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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
CharNice.jpg This Youtube Pooper somehow found a way to become a poop source, and so this article is filed under Characters.
Closed.png The account MasterhippoMr has been Closed.

In brief

How does one summarize JoeTheBlueDragon? Philosophers have battled with this questions for ages. Some use terms such as "master", "friend", and "incredibly handsome, nice guy" while others describe him by means of words like "faggot", "asshole", and "overall bad person". We can say that Joe is a pooper who cares a lot about the YTP community. That should be brief enough.


Chapter 1: MasterhippoMR

"It worked" -(J. Robert Oppenheimer father of the atomic bomb) The story of JoeTheBlueDragon exists before the name. Early 2010, Joe made an account called MasterhippoMR. In the summer, he began to use it and started to watch YTP a lot more, talking with a few of the guys who made them. He was incredibly stupid at this time, and is glad that everything that he did has been more or less erased by the sands of time. In early September, he closed his account due to even greater stupidity. During this time, he loved spadinner and he mostly got into YTP through popular Spongebob YTPers like Hurricoaster.

Chapter 2: Rise of JoeTheBlueDragon

"As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice" -(Adolf Hitler) Hungry for round 2. Joe came back under his new alias, JoeTheBlueDragon, only allowing 8 of his closest friends know about his original identity. During this time, Joe got extremely involved in the YTP community, despite not making YTPs yet. He started YTP of the Week at this time. He had several playlists for YTPs (which you might be able to still find, he hasn't altered them at all since 2011). He even tried to start something called a YTP Academy, but even he realized that it was going a little bit too far. Essentially, he turned his channel into a meeting place for YTPers, some who had no idea about YC, and others who frequented YC. Joe had no knowledge of this "YTP forum" until October, which was the same month he made his first YTP. He joined it a few days later. Joe also joined a group of YTPers headed by YER0CKY that called themselves the HYTPHA. They were YTPers who "hunted" other poopers who made "bad" YTPs and Joe's channel seemed to act as a main headquarters for them. He met BenderPictures, TrueTubePoops, and DoomZappo during this time, all of which would become good friends of his.

Chapter 3: Revolution

"I began revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I'd do it with 10 or 15 and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action." -(Fidel Castro) It is impossible to tell the tale of JoeTheBlueDragon, without telling the part of it that he won't ever shut up about. After what was probably a 3rd fight with YER0CKY in one week, Joe was blocked from his channel, but by no means blocked from the group. He still actively communicated with the rest of the HYTPHA and continued to compete in Poop Standoff, hosted by BP. It was during an early fight with YER0CKY that he realized how stupid the idea of a "bad" YTP seemed to him, with help from LightningLuigi. He realized that what he did and what the HYTPHA was still doing was hurtful to people, all over silly videos on the internet. His presence on the YouChew forums and strong belief he was right gave him the courage to declare full out war against the HYTPHA, in hopes that maybe he could shake some of them out of their old tired habit. He seriously underestimated his impact. Almost all HYTPHA members quit the day that he made the announcement in his blog, and YER0CKY shortly stepped down and gave power to TTP, who decided it was time to quit anyways. The milestone was amazing and Joe still considers it to be his transforming moment in YTP when he became sensible about things. It is also important to note that he was quite active in Poop Talk during this time, making other important long-lasting friends like Gamerislanduk and Smonge. It is even more vital to note that this was the first time Joe would take on a leading role, and with the absence of YER0CKY, he'd keep that leading role.

Chapter 4: City on a Hill

"Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach" -(Joseph Stalin, Joe's past life) If the Revolution chapter was Joe's ultimate transformation, then I don't know what to call this. In 2011, DoomZappo came to Joe with a radical idea. Instead of using Joe's channel comments as a forum for YTP, use a forum for YTP. The forum was called The Little Dragons and it was hosted on (a decision that both of them regret). The growth of the forum was slow at first, but thanks to being advertised on the BP Show, which was advertised on YTP News, the forum began to get a regular userbase. However, Joe was not impressed with the growth of the forum and he thought he had a good idea. Since a lot of the users began to seem disappointed with how things were on YouChew, he decided that a YouChew thread might promote more activity. At first the thread was relatively calm, everyone was just saying how they wish the veterans would let up on Poop Talk, this would change in the future. During this time, Joe also began the AIDS Tourney. It was during this time that Joe began to get extremely frustrated with the mentality of people on YouChew. The idea that YTP should never be taken seriously ever angered him because he took it as an attack on himself and what he did. He was beginning to feel out of place with the community and started to see flaws in the community.

Chapter 5: Brave New World

"In time of difficulties, we must not lose sight of our achievements" -(Mao Zedong) There were two major events during the Summer of 2011. The first major event was Joe finally getting skype, at the request of Hurricoaster. It was only a few days before he was put into the chat of JabberCash which had a few prominent names such as Likety and Joe's favorite YTPer at the time, DinnerWarrior. The Krabz chat, as it was called, rose to its peak in July-August but was worn out by the coming of Fall. Through Skype, Joe was able to keep up more than ever with the YTP community, and realized that he was not dependent on YouChew or YTP News for the latest happenings in the community. This led to the second major event of the Summer: Joe's decision to leave YouChew (attempt #1). Most people thought he was overreacting (he was) but Joe was sick and tired of hearing the same phrase over and over again: "You're taking this too seriously". This transition from YouChew to skype was vital to Joe's story. TLD during this time remained roughly unchanged, it was still active, but there weren't many new users.

