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Sheldon Cooper

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Name: Sheldon Cooper
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Theoretical physicist
Played By: Jim Parsons

Sheldon Cooper is a main character from the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.


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Sheldon was born in a Kmart in Galveston, Texas. Growing up, his mother tried to make him an evangelical Christian, but she failed. He became more interested in the world of science and somehow went to college at age 11. He also got a PhD at age 14. He moved to Pasadena in the early 2000s and made him apartment for any unwilling victims. In 2002, Leonard Hofstader became his roommate, making his friends also meet Sheldon. Big mistake. Recently, Sheldon got a girlfriend, though becuase he wasn't programmed with social skills, he doesn't do stuff that would usually happen in a relationship.


  • Science
  • Being annoying and not knowing it
  • Claiming to be smart
  • Making women uncomfortable


  • Common knowledge
  • Wil Wheaton (until Brent Spiner came along)
  • Not being the center of attention
  • Goofy

Disliked By

Well, everyone dislikes Sheldon Cooper, except for his mother and that girl from Blossom.


40px Sheldon Cooper


40px Sheldon Cooper

(knock knock knock) Penny. (knock knock knock) Penny. (knock knock knock) Penny.

40px Sheldon Cooper

Greetings, hamburger toucher.

40px Sheldon Cooper

The human body is capable of being flautulent for hours after death.

40px Sheldon Cooper

My mom sent me my old Nintendo 64. You know what this mean, don't you? Break out the Red Bull; it's time to rock Mario old school!

40px Sheldon Cooper

Look, mom included the memory card! Now we can pick up where I left off in 1999.

40px Sheldon Cooper

My new computer came with Windows 7. (audience laughs)

40px Sheldon Cooper

Windows 7 is much more user-friendly than Windows Vista. (audience laughs)

40px Sheldon Cooper

I don't like that. (audience laughs uproariously and applauds loudly as if Sheldon just said the mother of all jokes)


  • The only reason he still has friends is because he covered up one of their terrorist acts.
  • To appear more likable, he made up the catchphrase "Bazinga!" It only made him less likable.
  • He forced Mario to hop for endless hours.
  • SpaghettiBicycle once thought Caillou grew up to be Sheldon, but this was later proven false.
  • He actually made a pretty funny insult involving Patrick Star.
  • He was once on Sesame Street to talk about arachnids. Somehow, he was likable and good-natured, though he didn't know what an arachnid was.
  • To unlock Good Sheldon, collect a napkin that Leonard Nimoy wiped his mouth with.
  • Although he has an IQ of 187, he thinks he needs a memory card to play Super Mario 64.
    • He also thinks it's a multiplayer game, considering how he bragged that he had three controllers and "the more the merrier".