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{{#ev:youtube|q6EoRBvdVPQ|320}}Original Yee.
{{#ev:youtube|Y52Vpjhr4MU|320}}Original Yee source.
{{#ev:youtube|yZZxsSdKiOM|320}}yee lmao


Yee was a video uploaded by Youtuber revergo, edited from a clip from the Land Before Time knockoff, Dinosaur Adventure. It features a small dinosaur singing a short jingle before being interrupted by another dinosaur exclaiming YEE. Although the original was uploaded in February of 2012, it didn't get attention as a fad until August 2014. After that, many spins on the original were created, and not even Youchew could resist the new little dino time.

Notable Responses

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Yee S.I.


  • Knock Knock.
    • Who's there?
      • Interrupting dinosaur.
        • Interrupting dinos-
          • Yee.
  • The "ba" dinosaur is named Peek, and the "yee" dinosaur is named Oro.

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