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Name: Ghaleon
Sex: Male
Occupation(s): Former member of the Four Heroes, MAGIC EMMMMPERORRR
Played By: John Truitt, Troy Baker (but we don't talk about that one)

Ghaleon is the main villain of the Sega CD RPG Lunar: The Silver Star and its many, many remakes, and a redeemed antihero in its sequel Lunar: Eternal Blue and its sad, lonely, sole Playstation remake.

In Brief[edit]

Known in the games for his "cool objective, still murder" reign as the Magic Emperor in the first game, and his memorable redemption arc in the second game, but to many, he is primary known for the incredibly hammy, flamboyant performance by his English voice actor, John Truitt. This, plus ridiculous lines like "My coming out party can begin, send in the clowns!" has made him moderately popular with poopers familiar with the Lunar games. The Playstation Portable remake recast him with Troy Baker, to very mixed reception.


  • Power
  • ABBA
  • The spotlight
  • Dyne... Maybe.


  • White Knight Leo, for trying to steal his ham thunder.
  • Being separated from his ABBA
  • Troy Baker


  • "Not Ghaleon, dear Quark. Magic Empmmmmmperor Ghaleon"
  • "Then the time has finally come. My coming out party can begin. Send in the clowns!"