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Tennis League III

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.

The Tennis League III was a Youtube Poop Tennis Competition organized by Gallers but largely hosted by Terrorist that was started in August 2008, but ultamitely failed shortly therafter due to too many players dropping out. It was intended to be closer in style to that of the Tennis Cup in its voting style with the only major difference being the matches sticking to just 4 rounds, the amount of participants as a result of this were twice the amount of the second league, dividing everyone by four groups.


RAKninja originally suggested for a third tennis League in July 2008 the idea of there being 8 divisions of 4 players that work on teams instead of individually that would play each gameweek, with each team choosing a player to play in each match. The overall win for a team would be decided by best 2 out of 3, which for 4 round matches RAK suspected wouldn't take long at all. He also planned to host it after the Tennis Cup I ended, also suggesting the idea of new awards for the event pertaining to MVPs, best "rookie" players, all-star teams, and so on. strong414bad immediately initiated the idea of an all WMM team, which was echoed by RabbitSnore who initiated the idea of an all-Tennis Fuck team, and enthusiasm on his part became instant. With only an estimated 2 weeks left of the Tennis Cup I (it would end up being at least a month), he figured that it was the perfect time to start getting it organized.

While it is apparent that a thread for this potential version of the League was made according to old posts, the thread itself seems to have not survived. Gallers would at some point reappear, and become irritated that he was never consulted about the idea even though the last three Tennis Tournaments had all been under his helm, and he was the primary organizer of the Leagues specifically. He soon started up the "proper" Tennis League 3, which he described as "None of that team bollocks or owt like that, just individuals going head-to-head in a round-robin format competition". RabbitSnore and RAKninja would not participate in its management or the League itself; as they were at this time becoming frequently offline for long periods. RAK was even at one point withdrawn from the Tennis Staff for a short time due to his inactivity.

The rules remained more or less the same as the two leagues prior, mentioning that it was all to work like the Tennis Cup except for there being only 4 rounds a match. Every first week was to have matches and every 2nd week was to allow for votes. RAKninja's original idea would later see it's full manifestation in the form of the Tennis Season, although in a much more expanded and elaborate form.


This would be the first tournament in which ThaNuke, zacheatscrackers, Erarg, Aesaun, vvaluigi, Rillion, WowComics and RealGenericFilms would all play in and subsequently would all become tournament regulars for a time, for TheWafflemaster this competition would be a one-off appearance, and Intenseowl would sign up as a replacement. Returning from the Tennis Cup as their first were Luioigi, NS2, TheDarkRises, MTB710/Temeku, uncle69er and Terrorist, and of the more seasoned; strong414bad, UncleChuckTH and LightningSpike. Ishkibibl and Nuthead originally returned as well, but then the former dropped out if signups since he and his brother PlasmaFetus planned to be gone for a week and the latter dropped out due to not being in the mood. Cynnico also signed up but left due to unknown circumstances, and at one point Aesaun also thought he would have to drop out until revisiting his situation. Eventually uncle69er and Terrorist would also need replacing. ThaNuke at one point remarked that people were dropping like flies before the game had even started. Eventually when everyone needed was assembled the divisions were drawn thusly:









NutheadElMajestico (replaced by DrKelexo(replaced by Nuthead again))












Uncle69er (replaced by Locodiablogato)




After one day Gallers himself also left from the management due to disenchantment with tennis, leaving it largely in the hands of Terrorist, who would serve also in using his account for the Tournament votes.

Because RabbitSnore himself had not given official approval of the event, initial match threads were kept out of the tournament section by Crash2991, who waited until Rabbit eventually reappeared and gave the okay. He also agreed to help Terrorist later on with management, although under the conditions that he might not be able to do much.


Due to no official record of any of the scores being kept it is currently not possible to calculate the exact outcome of each match. Due to also the rather disorganized nature that the competition took on after the initial signup day it is very likely that no scores were never calculated at all, which would have very well led to the inevitable demise that the competition faced.


The first week fixtures were drawn as the following, starting on the 17th of August:

A: UncleChuckTH vs TheHappyFungus

A: NS2 vs ThaNuke

B: TheDarkRises vs DrKelexo

B: Erarg vs Zacheatscrackers

C: Temeku vs LightningSpike

C: RealGenericFilms vs WowComics

D: TheWaffleMaster vs Uncle69er

D: MaRillion vs Vvaluigi

Of the 28 total matches that were played during the course of this tournament, the loss of various videos have left only about 8 intact, with a total of 6 being actually complete. Half of Temeku vs. Lightning Spike, NS2 vs. The Nuke, RealGenericFilms vs. WowComics and MaRillion vs. vvaluigi remain gone while matches TheWaffleMaster vs. uncle69er and Erarg vs. zacheatscrackers remain unavailable entirely. TheDarkRises vs. DrKelexo, while never completing has DrKelexo's one round unavailable for viewing, making the only fully viewable match of this set UncleChuckTH vs. TheHappyFungus.

