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Category:Evil Characters

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A perfect example of evil.
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A banned user plotting her revenge to once again get the chaos emeralds.

Evil is a word that can be used to describe lots of people. The opposite of evil is good/heroic. The word is actually short for, "Every Villain Is Lemons". An evil person is called a "villain". There is always a possibility that an evil character can turn good, however. Also, if you see a Decepticon logo on someone, he will be evil. Well, except Jetfire, but still!

Evil people will also most likely obey both the Beast and the number of the beast. The reason why they most likely do that is that when they do go to Hell, they will get best spots for them to live in.

Please note that this is not a place to put people you don't like. They need to have shown legitimate evil qualities. A hero with more malicious qualities would go right here. Thank you, come again!