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Object.jpg This article is about an object that frequently appears in Youtube Poop.

Anti-Uctions are the exact opposite of uctions. They are ones evil power. Most of it is eaten by CD-I Zelda People, and Dr. Rabbit takes an Anti-Uctions suppository every day so that he can stay evil. Like matter and anti-matter, a collision between Anti-Uction energy and Uction energy will result in neutralization, and a massive discharge of energy not filled with Uctions or Anti-Uctions. Anti-Uctions eventually settle into the form of a charged green crystal, much like how Uctions become red crystals over time. These unrefined crystals are structurally strong, but are a poor choice for building due to their powerful radiation output and reactivity with Uctions. Some machines, energy reactions, and certain people can drain raw Anti-Uction energy from these crystals.

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This game (Action 52 for either the NES or the Sega Genesis.) is pure Anti-Uctions.
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An infamous video gaming company that's pure Anti-Uctions.

Major Sources[edit]

What Do You Do If You Are Filled With Anti-Uctions[edit]

You may just want to ignore it. That, or go get medical help. However, if you can handle the Anti-Uctions, you can use them to take over the world or become completely insane, or something like that. Occasionally, you can harness their power and use them for good, but that requires major study in Science, Math, and Wumbology classes.


  • Batman believes that punk-rock music is filled with lots of that (As well as death and crime.).
  • Rolf scrubs his animals with Anti-Uctions.
  • The creators of Whinefeld created their clip by combining Anti-Uctions and regular Uctions, thus causing major chaos.
  • Unicron uses Anti-Uctions as his main power source.
  • James of Team Rocket believes that Leo Burnett (whoever that is) and 4Kids are Anti-Uctions come to life.
  • Aran Ryan sometimes uses his Anti-Uctions just for cheating purposes in boxing matches. What a reckless driver person.
  • Sometimes, forms of different people can be able to hold Anti-Uctions instead of Uctions.
  • In Transformers, Anti-Uctions is called "Dark Energon".