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Name: Catapilla
Appears In: Super Mario World

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The sworn enemies of Mama Luigi, these vile creatures traunt around the Mushroom Kingdoom looking to get eating by Yoshi/Yoshkins.

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Baby Yoshi/Yoshkins eating a Catapilla at the hands of Mama Luigi.

Sometimes known by its scientific name, "Capapillah", or by their video game name, "Wiggler".

King Catapilla[edit]

The King Catapilla is the only known Catapilla to have a voice and is the only Catapilla who scares the living shit out of Mama Luigi. This voice consists primary of a terrifying uncharacteristic roar emanating from deep within its gut.

Small Catapilla[edit]

A variety of Catapillas that appear only in apples. Originally they were a new brand of vibrating anal beads, but Wizardheimer got pissed off because they did not give him the satisfying pleasure he desired and brought them to life, commanding them to eat the insides of all they penetrate. They seem to greatly frighten The Princess.

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The Princess finds a small Catapilla in her apple.

People Who Think Catapillas Are Delicious![edit]