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YouTube Poop Tennis

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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.
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The classic Poop Tennis Official artwork.
Unfortunately, some people just aren't cut out for tennis.
{{#ev:youtube|nRB-O214ezg|320}}dvariano's "Elated Chronological Junctures", believed to be the first video to hint toward the idea that would later become YTP Tennis

Youtube Poop Tennis (often abbreviated as YTP Tennis or just tennis) is a game commonly played by poopers. Like making a contribution to the Chewiki, it is highly encouraged and is a known cure for poopers block (constipation). It can also result in some of the most hardcore poops that you will ever see, often due to its competitive nature.

Like most surrealist games there is no winner, and in terms of method there are few rules, but most simply can be explained by saying a game you poop a poop and then poop that poop (or remix a remix and them remix that remix): repeat 6 times.


The idea of remixing another person's YTP video can be supposedly traced back as early as April of 2007, when dvariano uploaded a video called "Elated Chronological Junctures" that was supposedly the first "repoop" video, and thus considered to be technically the first "Round 2" ever made. However the original video that he edited, made by a user named bahbugandhum(known now in that a number of the sources he used started completely unknown but would find niches in many places in the years to come), has yet to be found again. The first full match however was in the form of conradslater vs. Misselaineous10 which started on August 11th, 2007 and ended on August 21st, with brought forth the full idea of someone doing a "repoop" of someone else's video, and having the original maker do the same back, creating a "Tennis" like pattern. From this match onward the concept greatly expanded to great, and at the beginning considerably unimaginable lengths of development and refinement.

Typical Game Format[edit]

The rules of YTP Tennis are often customized to suit each pooper's needs. However, one of the original, and well known, formats is as follows:

  • One pooper (P1) asks another, or in some cases the community as a whole, whether or not they would like to participate in a game. Here the number of videos to be made (or rounds, typically 4 or 6) is defined, as well as the length of each. If an open challenge is made, a video is sometimes supplied.
  • Another pooper (P2) accepts the challenge, and has a day or two to remix P1's first video. In addition to the video supplied, P2 is allowed to add up to 3 new clips to the new remix.
  • P1 follows through by remixing the new video, adding up to 3 new clips of his/her own. The game continues like this until the round limit is met.

Doubles Tennis[edit]

While this was first attempted in March 2008 between RabbitSnore, Misselaineous10, Furnessly and TheHappyFungus, Rakninja successfully pulled a special twist in this cater on November 17th, 2008, bringing the variant idea into a tournament setting, which ultimately brought significant attention to it and has since made it a standard. The standard method of play is:

A + B vs. C + D

A + B work collaboratively on odd rounds, while C + D do so on the even rounds.

This can be done in a 4 Round League format (as first done in the 2009 Tennis Season), a standard 6 Round format, or any other even number beyond that, depending on the players' determination to do so.

In RAKninja's Tournament adaption, the method of play has some changes:

A + B vs. C + D

  • Player A makes a serve, Player C returns it.
  • Player B volleys that, Player D volleys.
  • Player A and B then collaborate to make their last round, then Player's C and D collaborate to finish the match.

In the Doubles Cup I, The match was scored by a Review Crew member, a Tennis Staff member, and a popular vote as the third "judge". In cases where a Review Crew or Tennis staff were involved in a match, the match was judged by two members of the other staff,(except in the case of RC vs TS) so if someone were in a match against anyone but a RC member, he/she would be judged by two RCs rather than a RC and TS.

In the Doubles Cup II though, since Review Crew had long since fused with the News Staff which had in time become the Writing Staff (who now were largely uninvolved with tennis altogether), vote was divided between a Judge and Public Vote, in which anyone could sign up as a Judge. A possible 2 of 3 points had to be awarded to a playing team in order to achieve a win, with one point decided by popular vote (which used MycroProcessor's "percentage" voting system from the Three-Way Tournament) and the second decided by Judge vote. If both teams each received one of these points, the third was decided by a panel of three Cafe Staff members using Olympic voting.

Triples Tennis[edit]

In June 2011, ChrisGendo further expanded upon RAKninja's original Doubles Cup idea and introduced the idea of Triples Tennis, which worked the same as Doubles Tennis except now with the addition of one more person on each side. The playout on a competitive field would be:

A + B + C vs. D + E + F

  • A Makes Round 1
  • D Makes Round 2
  • B Makes Round 3
  • E Makes Round 4
  • C Makes Round 5
  • F Makes Round 6
  • ABC Make Round 7 collaboratively
  • DEF Make Round 8 collaboratively

Matches of this type however did not see any footing until February 2013, and so far only 7 have ever been played, with 6 of those actually completing. This variant has not yet been attempted outside of a tournament setting.


