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Harrison Ford

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Let's see you get your own fossil, Hamill!

Harrison Ford is an actor who played in Star Wars (as Han Solo), Blade Runner, Indiana Jones, The Fugitive and various other movies.

However as well as the actor, Harrison Ford is also a method of video editing, which utilizes the editing of video sources to create humor, new context or more bizarre emotions and meanings. Unlike regular video editing however, Harrison Ford utilizes a number of specific sources, most notably Internet Memes, popular Youtube videos, nostalgic shows and obscure sources. This was invented by a man only known as SeductiveBaz after failing to use the names Hulk Hogan, Batman and Phil Collins due to that they were copyrighted. After the success of the first Harrison Ford, SuperYoshi who developed Youtube Sodomy and Italian Sodomy, the former being a flop while the other was a success thanks to Tetsuo performing the moves bought the rights to use any Harrison Ford. Rumor has it that Harrison Ford will take over all the other video edits such as wux in March 2010 and will phase out the poop brand invented by Yaminomalex. Researchers discovered that there was a pattern of Harrison Ford that started and ended with Ringo Starr's face and a black man with cheerful music in the middle but these were only found in SeductiveBaz's videos, nobody elses.


  • On the 20th of September 2009, the Youchewpoop forum was renamed to Harrison Ford as a tribute to the man and the videos. Everyone's avatar was replaced with pictures of the man, and all the section icons were as well. This was repeated on September 20th for every year, creating the holiday known as Harrison Ford Day.
  • He is one the best guys ever. He is one of the few people who could beat the powerful evil forces of Chad Warden.
  • Was the overall winner of the 3rd Youchew Hungry Games.
  • There is actually a fossil named "Han Solo", thus making Harrison Ford one of the only people in the world to be living and fossilized at the same time.
  • He's also pleased to see the SNES game called "Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures" appear on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console.