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The Three-Way Tournament

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.

The Three-Way Tournament is a YouTube Poop Tennis Tournament hosted by MycroProcessor that began in May 2010 and ceased in activity in February 2011, and is the only tournament still remaining in limbo due to the stagnation of its final match, which is currently still at Round 5. Despite this, it is often hailed now as one of the last great and most prolific tournaments in all of tennis history due to the incredible diversity witnessed between the total players that participated throughout its run and the large amount of memorable matches that rose up out of it, and is also thanks to the efforts of BSP666c one of the most well-preserved tournaments on the forums.. It was however at the time the least publicized tournament on the site, the first in a subsequent series of many to not have an article written about it by the News/Writing Staff.


MycroProcessor had long been fond of three-way matches, and the idea of a tournament being based around them as opposed to two way very much appealed to him for a long time, which would also help him to contribute to the section with a tournament in some way. Talks about its development are estimated to have occurred around early 2010, when the Grey Tournament was entering into its final stages. Gamebop came up with initial suggestion on the setup of the brackets, with RAKninja chipping in the idea of a second bracket for losers that would be implemented into the setup. This was suggested as a way to prevent people from leaving the tournament so early onward, as what would sometimes be the case for some players that wanted to keep playing/players that people hoped would have stayed longer. The voting system would also be developed as an alternative to what Mycro saw as the "black and white polarized nature that other tennis votes had", which he also saw as a necessity for a tournament that featured the additional side.

The tournament in its style was a one of a kind uniqueness for its time, taking the concept of a standard Cup and modifying it to accommodate a third player for each match, making it the first tournament going beyond matches in which the competition went between two even sides. This would also be the first tournament in which there was no limit on how many sources a player could add into their rounds, where in previous tournaments it was often limited to 3. Subsequently after this tournament this would become a standard. Retrospectively Mycro has stated that he made everything in the tournament with the intent of it being "incredibly lax" as opposed to the strictness of the last few tournaments that came before it, which was something that he had a dislike for, leading to certain elements like no limited sources and increased leniency on extensions in almost every possible case.

Along with an odd number of required participants as opposed to an even, this would also be the first tournament that worked under a double elimination system, with an additional bracket of matches added in order to filter out players throughout the tournaments course (Everyone could lose once as a freebie, those who did played in this bracket to keep themselves from losing twice). Only one player would be able to go through this tournament without losing one match.

Voting for this tournament was also an entirely original system, rather than choosing a winner one would divide a 100% vote between three players, giving the highest percentage to the player they believed should advance. Half of the vote was accounted for by a panel of 8 judges made up of 5 Cafe Staff Members, including MycroProcessor himself, Gamebop, Moogle, RAKninja, and DaftPunkYoshi, and 3 regular members including Chrisgendo, AmiralMachin and JakeSteel0121(Chrisgendo would however towards the end of the tournament become a Staff Member himself, alongside TheChutley). The total calculated score for each player was a complex system that involved taking the total number of votes from both public voters and judge voters separately and multiplying it by 100, which would then be the denominator under the total of each percentage score added when multiplied by 100 (a score of .50 became 50, when voted by one person would account for a 50/100 score. if 2 people voted .25, this would become 50/200, and so forth). The two total scores given by the public and the judges under this formula would then be divided (50/200 would become 0.4) and added together, and the resulting number, which rarely ever exceeded the count of 1, would be the score given to the player, and the player with the highest score between the 3 would win the match. The host account used for votes during this tournament would be under the name of Jolteon.


Amongst the seasoned players who originally joined were MycroProcessor, Gamebop, vvaluigi, TheChutley, metroid998, trepmaws, RAKninja, Luioigi, ThaNuke, AmiralMachin and Fiddlesticks411, all having played in the last few tournaments including the Season for most. Magmalord would also join, his first tournament having just been the one previous. DaftPunkYoshi signed up again having previously played and won the Windows Movie Master in mid 2009, and Chrisgendo, wwefan3333, KlausTheWizard and JakeSteel, having first played in the season, would sign up in what would be in their first traditional tournament. Jacktron7000, Futures Passed/RobotComics and XBR4D3NX had all previously played in the first Doubles Cup but had remained mostly independant in the tennis world in the years following, and would make their reemergence here onto the competitive front(SeargentBacon, also from the first Doubles Cup, would make two appearances as a replacement player).