Gamebop is credited to being the first to start a match in which more than two people were volleying each other in October 2007, billed as a "Multi-Person Poop Tennis" and featuring 6 people. The players were himself, BMATF, KingCornholio, MVJ52197, plex14 and DrHyliaPimpVDCWII, but the match never progressed beyond a couple of rounds. A revival effort of this match using the original serve and originally featuring himself, dew, TehShadezify, plasticfishtank, JowlHog4 and MycroProcessor has been in process since 2013, and has managed to progress to Round 4 before becoming stagnant.

The playout of a multi-way match works the same way as a standard two person match except with more people, with the round number adjusted to the amount of people playing(# of players x 3). Example:

A vs. B vs. C so 3 players x 3 rounds to each = 9 rounds total.

  • A serves, and also makes rounds 4 and 7
  • B makes Round 2, 5, and 8
  • C makes Round 3, 6, and finishes the match with Round 9.

Three way matches have been the most common(helped by the Three-Way Tournament that occurred in 2010) as well as the longest running, but multi-ways of many different amounts have occurred over YTP Tennis history. The Multi-Way Tournament of 2013-2014 had multi-ways of 6 people all the way through standard matches taking place, and on several occasions throughout 2011-2013 have occurred even 10 ways and 20 ways, few of which have seen completion.

Poop Chains[edit]

Poop Chains are usually endless ongoing matches with no specific order of players in which anyone who wants to volley the next round can do so. The first chain was started by BMATF in 2007 and ended after 51 Rounds, and the second chain was started by ShadowWario/FancySanta in 2008, which ended after 53 rounds. Every subsequent chain is still ongoing at the present time, including the 3rd Chain started by Architect1, the 4th Chain started by TheNeopreneJunebug, which is a specifically Pizza themed chain, the 5th chain started by Gamebop, unlike the other chains Gamebop's chain has no rules so you can feel free to edit anyone's video, and during 2014 the Snully Series is a Unofficial Chain that was started by Kyoobur9000, which beats most other poop chains with a total of 100 rounds which as of today is still ongoing.

There have also been a series of a unique kind of chain called a Pyramid Chain, of which there have been 3 of since 2008 and the 3rd chain is currently ongoing. In a pyramid chain every round is volleyed by two people up to a halfway point, at which every two rounds then becomes volleyed by one person, in which a rotation starting with a single video also ends a single video. Every group of volleying people to a previous round is divided by Tiers, which is represented by letters typically.

Example of layout(numbers marking player spots):








This can also be endless, with multiple rotations in this fashion occurring, starting with the single Round in the last Tier in the next.


  • YTP Tennis is a great way to socialize with other fellow poopers.
  • It can expand your creative horizons, through the use of more materials and the more advanced use of software available, effectively making you a better pooper in the process.
  • It can also open your eyes to anything you could improve on in future poops, again making you better.
  • Most importantly, it can be a lot of fun.

Argued disadvantages[edit]

  • The matches can be draining to make to the point that it can cause poopers block or making a video that does not make you happy.
  • Many people do not like tennis matches due to that many of them are similar to the unknowing eye (as in all rape).
  • People have also tended to assume that "all rape" is how tennis is played and therefore how all tennis matches are, which has been stated more than once throughout the years that this is simply not true.

Tennis Cafe and Cafe Staff[edit]

Welcome to the Tennis Cafe, a place to discuss tennis and have a generally good time.

First Generation(2008)[edit]

RabbitSnore, who was a regular player of poop tennis, opened up the Tennis Cafe in the forums (and also on Planet Freedom) in January 2008. This thread was made to discuss matches past and present, set up future matches between people, including a roster listing people that they want to play or have already played that might including variations of rules, and to have refreshments. It would in time garner a notable reputation of mainly being a spammy thread of tennis staff members and its regulars sharing inside jokes to each other. After 4 months of managing the section on his own, and following the forum switch-over from its Vanilla layout, Rabbit employed the first version of the staff on the evening of May 7th, 2008 to deal with tennis related threads such as moving threads, updating rosters, and hosting tourneys. The staff at this time was made up of 7 members, with Crash2991, NS2, TheHappyFungus, Nuthead, strong414bad, and RAKninja being the new additions at the time, mainly for being the most active posters in the Cafe and having the tightest connections with Rabbit as a result. In time, they would quickly become popularly known as the Tennis Fucks, due to RAKninja's frequent usage of the term to describe his fellow staff.

