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An evil organization that wants Dr. Rabbit executed for crimes against the Russian government, Dr. Rabbit currently lives in Youtube although Colgate can't seem to find him there. In reality, the Russia story is a cover-up. The real reason they want Dr. Rabbit is that, as you know, he is a being of immense power and Colgate wants no one else to gain that indescribable power. They also feared an alliance between Dr. Rabbit and WalrusGuy. Their fears came true, and they did away with WalrusGuy as fast as they could. You can read more about this at Dr. Rabbit.

Also Colgate makes the Tourettes Guy feel like a piece of shit.


Colgate seems to be more powerful each day, and they knew they had to post the video just to indoctrinate children to believe that Dr. Rabbit is the greatest rabbit of all times. Once they awakened to Youtube Poop, apparently an employee's child informed their parent of the Dr. Rabbit videos, they started a crusade to destroy all videos associated with Dr. Rabbit, despite not having used the character for years. The greatest purge of the crusade took place in the first year, and WalrusGuy was their greatest threat.

Renaming Dr. Rabbit[edit]

WalrusGuy and nickshorts are the only poopers to rename Dr. Rabbit to Professor Lepus and the Oral Adventure, Anthropomorphic Surgeon, and other names. As soon as the Dr. Rabbit poops return to youtube, other people are placing their own names of Dr. Rabbit so it would easily fool Colgate and believe that there are no more Dr. Rabbit Poops.


Colgate, when literally translated into a common type of Spanish, means "hang yourself". Do you want your teeth to think about suicide? I didn't think so. Stop using Colgate as soon as possible before the idea gets into your mind! Seriously, use Crest toothpaste instead, because their toothpaste is delicious, or use Ipana, which is dandy for your teeth.

Signs that your teeth are trying to kill theirselves[edit]

  • Your gums bleed.
  • Your teeth start to become loose.
  • You feel like a piece of shit.