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God Rabbit

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When Dr Rabbit gets angry, he turns into God Rabbit, the most powerful creature in Youtube Poop. He killed Carmen and is on his rampage to kill more children, including Mama Luigi. The only way he can transform into God Rabbit is if he really gets provoked. So word of advise, "DON'T SCREW WITH YOUR DENTIST!!

Some say that he's a God of Chaos when compared to God Luigi, who's considered to be a God of Order.


God Rabbit was created by Titleinlarge.


Although the extent of his power is unknown, he has known to launch a large energy pulse capable of obliterating anyone foolish enough to get in his way. He also introduces his new special ability in Part 2 with the power to protect himself against a giant laser shot out from the Chinese kid (Shou). His powers is said to even overcome God Luigi.


Dr. Rabbit's appearance is not too difficult to spot. His eyes glow shining white and the scenery changes colour to fit with his appearence.

God Rabbit's Victims[edit]

  • Carmen was brutally killed by a large energy pulse causing her head to explode.
  • Shao's panda disintegrated after being hit by dentist breath.
  • Shao launched a shoop da whoop laser and it was deflected back, causing Shou to swallow his laser and explode.
  • Mama Luigi will probably not be God Rabbit's next victim.


His only true weakness is the evil organization Colgate. Colgate actually created Dr. Rabbit, but then they found out about the Dr. Rabbit poops. They removed them all, including the God Rabbit poops. Many YouTube Poop fans are boycotting against the company, and are buying Crest toothpaste because of this.


The first half of the third God Rabbit Poop is shown below. Click here if the video does not work.