Funacceptable was the first player to sign up for the tournament, and at this time had only played 3 other matches with AmiralMachin, hom96sar and AGSMA throughout early 2010. This tournament would also serve to be the competitive debut of both BSP666c and CorruptionSound, both having already made names for themselves as highly technical and sought after tennisers during this time. Metzgorre came into the tournament as an almost complete unknown, the only other matches he had played at this time were between magmalord and CorruptionSound, which had both been very recent occurrences. IceSumo once hinted toward the possibility via youtube comment that he and CorruptionSound may be brothers, but this notion remains unconfirmed. bunsbuns11, NESfanboi and evilskittlemonster were similarly unknown (though the latter as a YTPer was garnering a significant cult following around the time he joined, and NES at this time had just been banned, making him the first non-member to participate in a site competition) and this tournament would mark the only major tennis appearance by either of them.


Set 1[edit]

Bunsbuns11 vs. CorruptionSound vs. KlausTheWizard/Piodx was an interesting example of a match with a hard hitting player pitted in between two more inclined to the basics. Bunsbuns' style relied heavily on humor-oriented directions and difficulty was found in trying to adapt to the High technical/humor hybrid of CorruptionSounds output and the less technical yet with considerable effort put into response output of KlaustheWizard. Often very little of the previous round was used in Bunsbuns' volleys, though on occasion it was questioned how much of the previous round CorruptionSound used, due to his rounds being of a very high caliber in effects, often clouding where significant pieces of the previous round went either audially or visually. Piodx's replacement round was possibly the only round to rival that, despite being quite short and comparatively low-key to his previous work. The final score for the players was Bunsbuns11: 0.16, CorruptionSound: 1.23, and KlausTheWizard: 0.60, but adjusted to 0.30 when adding penalties, which in turn sent CorruptionSound to the winners bracket and the other two players to bracket 2.

JackTron7000 vs. TheChutley vs. Luioigi was a such match in which the abilities of all 3 players seemed to be pretty well matched, and conceptually the sources used in the rounds were very reflective of what was happening in YTP at the time, with an abundance of manwith10toes videos and music videos being presented throughout as a running concept. TheChutley's Round 2 sneaks in a touhou reference ("YUKA YUKA") which would later manifest itself as the inspiration for much of what would happen in a later tournament match. Luioigi's slow and hypnotic effect-heavy style would be taken notice of for the first time by many new players in this match including TheChutley himself, as his style worked out to be unusually effective. Luioigi turned out to be the surprise winner of the match, beating TheChutley by only .0061 of a point(final score for each was JackTron7000: 0.30 (0.60 without penalties), TheChutley: 0.7481 Luioigi: 0.7542)

Metroid998 vs. Metzgorre vs. Fiddlesticks411 begun as what many would believe to be a pretty normal match, until Metzgorre delivered his first volley. He possessed an incredibly high energy fast style that seemed to tear metroid998's serve apart, starting with a bass heavy noise that to some was terrifying and proceeding to edit and employ visuals of an only-rarely seen calibur at a breckneck speed, adding in an absurd amount of images that were dotted throughout. Metzgorre continued to play like this throughout the match, including an impressive data-bending trick interspersed with an image of Powdered Toast Man in Round 5, and a very strobe heavy round 8 that also very humorously announced the end of the match on his side. What's assumed to be a couple of drawings by him also appear. Fiddlesticks411 having naturally chosen WMM as her editor of choice found very natural difficulty in responding effectively to Metz's amped up style, though she did work to make the best of it, With Round 3's TWENTYS PLENTY becoming a favorite to some. Metroid was able in turn to easily respond to Fiddle's rounds. The final score ended up being Metroid998: 0.52, Metzgorre: 1.09 and Fiddlesticks 0.05, or 0.30 with gained penalties, which made Metzgorre the landslide winner.

Futures Passed vs. evilskittlemonster vs. BSP666c was a match that started the precise minute the 3-Way Tournament began. The first two rounds presented a very basic humor-oriented approach that was to be heavily contrasted by the third round, in which BSP turned out a no-holds-barred product in his trademark high-technical style. The course of the match went naturally, with Futures Passed and evilskittle trying to effectively follow up to the sudden abundance of effects and BSP turning out more of the same. The final score was Futures Passed: 0.55 (0.65 without his one penalty), evilskittlemonster: 0.52, and BSP666c: 0.96, which gave BSP his first match won.

