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Black Shadow

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His death by Falcon Punch.

Name: Black Shadow
Appears In: F-Zero GP Legend
Sex: Male
Age: ???
Played By: Norio Wakamoto


Black Shadow is the main villain of the anime F-Zero GP Legend. He is one of the most notorious victims of the Falcon Punch. In F-Zero races, he pilots the Black Bull. He is second only to Deathborn, whom he serves.

In the King's Epic Adventure timeline, Black Shadow is cast as Shinenzuman, King Harkinian's second target, but Harkinian arrives right as he is destroyed by the Falcon Punch, resulting in an automatic win for the King but another missed opportunity to make someone eat his shit. The King inherits Shinenzuman's racing vehicle, the BLACK BULL, as his power up from this foe.


  • I will never die!! Never!!
  • Gwaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!! *dies*
  • My dream!
  • This is a victory for evil.
  • To do away with that eyesore Falcon.
  • (heh, heh, heh,) It helps me carry out my grudge.
  • (heh, heh, heh, heh,) You've got courage. You want to come work for me?
  • There will be no mercy for those who oppose me. (Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh!!!)
  • Are you prepared to die to find out?
  • This is the beginning of the reign of Evil!
  • Domination or death!
  • You hear that Falcon?! (Laughs Evilly)
  • It's brave of you to even ask me that.
  • Take me on Falcon! Or are you going to run away with your tail between your legs?
  • Bow down before my power, Falcon!
  • Burn this place to the ground! (Laughs Maniacally)
  • Did you really think that I would accept this paltry sum?
  • Are you prepared to die to find out?
  • World Domination! And then building a new world the way I want it. (Laughs Evilly)
  • The Federation's control of the seven galaxies ends tonight! (Laughs Maniacally)
  • Falcon, you've come to die. I needn't have wasted time looking for you then.



Black Shadow died on September 28, 2004 by Falcon Punch. After the Dark Reactor was overloaded and destroyed, Black Shadow angrily jumped from his machine, shocked by the destruction of his dream. Captain Falcon unleashed his Falcon Punch and punched Black Shadow, sending them both to their deaths.

Black Shadow rose from The Pit soon after his death, after being revived by his brothers.