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Michael Rosen

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Name: Michael Wayne Rosen
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Type of Source: IRL Person
Year Created: 2009

First Poop: Youtube Poop recites a bedtime story for the kids by Insector

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Wikipedia also has an article about Michael Rosen.


Michael Wayne Rosen (born 7 May 1946) is a broadcaster, children's novelist and poet and the author of 140 books.

He has a string of Youtube Videos on his channel ArtificeDesign of him performing his poems,stories, and other things he wrote.

This source is highly popular with UK Poopers as well as sentence mixers for the wide range of material to work with.

He's also aware of Youtube Poops and has repeatedly called poopers out about their videos of him.


Early Life

  • 1947: He swam to London Airport
  • 1948: He ate semen
  • 1949: He was a horrible banana
  • 1950: He ate hot food
  • 1951: He was in a band
  • 1952: He ate a bag of plums!
  • 1953: He robbed a bank with a telephone
  • 1954: He became prime steak
  • 1955: He became Nyan Cat
  • 1956: He ate a bag of Nice

Basically the most epic childhood ever.

Michael Calls Out YouTube Poopers

In 2011 Michael Rosen got wind of the videos such as "The Michael Rosen Rape" and "The Babyshitter" and other YouTube Poops being made of him. Claiming to be protecting the children from the R rated jokes within these videos he began taking down YouTube Poops by people like Insector, Hozkinzpoop, and ImperialLobster.

Of course this didn't stop YouTube Poop and threads were made on YCP about "This Rosen guy" taking down videos as well as Stuart K Reilly updating viewers on his every move on YTP news and finally Rosen was known by the masses.

Finally Rosen said fuck it and decided to live with the fact that he can't stop a rabid team of poopers on the warpath. And gave in to their wrath calling them "Pennsylvania Masturbators" and "college boys" with too much time on their hands.


Media Information

  • Type of Source: Live Action
  • Creators: Harold Rosen
  • Dates: 2009 - present
  • Country of Origin: UK


The first Youtube Poop of Michael was Insector's "Youtube Poop recites a bedtime story for kids" continuing lnsector's tradition of making Youtube Poop the actual protagonist of the title. it was a slow paced yet exceedingly intersting poop that didn't rely on the usual glitches/stutters/ear rape to get a laugh or hold a person's attention. and thats the formula most Rosen poops would continue to go by up until 2010 and early 2011 when newer more popular poopers would get a hold of it.

Later in 2009 sect would go on to make MichaelGen. a pitch shifting YTPMV of Rosen using a keygen song as was the style of this time. After that video was when unknown alternative style poopers such as members of IAMGOOMBA, Hozkinzpoop, DerryMarksun, and ImperialLobster would began making their own videos featuring Michael as the focal point. Starting an underground cult following of visual and word splicing poops using Rosen.

Rosen would not become famous throughout the whole poop community until 2011 when he called out Youtube Poopers and began taking down their videos due to their vulgar content. More about that below

Michael is still used to this day in many ways by people like CS188, DinnerWarrior, and has recently gotten his own collab.



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  • "We had a teacher who was so strict, you weren't allowed to breathe in her lessons."
  • "She used to stand out in the front going: "NO BREATHING!"."
  • "The weak ones just used to kill over and die!"
  • "You'd hear them going down behind you! KABOOM! KABOOM! KABOOM!"
  • "He was four years older than me! Well, actually, he.. he still is."
  • "And then I'd be UPSTAIRS, INTO BED, in a flash!"
  • "Gotobedgotobedgotobedgotobedgotobedgotobedgotobed..."
  • "Oh yes! Here we go again, lift the jug and fill my mouth with that thick sweet juice."
  • "Okay we got the ne-"

The New Videos

New source videos were uploaded on the artificedesign channel with Michael aware of YouTube poops. He told the parents to watch their kids while they looked up Michael. The newer videos were Michael standing in front of a completely black screen, making him easier to chromakey. Also, the videos are quieter than the older videos. One of the classic poems from the newer videos is "Chocolate Cake" with notably over a million views while none of the other newer videos had reached that far.


Main Source for Poopers

Michael's Youtube page

Michael's Website