Second Generation(2008-2010) and Third Generation(2012-2014)[edit]

The fucks have since undergone many changes in its lineup of members, beginning as soon as 5 days later when NS2 would be promoted by majority vote of administration to a Moderator of the site. Gamebop would become the next addition to the Staff in July 2008 originally for the purpose of managing the 2nd Tennis Chain and being able to edit the original post created by ShadowWario/FancySanta, yet continued to retain the position until the forum closed, after a record 10 years and 2 months. Moogle would join next on November 18, 2008 following Nuthead's revoking from the Staff, followed by MycroProcessor who would join by popular demand on February 27th, 2009, essentially acting as the fill-in for Nuthead, and also TheHappyFungus who would become a mod around this same time. DaftPunkYoshi would also be added to the Staff on June 25th, 2009, later becoming a moderator of the forum in order to bridge a social divide between the Tennis Staff and Moderation Staff in August 2011. NS2 would resign and return to being a moderator in April and October 2009 respectively, before resigning permenantly on August 6th, 2010 to return to being a full time Cafe Staff member, although activity wise would be very sparse. RAKninja would publically announce his retirement from the staff and forum on August 4th, 2010, the same day that MrDrunkenFox, then a long time moderator of the forums, would step down and upon personal request be added to the Cafe Staff. Chrisgendo and TheChutley would be jointly added to the staff in December 2010, and AshcrementVII and trepmaws would follow in January 2012 in order to assist Chrisgendo, who up to that point was essentially managing much of the tennis section on his own, during a period where much of the staff had become inactive. Following this period, long time staff members Moogle, NS2, Crash2991, strong414bad would all quietly retire their staff titles following Chrisgendo's public retirement announcement from staff and forum in September 2012. CorruptionSound would be added to fill the void left by Ashcrement's retirement on January 10th, 2014, with theFXexpert later added on June 13th mainly to help the staff with the collab section.

Fourth Generation(2014-2018)[edit]

The proceeding day, a major staff change occurred in which the Janitors and Tennis Cafe Staff were merged into one, thus creating the Cafe Staff, which gained equal control over the entire Youtube Poop section of the forums, a change which by complete anomaly would transition then current Janitor Stuart K. Reilly over to the Cafe Staff, although he would only maintain this position for 2 months and contribute very little. He would however later on develop a signifigant reacquaintance with the staff and tennis regulars, even going as far as to finally produce a series of Youtube Poop News episodes covering many aspects of YTP tennis in early 2015. In May 2015, MrDrunkenFox left the Tennis Staff and rejoined as a Moderator after a hiatus of 5 years, the longest gap of time in-between service of any moderator so far. On May 31st, 2016 TheChutley announced his retirement from the staff and was later replaced by Metroid998. Due to being short-handed by theFXexpert's long absense during this time, LaVie CestLol was also added to the staff. On April 7th, 2018, Trepmaws would step down from his position and was replaced by Biodegradable.

Fifth Generation(2019-present)[edit]

When the forum began to split in two in August 2018, MycroProcessor, CorruptionSound, Biodegradable, Metroid998 and theFXexpert all agreed to migrate over to the more Youtube Poop-focused YTPMania in order to build a new home for the Tennis Section. Gamebop opted not to immediately retain their staff position, effectively stepping down for an indeterminate time with the closing of the forum on September 29th. CorruptionSound and Metroid998 also eventually retired from the active staff after a slow, inactive first year on YTPMania, at a time when many of the new generation coming into the tennis section were very curious about when the next tournament would happen. Eventually, mrdoognoog and VidTens443, two members who were around for the twilight years in tennis on Youchew, together with newer member Nubman41 and YTPMania admin Morshe started the first tournament on the new forum themselves, the Tennis League V and managed to persuade dew to come out of retirement to participate and extend a guiding hand across the new generation of tennisers. With much of the old staff inactive, mrdoognoog, VidTens443 and dew all became promoted to the new wave of Cafe Staff on YTPMania on Oct 6 and Oct 22, 2019 respectively. The Youchew forums returned in a new iteration in 2020, and the staff once again migrated back to its old home, with Metroid998, VidTens443 and mrdoognoog as the active staff members and dew as one of the two admins and leaders of the new site, but still acting as a fuck within the tennis section as well, much in the same way as RabbitSnore and Ing previously. Zekii was knighted as the newest member of the staff on April 6, 2020.