MycroProcessor vs. ChrisGendo vs. JakeSteel was very much a highly anticipated match due to the participants in line, although was the last match to officially start, with Mycro uploading his serve at literally the last minute. ChrisGendo's Round 2 responded nicely and also paid homage to the doubles match of TheChutley/trepmaws vs. MycroProcessor/Gamebop with its end. JakeSteel's Round 3 was a contrasting one; unlike Mycro and Gendo who were using Vegas 5, he was equipped with Adobe Premiere 2.0, in many aspects a highly different editor in its capabilities, and its attempts to match those were difficult, but the rounds still were pretty solid. Especially under the circumstances. Mycro's Round 4 would later serve to be the subject of Puzzle Pieces 6, the 6th part of a set of videos displaying all the pre-rendered parts of his rounds leading up to its final product. This would also be the only round of the match to be uploaded on MycroProcessor, his main account, due to it being highly musical in line with the more well-known videos on it. The round does a humorous callout to the title of JakeSteel's Round 3, JOLTEON IS A DOG(named intentionally to tease Mycro), by countering with MOTOI SAKURABA IS AN ORANGUTAN in Round 4 and providing a long explanation scrolling quite fast at the bottom of the video referring to JakeSteel under the fictionalized name of MotoiSakuraba65(a running joke throughout this match) that went as follows:

"MotoiSakuraba65, you must now understand something SUPER IMPORTANT. This issue has been facing our world for over a decade now. You have classified an Eeveelution as a dog/cat when it is not either of the two. Even worse, you have classified the BEST Eeveelution as one (Jolteon). The issue here is that Eevee evolutions are in no way either of the two despite many peoples attempts to justify categorization of them as just one simply for reason of familiarity. Eevee and its evolutions are all actually foxes primarily. To be more specific the traits of fennec foxes. This should be most obvious with the proportions of the ears of an Eevee or an Eevee evolution to the rest of their head. Similarly, the eye shape generally will most closely resemble a fennec fox. Actually to be proper, "canine" would be the most "correct" due to ambiguity, but NOT dogs. Within the canidae family which does include foxes, any traits from dogs that are observed are in actuality traits of foxes just shared between the two, with the actual origin being from foxes (specifically because of Eevee itself). Now of course, because Eeveelutions aren't even any one "real" animal to begin with and are their own species, this issue of "classification" may seem silly. However, there often are places where it is required that Pokemon be put into categories of the animals that they most closely resemble. Now, how would you feel, MotoiSakuraba65, if someone called you an orangutan just because you shared traits with other species within the Hominidae family? This is why this is a SERIOUS ISSUE that we must address. Have a good day!"

ChrisGendo's Round 5 continued the trend by putting a fake banning documentation in its description: "- Mistook Jolteon's for being dogs - An orangutan - Alt account creation - MotoiSakurabaAlt"

The title of round 6 input "I'M BACK LOOOOOOOOOOOOL" in order to follow this up.

Round 7 was done as an intentionally silly response as evident with the "My Top 3 favorite moments in Round 6" throughout the round, sharing with Round 8 the title of "MotoiSakuraba66 has back problems", with Round 8 having a more atmospheric feel than 7. Round 9 closes the match rather begrudgingly with the title of "MotoiSakuraba66 takes tylenol but IT DOESNT HELP". The matches final score for this would be MycroProcessor: 0.77, ChrisGendo: 0.66, and JakeSteel: 0.57, making MycroProcessor the winner of the match.

wwefan3333 vs. trepmaws vs. NESfanboi was likely the oddest match of the tournament, in addition to very closely mirroring the bunsbuns vs. CorruptionSound vs. Klaus match in terms of the placement/style similarity of each player. wwefan's Serve remains to this day the only video of the tournament without a single like, and not a single round of the match goes longer than 30 seconds. This would be trepmaws' second match with wwefan, having also played him in the Grey Tournament in its first Set, and deliver the very obvious strongest rounds of the match, working well with wwefans source-overlaying methods to his own use. NESfanboi notoriously responded to each round of trep's lightning fast with incredible minimalization, doing little more to each round than overt use of composite layers and deforming effects, at some times making the previous video feel too unedited. trepmaws would ensure victory with the final vote tally of wwefan3333: 0.40, trepmaws: 1.12, and NESfanboi: 0.48.