Chapter 6: Welcome to the Lizard Circus

"I have no memory of beating him to death, but I must have" -(Jeffrey Dahmer) In Fall of 2011, the Krabz chat had fallen apart because JabberCash decided to kick about 4 of the regular users without reason. After being added to the NOT SuperKoffee chat (this was not his chat, anything opposed to this is slanderous libel), he had an urge to make his own chat. This spurred him to take advantage of the fall of the Krabz chat to create his own chat, which was almost a carbon copy give or take a few people. Smonge was in his first months of being Janitor of YouChew, his goal being to fix it so that it was a good place for newer YTPers again. It's essential to note that Joe really couldn't care less about how new YTPers were treated during this time. In an attempt to show approval to what Smonge was doing, he rejoined YouChew in hopes that things had changed. The Joe chat was working out well and TLD was still growing, but Joe still wasn't satisfied with what he had.

Chapter 7: A Near-Death Experience

"Before we repent, we have to sin" -(Grigori Rasputin) Joe's mistakes were about to catch up with him. For most of December, he was missing in action, and he left many people wondering what happened to him. He was just hoping to get a break from the community that he was getting sick of. When he returned, problems were striking. For a long time, people used the YouChew thread on TLD to vent about almost every single event that came up.

  • to be continued*

First poop seen

He didn't remember the names of the first Mario ones, and the Spongebob YTP "Squilliam is an A**hole" was removed by Viacom

First poop made

Youtube Poop: Little Dragons


Loves to mix it up, can't stand to be restricted to one style. He's fallen more into a slower old style nowadays, with a lot of repetitive jokes

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

  • Sentence Mixing
  • Ironic jokes
  • WMM custom effects and transitions
  • Randomly putting "Prepubescent Churros" over the audio of other clips
  • Very rarely, he'll play with frame by frame editing

Preferred Software


  • When people actually try to make their YTPs funny instead of "artistic and colorful"
  • Writing
  • Crush 40
  • BEER
  • Uwilmod
  • Funny skype in-jokes that he makes that everyone else is jealous of
  • himself (he used to be a self-hating cynic, now he's an annoying egotistical shit)
  • Waxonator (To be honest, I don't see why everyone is on his case so much)
  • The Little Dragons


  • Cookie
  • Idiots who think that they decide what's funny and what's bad
  • Being called a classic style pooper
  • "Pones" and "Brones"
  • Stu Fanboys (I don't care about the guy himself, but some of his fans are messed up)


  • His videos are generally well received, even his trap videos don't get TOO much hate
  • Almost all of YC used to hate him, now they don't remember who he is
  • His skype pals and Dragon brothers on TLD think he's a cool dinner
  • Some people say he's nice. However, this is a false statement, I'm nice to people who I decide aren't bothering anyone else, if I consider you to be an ass in anyway... I become the most wretched and horrible person you will ever meet
  • Rude men refer to his style as similar to 2006/2007, he doesn't understand this


  • He is overrated (as declared by himself)
  • He sets his standards too high for himself
  • He has awkward silences in his YTPs
  • He acts too strange sometimes (especially when bored)
  • He calls himself overrated when he isn't and when he does deserve subscribers.
  • He can get a little thickheaded at times
  • JoeTheBlueDragon is a fish monger
  • A few certain rude men wish that he would die


  • He has reached 500 subscribers (which he seems to consider as overrated)
  • He has repetitively made mean and cruel jokes about Uwilmod and tells him to go touch a dick on regular occasions. (This displeases Cookie greatly)
  • The Little Dragons if that counts
  • Sometimes... people will get really drunk, and actually watch the bluecast from start to finish



  • YEROCKY (he got me started on the path of being "WMM warrior")
  • DoomZappo I LIKE TO COPY HIM
  • KroboProductions I LIKE TO COPY HIM TOO
  • He copies a lot of people's styles and mixes them, but there's too many to name them all


  • He believes he has (and deserves) no fans
  • Except for Smonge
  • ....and Cookie
  • His two only fanboys were mysteriously killed, it's dangerous to be a fan of Joe

Other Information

  • He runs Cross Country and Track
  • JoeTheBlueDragon is actually a dragon, but JoeTheBlueDragon isn't real. Joe is a concept made up by the brain of a high school kid whose name isn't actually Joe, it's Dan, Joe is a dragon, Dan is not. It's complicated.


  • He, his icon, and his ability to consistently call himself overrated are frequently the basis of jokes in other poopers' videos. Especially those by TrueTubePoops
  • TrueTubePoops has made a joke about JoeTheBlueDragon in every finished poop after "The Super Readers Venture Back in Time to Ensure Flatulence Passing in the Future"
  • According to a number of other poopers and Jack Black, JOETHEBLUEDRAGON IS A FISH MONGER
  • He is well known for his love of Prepubescent Churros, PINK ANIME MAN and good squirle


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