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Dog Flipping a Pancake

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The legend in action.


In the days of AFK GETTING HIT BY A CAR, a man by the name of Scorpion1996 graced with his presence. Famous for his nonsensical posts and hilarious imagery, he introduced the world to an entity known as "The Dog Flipping a Cat Pancake". The image focused on a dog in an apron, flipping a cat pancake in the air with a box of instant KATZ behind it. The image was a very symbolic one.


The image was posted repeatedly by Scorpion and many other people, as it was hilarious for reasons not very well known. All that is known is it is famously referred to as DOG FLIPPING A CAT PANCAKE and will always be a favorite in the hearts of the YouChew veterans.

Origin of the Origin[edit]

The image was created by Edinburgh-based artist Grant Creegan (aka "duchamp") in 2004, as an entry to a "Far Side" tribute contest on