RAKninja vs. Gamebop vs. magmalord is frequently regarded as one of the best matches in the 3-way Tournaments first Set, as it would be the first and currently only time the first two players would be pitted against each other, with RAK at this time also still being an active Staff Member. His serve, simply entitled HIS BRAIN IS GONE, was the most minimally edited and yet easily became the most popular in terms of view-count of the tournament at that point. It consisted entirely of a single scene of 1960's Star Trek, frequently repeating orchestral cues, Kirk remarking "What Happened?" "What do you mean" "C'mon Bones what's the mystery?" and Bones remarking "No, not like this" "His brain is Gone" "He's WORSE than dead", all to a humorous fashion, easily scoring a hit with older generations of YTPers and tennisers alike. Gamebop's Round 2 responded in considerably the best way a player could respond. It's additions in source were many, but it was not changed in its pace, rather preferring to work curiously with the first round in cooperation with the added footage while editing in Gamebop's highly original style. A skelaton playing a piano with "C'MON BONES" from the previous round overlayed on it was such an example of this, in addition to DK64 gameplay footage added to create "His brain is IN THE REEEDDD CORNERRR". RAKninja's "Worse Worse Worse" would be also turned into a multi-layered segment and the sound effects would also be used in interesting ways, with the ending adding a source that gave the Star Trek scene an interesting twist with its added source, which Gamebop described just as "a commercial for a British News Special". Mycro considered this to be one of his new favorite Rounds.

Magmalord's Round 3 was edited in a similar minimal style and did actually work well in building off of ideas, furthering the "worse" layered segment and the side scrolling video frames, but otherwise didn't introduce anything new, as no sources were added.

RAKninja here would be given a small advantage, as his Round 4, while also edited very minimally succeeded in introducing a lot of new things. This round has been considered as one of RAK's all time best, with particular notion given to its distortion and reverbed audio sections which gave the round an intense and atmospheric feel.

{{#ev:youtube|OvmAfEqEHXM|320}}RAKninja vs. Gamebop vs. magmalord, Round 4

Gamebop's Round 5 was more experimental, switching to the unique idea of chroma keying the entire finished round under an added source, which here was Kukucska. The distorted reverb of the audio was continued here to great effect, giving the round a similar feel to that of RAKs. It was here that magmalord's editing style faced a compromisation, as his Round wasn't able to follow up to the presented ideas as easily and relied mostly now on added sources and a pace driven style.

RAKninja's Round 7 fell back on his more traditional style, with the entire video overlayed with the Transformers G1 cartoon with the previous Round making chroma-keyed appearances in the background, either through a TV screen or through a character's eyes, sometimes even through dialogue (The Autobot's "ERRRRRRRERRRERRRR" while attempting to communicate with a bird). Rounds 8 and 9 opted for a more conventional approach in order to end the match properly, though it was clear the Gamebop edited the most competently. The final score would be RAKNinja: 0.60, or 0.70 without a penalty(he would remark that this was his first ever), Gamebop: 0.92, and Magmalord: 0.38, which at this point meant that Gamebop remained undefeated with 6 won matches in a row, ahead of DaftPunkYoshi by one, who would also win his match of this Set.

ThaNuke vs. Funnacceptable vs. XBR4D3NX, a match in which all except the middle player were veterans of an older tournament, would prove to in fact actually be the springboard for an unprecented run for an entirely different player. TheNuke's serve would turn out to be the last tennis video he would ever make, since he would soon drop out and also become banned for malicious behavior in cahoots with a few others, but it was noted for its 2008 feel in its use of seemingly juvenile source material edited with WMM. Funnaceptable's Round 2 worked with the previous round with his trademark erosion-like slow style adding in composite slowed down sources and imploying background music for much of the rounds duration, which drew comparison to that of seargentbacon's style and was praised for its complete uniqueness. XBR4D3NX's response was equally unique, featuring an updated version of his old style now with more emphasis on effects and atmosphere that clashed drastically in pace with Funnacceptable's, with the highlight of the round to some being the section that employed footage of an old-time jazz performance. XBR4D3NX was at this point already at a disadvantage though as he had already garnered a late penalty.