The serve of this match was made up of footage from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask featuring the Odolwa boss which highlight maybe phrases like "HEY YOU GUYS" and "Your Momma" that it sounds like it's saying. Round 2 adds in Vince with "Shamwow" and featured a segment that contained no visuals and slowed down audio, which Happy says they "put it in there without thinking of what my competitor was going to do with it. Now that I think of it, I was pretty underhanded." UncleChuckTH would ultamitely end up "cutting it out" save for a very small peice in his Round 3, opting for a more conventional approach and adding in "Nostalgia Critic reviews the Pokemon movie" and The Weird Al show as sources. Round 4 added in more Nostalgia Critic and dedicated a signifigant amount of time to that source alone, while also adding in a Steven Colbert Clip featuring Rush and making a 2112 reference in connection to the recurring "overlayed numbers" concept. The video ended also with a YTPMV largely involving the added footage with a peice of the previous round underneath, and by this round a brief 2-frame long clip at the end of the serve featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi had extended into a several seconds long sequence of extensive layering and editing.

UncleChuckTH vs. TheHappyFungus


While no official date for the start of Week 2 seems to have been put down in an existing place, archive evidence shows that the Gameweek may have begun on August 31st, and the matches were slated thusly:

A: ThaNuke vs UncleChuckTH

A: NS2 vs Luioigi

B: Zacheatscrackers vs TheDarkRises

B: Erarg vs Aesaun

C: WowComics vs Temeku

C: RealGenericFilms vs TerTrorist

D: Vvaluigi vs TheWaffleMaster

D: MaRillion vs Strong414bad

For similar reasons as before, ThaNuke vs. UncleChuckTH, zacheatscrackers vs. TheDarkRises, and Erarg vs. Aesaun are only half intact while RealGenericFilms vs. Terrorist and vvaluigi vs. thewafflemaster are gone entirely. strong414bad would become unavailable to play before this set begun and would be replaced in what became MaRillion vs. Locodiablogado which is now also only half intact. This gameweek along with Week 3 both contain the highest amount of fully complete intact matches, which are only 2 each.

NS2 vs. Luioigi began with a serve made up of a Back to the Future II commercial and footage of Mario Kart 64, with a "Got Milk?" Mario commercial added in Round 2, with an attempt at a YTPMV towards the end that Luioigi seemed unhappy with. NS2 followed this up by adding in footage from an early version of TF2, an unspecificed racing game and Ratchet and Clank towards the end and Luioigi added onto this several different small bits of footage, the most prominant being one of the Scooby Doo cartoons and video of a white parrot that would see a few reappearances in his later work. Not much exchanging of conversation seemed to happen during this match which at the time was rather uncommon, aside from the occasional remark of approval from either side. WowComics vs. Temeku began with a serve that used in Wow's words "The Spanish LOVE animes about british people and/or vampires" which a commenter partially identified as Hellsing Ultamite within the video. Temeku added in Tourettes Guy into his Round 2 which accumulated over 10,000 views as of this writing, bearing a similar effect to his match with Domorato in the Tennis Cup I. Round 3 added in "Harry Batt, breaking the Law" and "Making of IGN Zelda trailer" and was edited much more minimally due to the fact that this was an iMovie vs. Sony Vegas match, while Round 4 added in mostly The O'Reilly factor and featured similarly heavier editing like it's sister Round, with every Round seeming to be delivered some days late.

NS2 vs. Luioigi

WowComics vs. Temeku


The start date for this gameweek appears to have been the 15th of September, with the matches set to be:

A: UncleChuckTH vs NS2

A: TheHappyFungus vs Luioigi

B: TheDarkRises vs Erarg

B: DrKelexo vs Aesaun

C: Temeku vs RealGenericFilms

C: LightningSpike vs Terrorist

D: TheWaffleMaster vs MaRillion

D: Uncle69er vs Strong414bad

For this set, Nuthead returned to replace DrKelexo (who had previously replaced him) while apparently Temeku and Terrorist had both disappeared, leading the two deserted players to be paired in what became LightningSpike vs. RealGenericFilms, a match that failed due to the serve being delivered 3 days before the match deadline. uncle69er and strong414bad were also gone at this time meaning that their proposed match never took place either. TheDarkRises vs. Erarg, thewafflemaster vs. MaRillion and Nuthead vs. Aesaun otherwise remain half complete.

{{#ev:youtube|NuzdordT-Jg|320}}UncleChuckTH vs. NS2, Round 4

The mod vs. mod matchup of UncleChuckTH vs. NS2 began with a serve that used Chuck's signature source of Star Wars: The Clone Wars along with Gurren Lagann, and mentioned that "Knowing NS2, this is going to be an awesome match." Rarenut59 mentioned that he was going to enjoy this match and Mazz called the serve among his favorites of the third week matches already. NS2's response added in a trailer for Batman Forever along with additional anime that was lauded by UncleChuck, who mentioned that the two rounds already show a lot of promise and bringing up the possibility of a longer match in the future which was greatly agreed upon between both players. Round 3 added in more Gurren Lagann, along with the SMB3 episode "Oh Brother!" and Super Mario 64 footage, the lattermost of which was superimposed into a pair of eyes toward the end along with additional previous round bits, a novel editing trick at the time, and Round 4 finished off the match by adding documentary footage of the Nixon-Kennedy debate along with Welcome to the NHK, making both of NS2's rounds the longest of the match. The KEVIN BACON text added in this round is a nod to TangerineImpz, who had done a similar joke in a video around the same time. UncleChuck called it a "truely memorable match" as well as calling it the best he had played in the league so far. This would be the last tournament match for NS2 as of this writing.