The staff as it stands today is made up of dew, Zekii, VidTens443, mrdoognoog and Metroid998. On the Youchew archive, RabbitSnore remains displayed as a staff member in order to recognize the staff's roots of creation and his contributions to the tennis section overall during his active period on the forum.

It is also regarded that Youchew moderator/administrator Emperor Ing was always considered the "unofficial fuck", while never actually being on the staff itself due to him already being instated with moderator and later administrator powers, but having very in-depth involvement with the staff's activities in the early years to the point where he was considered just as essential. It is because of this that he is recognized as having served the staff in the past by retaining the official service medal and also has a round made in a special multi-way match reserved exclusively for staff members only.

The Poop Tennis Cafe as it stands today now exists on YTPMania and the new YouChew forum, and still retains a fair amount of persistent activity. RabbitSnore upon briefly returning to the Youchew forums in 2013 expressed his complete disbelief that the previous version of the thread continued to persist. Skype and Discord versions of the Cafe have existed, which has at times seemed to subtract from the discussion of the original threads, but the Cafe thread proper remains with a reputation of being more relaxed, controlled, and easy to follow conversation-wise nature, being considered much more refreshing and comfortable.

Users who regular the cafe:

(plenty others. add yourself if you want.)


  • There is an unofficial spin-off of YTP Tennis called "Youtube Poop Soccer."
  • Many people think the best Youtube Poop Tennis match that was ever conceived was the first Youtube Poop Tennis EVAR except a few who consider it to be overrated. The first matchup was the one between Conrad Slater and Misselaineous10.
  • It begins as a normal Youtube Poop (whatever a normal Youtube Poop is in the first place). However, as more and more matches commence, the Poops turn into something that becomes a rape to the mind or something like that unless the poopers decide to use comedy instead. The possibilities are endless as opponents channel their creativity, bouncing off each other's ideas and personalities to create something wholly unique.
  • 17 Site-Sanctioned Competitions have taken place as of 2020, In chronological order: Tennis League I, Tennis League II, Tennis Cup I, Tennis League III, Doubles Cup I, The Windows Movie Master, the Tennis Season, The Grey Tournament, The Three-Way Tournament, Doubles Cup II, Tennis Cup IV, The Triples Cup, the Multi-Way Tournament, the Tennis League IV, the Match Voting Tournament, Doubles Cup III, and Tennis League V.
  • As of April 2020, dew holds the record for most complete tennis matches played at 109. CorruptionSound currently is at 106 and GameBop recently became the third to achieve 100.TheChutley is also currently at 61 and counting. Retired tenniser vvaluigi was the player of the most tennis matches for a number of years with a total of 60, and Chrisgendo and quax, now both retired, at 52. NEVERGONNAGETIT92000 is also speculated to be somewhere within the scope of most tennis matches played, although it is currently uncertain how many he has played exactly.
  • MycroProcessor is the creator of what is currently the longest tennis round ever made.
  • Gamebop is currently the only tennis player to have ever won three tournaments; The Grey Tournament, the Triples Tournament, and the Match Voting Tournament. He holds the highest winning streak with 7 matches in a row, which he has also achieved after winning both tournaments, very nearly beating it the second time.
  • There was a poop tennis game planned, but Electronic Arts prevented it from being made.
  • There exists an anime about the Tennis Cafe Staff.
  • Veteran YTPer GreatBritishTurd holds the record for longest period of time inactive between competitive tennis tournaments, playing in the Tennis Cup I(2008) and not participating in a tournament again until the Tennis Cup IV(2012), which served to be an incredible surprise comeback to tennis as he managed to play all the way to the final match, nearly beating eventual victor CorruptionSound.
  • CaptainStringCheese is actually the best at tennis. Not as good as IceSumo though, no one can surpass him as far as skills go.
    • It has been recorded in legend that IceSumo once played a self-tennis match and reportedly was made to redo a round for not using the right sources and inevitably forfeited the match - to himself. No other tenniser in history has accomplished this feat.
    • IceSumo has been banned from ever joining any tournaments because of his skill level.
  • SuperCoolerman has a record of a self-match lasting over 499 rounds to achieve a goal to make 1,000 rounds.