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kinghomer45's icon, demonstrating his obsession with the "Nega Timmy".

kinghomer45 is a MATURE ARTIST and Fairly OddParents fanboy, in addition to being the butt end of what is referred to as the "kinghomer45 incident" from way back in 2009 when he was 15 years old. His incident was a very complicated black mark on YouChew's history, as although there was some amusing value in his shoddy artwork, the rest of the forum was very antagonistic in their treatment of him. He also made poops, surprisingly enough.

The Man[edit]

kinghomer45 cut an eccentric figure, with his defining traits being his interests in Fairly OddParents (the "Nega-Timmy", an obscure, one-episode character, in particular) and porn. His grammar was fairly poor, and he used some strange euphemisms (such as calling porn "mature arts").

The Myth[edit]

Before Youchew[edit]

kinghomer45 gained slight notoriety during the days when stealing other people's YouTube Poops on fake accounts became all the rage on YouTube. He would often sprout up on these videos accusing the user of stealing a video from someone in such an obvious manner, and would end the comment by saying (in these exact words):

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MARIO: You Didn't Make It!

He often spelled all his words capitalized in that exact manner until he was called out on it.

On YouChew[edit]

kinghomer did not have a very good reputation on YouChew, often showing his obsessions with Fairly OddParents and Nega-Timmy, and making jokes that the other users deemed unfunny (such as pointing out the vague resemblance between a still frame from the show and King Harkinian's "For!" pose, as well as the equally vague resemblance between a fish from an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants and the Tank in Left 4 Dead). Back then, however, he was dismissed as a new, inexperienced user that nobody really paid attention to. Of course, such a thing is doomed to not end well...

The Legend[edit]

His original masterpiece.

On May 30, 2009, kinghomer managed to snag the then-200th page (though both the deletion of earlier posts and the YouChew Archive displaying more posts per page than the forum itself did has led to said post instead appearing on page 77) of the "Stuff you drew" thread on YouChew with the above picture; criticized by his peers for being "a horrible abomination with a oversized head that was singing lyrics to a song nobody has ever listened to". YouChew users were outraged at this disappointment and began to berate kinghomer45, who didn't understand his critics and only made matters worse by linking to his DeviantArt page.

When a certain Toggle1200 discovered his MATURE ARTS, things went downhill from there.

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An example of his "Mature Arts"...that's right.

Realizing his mistake, kinghomer demanded the thread to be closed to avoid further embarrassment, but NegroTed denied it. At this point everyone was making mock pictures of him, leading to a desperate kinghomer attempting to get himself banned, all while constantly calling NegroTed "NergoTed" (possibly deliberately).

He then attempted to revive the XXX thread three times and finally got what he wished for: his permanent ban.

After YouChew[edit]

After the page 200 incident, the kinghomer thread was established to continue posting various mock-ups of his art, as well as a thread for a possible kinghomer movie.

Eventually, things turned for the worse, and people started to take it a bit too far with continued harassment of kinghomer (which included rumors, thankfully false, that he committed suicide), and finally NegroTed felt compelled to put an end to it. The kinghomer threads are both now closed.

He eventually quit DeviantArt due to the massive amount of flak he was getting. Despite this, he soon re-opened it.

Despite kinghomer's somewhat egotistical/bratty attitude, the users of YouChew were likely being too hard on poor kinghomer, especially considering the likelihood of him being mentally handicapped. As laughable as his "mature arts" still are, the incident stands as an unfortunate reminder of how vulturistic YouChew was during its first few years.

kinghomer is also a villain in zacheatscrackers' YouChewPoop Chronicles 3: Revenge of Oz.

kinghomer the second[edit]

Several months after his ban from YouChew, kinghomer has appeared on FurAffinity to bring his art to the public. He sent an art request to YouChew member and artist CheezyWEAPON. That was his first mistake. CheezyWEAPON then proceeded to give him art on his level of artistic talent, which he turned down as "crappy art". By this point people started to make more mock art of him and even a mock account was created. He kept replying and falling for it, which was his second mistake. Time will tell if he will ever learn.

He has also been spotted by NinjaMitsuki on the popular anime (though most of the posts are about hentai) forum Hongfire, as well as on 4chan's /co/. Proving his infamy ranged beyond YouChew, kinghomer persistently pestered others on DeviantArt and FurAffinity, until he eventually got banned on both of them.

Various Quotes[edit]

  • Lock it, NergoTed.
  • Please, I was a mistake. Ban me. GO AHEAD, FAGGOT!!!
  • Do not post the video. I might be pissed off again.
  • Ever close this thread, or stop copying my stuff. This thread wasn't even meant to be alive.


This video off to the side is pretty much all you need to know about what happened.


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