gay Luigi were dropped.

Gay Luigi could also be found in Punch Out!!, but only on impossible mode with a perfect record.
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Gay luigi as seen in an unseen episode of Super mario Bros.



  • When utterly pissed off, he transforms into God Luigi.
  • Portrayed by "Rob" in Hotel Mario: The Movie
  • Has his own music video (directed by Pongpong13), as shown on the right.
  • Is along with Sonic and Jessie the only ones denying the legendary Poop quote, Where there's smoke, they pinch back, while they think that, Where there's smoke, there's fire.
  • Is rumored to be bisexual instead of gay.
  • Gay Luigi owns the word You.
  • His name comes from when Fat Mario actually was saying: Eh, Luigi, instead of: Gay Luigi. Due to it is mostly misheard by most (and sometimes sexual things), he got the name Gay Luigi. If all of this didn't happen, he could probably be named Thin Luigi.
  • He tried to join The Village People, but they had enough fruit already.
  • He is a certain Prime Minister's sexual obsession.
  • His favorite song to use for sex is "The Bad Touch" by The Bloodhound Gang.
  • He is an Atheist, choosing instead to believe in the flying spaghetti monster for obvious reasons.

Memorable Quotes

  • "OVA DERE!"
  • "Looks are deceiving, when Koopas are involved!"
  • "...Dere's fi-ya!"
  • "And YOU gotta HELP us!"
  • "Ya' bring a light?"
  • "Well maybe a koopa well lend us his..."
  • "...if we persuade him!"
  • "Maybe a koopa will lend us his! If we... punch him repeatedly and coat the floor with his brains!"
  • "TH-TH-THAT'S that creepy Bowsuh's laugh!"
  • (Gets kissed by Princess Peach) "AAAHHH!!"
  • "Fuck YOU and fuck spaghetti!"
  • "Yeah, well, you're a fat bitch."(His response to Mario after Mario insulting him for being gay.)
Gayer Luigi?
  • "I aspire that her royal highness prepared a plentiful amount of authentic Italian noodles smothered in tomato paste and garnished with onions and balls of concentrated hamburger meat!"
  • "I hope she made lotsa sweeeet nourishing kibble!"
  • "Revelations! A conviently placed gambling establishment."
  • "I'm beginning to seriously ponder in great depth if rescuing her majesty is in either of our best interests anymore at this juncture."
  • "My Brother! Always taking the term 'wanker' to a whole new level."
  • "And You gotta go to hell!"
  • "Salami!"
  • "And You are a creepy cum dispenser!"
  • "And You..."
  • "I am gay! I can finally admit it!"
  • "You are a gay motherfucker!"
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Gayest Luigi.