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Ek kalla Ragnarok!!

Name: Ursula
Sex: Female
Age: Whatever the age for a Goddess is.
Nationality: Oceanic
Occupation(s): Sea Witch/Sorceress
Played By: Pat Carroll & Joki Benson

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Ursula sure is obsessed with Waffle House for some strange reason.

Ursula is a Goddess of evil for the Seven Seas. Her goal in life is to destroy the Sea King (King Triton) and steal his powers so she could rule over all. To do that, she needed to have his daughter (Ariel) find her lair for the reason of wanting to marry a man from the top of the world. Ursula then needs to sing her evil song about how she needs to do the deal. Her song is so evil that The Jonas Brothers ended up covering the song once! When she finally accepted the deal with her, she then waits for the biggest and best opportunity to screw up Ariel's chances of happiness and increases her chances of stealing her soul. Once she finally asks for marriage, she would finally have enough power to destroy Trident once and for all.

Every year, she walks out of the seas to make some sacrifices for the Dark Lord to help please not only her, but also persuade him to give her new powers. It started out small when animals and babies and baby animals were killed for you know who. In time, however, she went on towards getting children and adults. In fact, it was rumored that her group ended up murdering Michael Jackson for Satan's appeal.


  • "I'll admit that in the past, I've been a bitch."
  • "Poor unfortunate souls!"


  • She uses strange fish for the use of make-up.
  • She has a sister named Morgana. The less we talk about her, the better.
  • Oddly enough, she is King Triton's sister.
  • A common nickname for her in Atlantica is "The Sea-Witch".
  • When she's in her human form, she retains the name "Vanessa".


After she ended up stealing Ariel's man and he accepted her marriage proposal, Ariel found out her shtick and wanted to ruin her wedding. When Ariel succeeded, she ended up getting dragged down into the sea by Ursula because Ariel didn't kiss her man before the Sun set. After the attempt to kill Ariel, King Triton ended up giving his trident and his powers to Ursula in exchange for the safety for his daughter. When she got her trident, she still wanted to kill Ariel. However, her arm got stabbed by a knife thrown by Ariel's lover. When that occured, she tested out her new powers by aiming her trident blast at him - but it ended up being redirected at her partners in crime (Flotsam & Jetsam). After their deaths, she ended up growing to heights equating to Mt. Everest. To kill those two people, she created gigantic whirlpools that, unfortunately for her, brought back someme ships that once sank into the bottom of the sea. The man that Ariel loves then jumps onto one of said ships and them stears into Ursula's belly. To put it in Layman's terms, Ursula dies because some man drove a fucking boat into her fucking stomach like it was a knife going into a normal human being!