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This article is about the anorexic Luigi clone. You may have been looking for the pooper.
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Waluigi, pointing at his Chewiki page.

Waluigi is a strange vandal along with Wario. He hasn't appeared in many poops, but it's sure a lot more then 40% of the other characters around Chewiki.


Waluigi has been spotted by the police several times attempting to use MS Paint onto a tournament board. Afterwards, he usually spends time running around aimlessy, only to end up caught by Bowser and ends up tortured for Bowser's pleasure. This usually goes at intense speed.

Afterwards he blows up.


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Waluigi's filled with the eyes of the tiger.
  • He only has two forms, but there is only one extra form that he is proud of. His counterpart still has many more.
  • Occasionally visits the shopkeeper.
  • He once broke his back.
  • If you aren't brave enough to witness his other form, then I will tell you that he hates the fact that he only appears in Mario spinoff titles. (Though, he doesn't mind being an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl because he'd at least help fight in with the action.)
  • Once recycled into a generator.
  • He owns a very, very large pinball machine and a stadium that was originally owned by Wario.
    • In addition, he also owns his own island, which consists of a lot of junk, a smaller island containing a lot of dynamite rigged to a detonator, piranha plants, and a crushed replica of Luigi's house.
  • He knows when you're cheating because only cheaters mess up.
  • Once beat Bowser's arse with little effort, after pissing Bowser off by copying his style and holding the Mischief Star stamp hostage.
  • He also has a lot of cardiovascular strength, and is capable of heavy sprints without fatigue.
  • Wasn't in Mario Kart 7, due to the fact that he was tied up and gagged in a closet by an unknown perpetrator. Suspects include Wiggler, the Honey Queen, and Lakitu. A criminal trial went through, with all 3 suspects on trial. In the end, Wiggler was found guilty, and given 20 years in prison.
  • Once broke an expensive video camera in a soccer match against Wario (the score at the time was 0-9 Wario).


  • "Waa?"
  • "Waluigi hate this game!"
  • "Don't expect mouth to mouth!"
  • "Waluigi's the superstar!"
  • "Nya ha haaa!'
  • "Today."
  • "Not bad...for you."
  • "Waaah, this looks too easy."
  • "Oh, come on!"
  • "Are you sweating?"
  • "Don't whiff!"
  • "You're cheating!"
  • "Only cheaters mess up!"
  • "AWWW...I LOST!"
  • "Mr. Eye Balls!"
  • "Mr. Tiny Balls!!"
This is how he usually reacts when you expect completely different from what you're currently seeing.