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Koopone relaxes in his comfy chair.

Name: Al Koopone
Appears In: The Super Mario Brothers Super Show
Sex: Male
Age: 85
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Mafia Boss, C.E.O. of Koopone Production Co. LTD
Played By: Harvey Atkin

Al Koopone (1925-2010), was a form of King Koopa and the final form of Greenback Koopa. This triggered after he accidentally kidnapped Misselaineous10 (or as he calls her Miscelooneyous10) thinking she was Ami Mizuno since Greenback Koopa is colourbind (he can only see red and green while Ami has blue hair). Due to this, he called her M10.

After this effect, Koopone took over Glasgow with his firm fist as well as seeing every colour. He then hired Mouser, Triclyde, and a Koopa to keep his position at the top.

Rise and Fall of Koopone[edit]

While he owned the Coney Island Disco Palace and parts of London, Koopone felt that he needed to show his true power so he moved to Glasgow. He murdered about 7 people which became a case for the There's Been A Murder team to investigate. Slyly Koopone attacked Robotnik but then disappeared. Sora tired to murder him in a stealth mission in his mansion, but Koopone woke up and fought back and beat up Sora, then he sent him to his dungeon to kill him later. He set up the Koopa Klub, a place where every Scot would be welcomed and thus became Scotland's No. 1 place to go. However, Mouser accidentally gave the password to the There's Been A Murder team (Sonic the Hedgehog and the others), which they tracked him down. Koopone hid behind a table, was scared and turned back into Greenback Koopa, who would eventually end up murdering Koopone.


  • Murder
  • Power
  • Money
  • Betting at the Bookies
  • Drugs
  • Making you an offer you can't refuse
  • Various other illegal activities
  • His Heyday back in the '50s and '60s, plus his second heyday in the '80s



  • Koopone has King Koopa's voice instead of Greenback Koopa's, this is due to the power of the pooper.
  • He hates anime.
  • His favorite song is Beat It by Michael Jackson, but not his version. Instead he prefers Makoto Kino's cover version which he forced her to sing it.
  • He actually appeared in an episode of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.
  • It's a well hidden fact, but Sherlock Holmes discovered that Koopone wet the bed when he was 12.
  • Declared war with Tiertex. Ironically, a production company that was named for and owned by him was bought by Tiertex in 2001.
  • He actually murdered Peire Fucket.


On April 30, 2010, Koopone died after eating a Koopa Burger at Scoopa Koopa's. It was later found that Greenback Koopa had been using Polar Bear liver as a filler in his burger meat, and that Koopone had died from a toxic overdose of Vitamin K from eating the meat.