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Mama Luigi

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Name: Mama Luigi
Appears In: Super Mario World
Sex: Female
Nationality: Italian
Occupation(s): Full Time Mum
Played By: Tony Rosato

"Mama Luigi is pure concentrated Anti-Uctions" Xuchilbara

"That's Mama Pure Concentrated Anti-Uctions to you, Superbork!" Mama Luigi

According to the Society of Poop, liked baby shaking, screaming, and falling for hours. He was a split personality of Mario's brother, Luigi. He was born from pure hatred, brewed by Law for kids in an effort to stop people for standing in no-parking zones. (S)he also hated sex, so she was actually fairly tolerable most of the time.

On 10 January, 2017, his voice actor, Tony Rosato, died of a heart attack.


Mama Luigi after a long day.


One day, Mama Luigi had to babysit a spoiled brat together with Mario, the child escaped and got killed when he fell into a lava river, the frustration caused Luigi to materialize his rage into the beast known as God Luigi.

Mama Luigi has had many minions at his disposal, examples being Ganon, Bill O'Reilly, and the SilverFatMagician. Mama Luigi also implemented a stronghold on the internet, spawning abominations such as Yaoi, Sonic Fancharacters, Mudkipz, and Pop-up ads (Some refer to this as the "Internet Hate Machine"). The program seems to randomly choose the website it will rest in, although most of the time it resides in the #chan boards, Gaia Online, Runescape, Myspace and YouTube (Which explains the strange behavior of the people that reside in these areas.)

Some of the time, Luigi was able to subconsciously control Mama Luigi, and use this precious time to tell Yoshi a historically revised version of the time he first met him. He was able to do this by using his control of Anti-Uctions, and copyright infringement. For more information regarding the creation of Mama Luigi, see Big Poop Theory (or check out the enclosed instruction book).


Although being a split personality of Luigi, Mama Luigi was Luigi's final form. He liked to tell people about his title, correcting them, mothering Yoshkins, and saving the Princess. He seemed to have an obsession with a strange Magic Balloon and bagels. Mama Luigi also enjoyed telling twisted lies and falling onto Skull Rafts, which to him were Good Medicine. She was also a pedophile and necrophile. One time, after being bored of Mario's repeated asks of bring a secret weapon, she got pissed off and turned into Mama Frusciante and told Mario to "get out of my show, motherfucker. " He was also a renowned jumper, able to hit ceiling light switches with her pelvis. It is interesting to notice that Mama Luigi had a master who transformed her/him into Super Dimentio.

She was also the queen of all AIDS, and has stolen and destroyed many cures by many people, and was hindering the work of the Medic to avoid another cure prior to her death.

Sometimes, Mama Luigi would lie to people and tell them he's going to wring out his cap, when really he would strip naked and go streaking. This can cause bystanders to have heart troubles or even die.

Also, Mama Luigi had been known to make Yoshi masturbate at least once in his entire lifetime.

Health Issues

Mama Luigi had a rare lung disorder which caused him to wheeze when he said his name in a corrective fashion, and occasionally when he talked about Brooklyn.


Mama Luigi was a known recovering pebble pea addict. He also used to smoke killer weeds.

Mama Luigi had some psychological issues, namely paranoia and a deadly fear of giant caterpillars. He would often scream "HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!", even when no caterpillars were around. To vent his anxiety, he painted a portrait called The Scream, which most people incorrectly think was painted by Edvard Munch. In fact, if you look closely at the background during a full moon on a Tuesday, you can see Yoshkins and some Wigglers.

Celebrity Status and Turmoil

It has been officiated that Mama Luigi was indeed a Spice Girl honing the name, Mama Luigi Spice. Due to turmoil within their old record label's marketing staff, Mama Luigi did not receive a Spice Girls Doll contract as did the other girls. Unfortunately, Mama Luigi has confirmed that she is not going to be touring with the Spice Girls when they go on the "back together" tour, due to criminal charges against her for man slaughter, since her bagel rings gave people cancer, and killed several of them.


Aside from having had the power to correct his victims, he had also proven to be a good swimmer (And can additionally summon dolphins on a whim) and had memorized the mapping of the Mushroom Kingdom. He also would ear rape anyone if he got pissed off way too much (which would kill anyone within 50 Kilometres in the vicinity).

She also had some skills with electronics, which she used to start a company in China to make Bagel Rings. This ultimately failed, since the bagel rings gave people cancer from Anti-Uctions radiation, which caused a lawsuit.

The Birth Season

Mama Luigi's eggs were recently fertilized by Gay Luigi, Mama Luigi is currently the carrier of 30 fetuses and 180 STDs. Big Boss's next big mission is to destroy Mama Luigi's womb before he gives birth. Since Mama Luigi is the Queen of AIDS, this will be difficult.

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Yoshi trying to destroy Mama Luigi before he destroys us.
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Mama Luigi has something to say to you.
{{#ev:youtube|pB8Ph0hnRPY|320}}The most popular Mama Luigi poop, made by WalrusGuy


Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Like they say in Brooklyn, early to bed, early to catch the worm. Or is it the bagel?

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Well, it all started when Mario, the princess and I came to Dinosaur World for vacation.

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Koopa Football Players grabbed the Princess.

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Mario was attacked by a Koopa wizard and a Magnum Bill! And I found myself face-to-face with a Fire Sumo!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

I fell for HOURS!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Nothing below but boiling lava! Good thing I found a magic balloon!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

These skulls were GOOD medicine for me.

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Yeah well I didn't think it was so funny!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi


Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

You're dealing with a licensed plumber here!!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Nothing to be scared of in the water. Gasp, except THAT!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi


Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

We've gotta find Mario and Princess Toadstool. Stay here while I wring out my cap.

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Mario, wherever you are, HEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Luigi's spaghetti box.
Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

This kid makes Mario looks like he's on a diet!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

That'll teach ya to mess with my new lil' buddy Yoshi!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi


Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

It's the liftoff that got me!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

That's MAMA Luigi to you Mario! *Wheeze*

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Uh, good night Yoshi! Ahhbahhbabahbaba.

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Anyway I was falling. Nothing below me but boiling lava! I DIED! ........ Wait! A skull raft came by! I DIED!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Yeah well I didn't think it was so fucking funny!

Mama Luigi Mama Luigi

Oh fuck it! Goodbye!


  • Luigi has shown some hints about wanting to return to his Mama Luigi form in some current games. [citation needed]
  • Owned a restaurant in Chicago (see below).


Mama Luigi's Restaurant - known for its Spaghetti and parodies of The Sopranos.

Mama Luigi's Spaghetti - Mama Luigi's response to Papa John's Pizza, founded after Mama Luigi's restaurant (above) didn't fare very well. Motto: Better 1-Ups, Better Spaghetti!