{{#ev:youtube|8c8QBfP-HFo|320}}TheHappyFungus vs. Luioigi, Round 1

The serve for TheHappyFungus vs. Luioigi was extremely experimental. A nearly 3 minute video featuring a film called Paranoid Park, the entire first half was edited extremely minimally to the point of almost not being edited at all, with Happy encouraging Luioigi to "feel free to get rid of the intro" as they considered it largely an "inside joke to themselves. Happy also realized after posting it that, according to them, only the second half is useable, though by comparison the two halfs share very little differences in how they were edited. Emperor Ing commented that "I think Luioigi is capable of turning some magic out of the intro, But it IS a long stretch of unedited-ness. The latter half is good, though." Round 2 was roughly a third of the length of the serve and had a very different pace, adding in a number of live action clips but visually keeping to about the same level as the serve, using a small trace amount of the intro mostly in a repetition sense. Happy commented that they "[felt they] cheated (and badly at that)" upon posting their Round 3, which largely added in the "Pinball Wizard" segment from the Tommy film along with an additional action movie towards the end, with Happy mistakingly identifying Elton John in the former source as "Paul Fucking McCartney" when asked about the source. The previous round would be largely edited in breaks in between and feature more of the visual side coming out again, which Luioigi would follow up on in his final round with some additional layering/effects tricks while also adding in Dingo Pictures footage. WowComics called it most likely his favorite match of the league so far while Happy called it "fantastic".

UncleChuckTH vs. NS2

TheHappyFungus vs. Luioigi


This gameweek is estimated to have begun around September 27th, with the following matches drawn:

A: Luioigi vs UncleChuckTH

A: ThaNuke vs TheHappyFungus

B: Aesaun vs TheDarkRises

B: Zacheatscrackers vs DrKelexo

C: Terrorist vs Temeku

C: WowComics vs LightningSpike

D: Strong414bad vs TheWaffleMaster

D: VValuigi vs Uncle69er

Only 6 of the 8 proposed matches were actually started, with Terrorist vs. Temeku being completely nonexistant and with a thread titled vvaluigi vs. ????? being made, as vvaluigi had his serve posted but had no player to respond to. ThaNuke vs. TheHappyFungus also never took place due to the disappearance of the serving player. Aesaun vs. TheDarkRises only managed to get to 2 Rounds due to Aesaun taking too long to respond to his Round 3, with WowComics vs. LightningSpike only making it to the serve as the volleying player became preoccupied. zacheatscrackers vs. Nuthead only made it to two rounds with the serving player failing to return a Round 3, and it was around this time that the League became put to rest due to overwhelming failures of matches, the loss of a vote counter and no definive outline of how a possible conclusion would come across. Only two matches in this set actually completed with Locodiablogado vs. thewafflemaster remaining entirely unintact.

{{#ev:youtube|FooYdPpjfqU|320}}Luioigi vs. UncleChuckTH , Round 4

The other match was Luioigi vs. UncleChuckTH, beginning with a serve using Snagglepuss and Tom and Jerry cartoons that UncleChuckTH took an unusually long time of 11 days responding to, nearly failing this match in addition. Round 2 added in small bits of Meet the Sniper and Robotnik footage while Round 3, delivered only a day later and much shorter by comparison, added in a film with Mr. T. driving a large tank. Round 4 was edited in a much heavier and hypnotic style adding in MGS2 towards the end, bringing the match to a close. This would also be the last tournament match that UncleChuckTH would play in.

The tournament officially shut down at what can presumably be the 19th of October 2008 with UncleChuck putting a lock onto the thread being used for votes, and a month would pass before the follow up tournament, the first Doubles Cup, would be announced, ultimately being a much more successful and much more organized follow-up competition. It would also see a radical shift in the tennis community, with many newcomers coming in to replace old regulars and setting the stage for the next few years of tennis.

Luioigi vs. UncleChuckTH


The following set never actually happened as by this time the League had crashed and burned, and this set is left only as a relic of what could have been under better circumstances.

A: TheHappyFungus vs NS2

A: Luioigi vs ThaNuke

B: DrKelexo vs Erarg

B: Aesaun vs Zacheatscrackers

C: TheLightningSpike vs RealGenericFilms

C: Terrorist vs WowComics

D: Uncle69er vs Marillion

D: Strong414bad vs VvaLuigi

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