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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Tennisicon.png CaptainStringCheese is a frequent Poop Tennis player. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
Hiatus.png This pooper is on Hiatus and will not be making poops for the time being.
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"No one likes you, go kill yourself" ~ ThaNuke

In brief

This pooper was "found" when DoomZappo was suspended. He then became friends with him and his career began. He has this obsession with an anime character named Kagami from Lucky Star.

Seriously, he fucking loves her a little too much...


Starting out as a WalrusGuy fanboy, he didn't know what to do. He quickly studied the ways of famous poopers and took note of their style. Then he joined the Cool People and Cool Issues group in Youtube where he met DoomZappo, another pooper. Their friendship began and they continue to make a statement of themselves in th Youtube Poop Community


After DoomZappo was suspended, he tried as much as he could to get it back (though it wasn't him who restored it. DoomZappo filed a counterclaim, thanks to the help of Joethebluedragon). There he became friends with Joethebluedragon, and many other poopers. But, there he met another pooper (if that's what you wanna call him) named rtv190. He is a weird fellow who doesn't know how to mute sound. CaptainStringCheese met him in the "Cool People and Cool Issues Group" stating that anime poops sucked.

CaptainStringCheese gave him a piece of his mind and with that, their rivalry was born. They don't care for each other but they currently don't talk to each other. CaptainStringCheese believes he is the one who suspended DoomZappo, but it wasn't. CaptainStringCheese then started making Youtube Poops and uses Windows Movie Maker. And no, he doesn't sentence mix, he uses very strong effects. You must be wondering to youself how he does this and the answer is TheFXArchive. He uses these effects and the power of Windows Movie Maker XP.

But that's the story he always uses. The real story was that he started in 2008 under another account that shall remain anonymous, for personal reasons. He was shit so he closed his account, then started a new one named Captain fucking StringCheese. And that's how it actually happend goodnight folks.

He now uses Sony Vegas 5, with WAX plug-ins, and everyone was sad because this meant that he had to say goodbye to Windows Movie Maker but he doesn't care about that, so whatever

First poop seen

Dr. Rabbit is Racist by WalrusGuy (Or at least I think...)


This pooper prefers effects, as he thinks it is easier to use. He has made a sentence mixing poop but it was an experiment and he was ashamed of it.


This pooper also does tennis and collabs. If anybody wants to challenge him, he'd be happy to do it since he finds them VERY fun. So go ahead and challenge him, if he has time, and space, he'll accept.

actually not anymore cause he's gay. mad or naaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww

Preferred Sources

He doesn't like picking favorites, but if he has to he would use Disney Channel sources and Billy Mays. He now uses anime as his main source, since he finds it more fun and interesting to use. Mainly using Lucky Star, and Welcome to the NHK as a source. He plans on using others like Gurren Lagann and Angel Beats! in the future

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

This pooper is strictly a WMM pooper (without default effects), but once in a blue moon he will use Vegas

But now he's using Sony Vegas 5, so yeah, sjdwehduesws

rip WMM


  • Annoying fads
  • Sony Vegas 9
  • Lebron James
  • The cold


This pooper receives positive comments on all his videos, though the one in particular that people like is his Billy Mays poop. He has 300 subs, and everyone hates the little faggot. He's been subbed by cool people too

Geibuchan compliments my poops and subbed me. Subbed by a lot of my piers too.

In Real Life

  • In real life he is a nerd who spends most of his time Pooping instead of going on dates like he should (his friends criticize him a lot for this, which is why he bitches about it)
  • Plays a lot of Final Fantasy... A LOT! Just ask him about it and he will respond immediatly.
  • Also plays an MMORPG called Ragnarok Online (look it up), he plays a Filipino server named aeRO
  • Spends a lot of time on YouChew. EVERYONE HATES HIM






Hey, don't blame me!

And this is why I should never use Vegas


Mildred Cyras is really Mannah Minnesota

Your soul is Billy Mays' to take

God damn, the person who sings this song gives me a headache

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Artwork inspired by one of his poops.

Mario Mistakes the 6th gate for the 7th gate Dodging Tornadoes in his Toyota and buys Life Alert

And some other poops. Too lazy to add them all

Other Information

  • I love people
    • is married to BMATF
      • They have hawt sex inside the forum, so everyone can watch
        • Wants to tennis over 100 people
          • Woah... hey... why am I doing this!?
            • Is to young to have an opinion, like PoJ said
              • I have lotsa friends, right? RIGHT?
                • Eggman thinks he is gay. Which is quite alright because he secretly is. In here <3