It was here that Moogle would make his official entrance as the replacement for ThaNuke, responding with a Round 4 through a relatively unknown alt account of his that had its primary focus on the jazz section of the previous video, adding a lot of touhou footage and editing the round with effects that for Moogle seemed relatively uncanon at the time, but it would quickly become his signature style throughout the tournament. Funacceptable's Round 5 worked in his same style as before but at this point seemed much more minimal than before, seeming to detract more than it added. XBR4D3NX however continued to present interestingly with Round 6, with such tricks such as masking "WHATS UP YO" and "HELLO AGAIN!!!!" out of the previous round and working in more layer tricks/color alterations and unconventional addition of music. Moogle's Round 7 was comparatively minimal yet humorous, adding in a silly video of a concert being performed in a foreign language for much of the video. Round 8 started with the startling addition of several heads all belonging to Ms. Krabappel on top of the sprite added by Moogle previously and proceeding to once again overly a lot of composited footage to give the round a very surreal atmosphere, but Funnaccceptable had the misfortune of delivering this late. Round 9 delivered a fitting and eccentric ending to the match with the masked "IM RUNNIN OUTTA IDEAS" on top of an interesting visual display coupled with a large amount of added simpsons footage and the text "I cannot think no' mo', the end" appearing in rhythm with a piano song in the background, supposedly all made whilst XBR3D4NX was under a sickness. Many people were very split as to who to vote for in this match and some considered the match to be their favorite as of that point. The final results however were entirely unexpected; Funnaceptable was the clear winner by raw score with 0.77, followed behind by Moogle with 0.66 and XBR4D3NX with 0.58, because of penalties recieved by both the first and third, their score had declined to 0.57 for Funn and 0.38 for BR4D3N, making Moogle the winner of the match solely due to escaping penalty free.

AmiralMachin vs. vvaluigi vs. DaftPunkYoshi consisted of all veteran players that supposedly played on the lower spectrum of the technical scale, at least on a Sony Vegas aspect, but for a WMM aspect DaftPunk was in fact a high technical player. The Serve was made up mostly french sources which provided vvaluigi with much to build upon and he was able to respond very quickly, in a style much similar to Amiral's. DaftPunkYoshi's Round 3 would simultaneously kick the match up a notch and edit in style that complimented that of the previous two rounds quite well, making himself already to be the dominant player of the match, a rarity in the case of a WMM user versus two users of Vegas. Round 4 would largely introduce a hallmark source made famous by the first generation of the Tennis Staff, The ninja Z-Movies of Godfrey Ho, particularly an iconic collection of scenes between the two main characters in an office ("WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR STUFF", "IT WAS TORCHED", "BURNED?? WHO DIDDIT?", "PROBABLY THAT RENEGADE COP AND THE NINJAS", "FUCK"). In addition to its added source much of the round seemed to be a direct parody of RAKninja's editing style, chroma keying much of the previous round under what was added and editing comparatively minimally. vvaluigi responded to this by using WMM on his own end with Round 5 to continue the pace, which was furthered by DPY's Round 6, which again utilized much technical proficiency. Amiral and vvaluigi would both respond with more conventional rounds with rounds 7 and 8, both using Vegas again, and DPY would close off the match in a stylistic note by overdubbing a speech by Chuck Roberts talking about the birth of House music over much of the video, still keeping effective in its editing. The final scores for the match would be AmiralMachin: 0.45, vvaluigi: 0.64, and DaftPunkYoshi: 0.91, which would continue the winning streak DPY had accumulated previous from the Windows Movie Master, of which he was the winner.

bunsbuns11 vs. CorruptionSound vs. KlausTheWizard

JackTron7000 vs. TheChutley vs. Luioigi

Metroid998 vs. Metzgorrre vs. Fiddlesticks411

FuturesPassed vs. evilskittlemonster vs. BSP666c

MycroProcessor vs. ChrisGendo vs. JakeSteel

wwefan3333 vs. trepmaws vs. NESfanboi

RAKninja vs. Gamebop vs. magmalord

ThaNuke/Moogle vs. Funnacceptable vs. XBR4D3NX

AmiralMachin vs. vvaluigi vs. DaftPunkYoshi

Set 2[edit]

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Anticipation became immediately high upon the announcement of Gamebop vs. BSP666c vs. MycroProcessor for the Tournament's second lineups, as this was a combination that tennis players would only have dreamed of witnessing due to the very obvious prediction of a visual spectacle from all three sides. Gamebop delivered upon this with a monumental serve, titled "Seconds Anyone?" due to its inclusion of 33 Round 2s from 33 different matches spanning the entire scope of YTP Tennis as of that time, stretching all the way back to the first Tennis match ever played, conradslater vs. Miss10, all the way up to as recent as the JackTron7000 vs. TheChutley vs. Luioigi match of the tournament's first set. MycroProcessor appears the most frequently in this match with 4 different Rounds, with Gamebop himself having 3, while also being apart of the most matches the rounds were taken from.

BSP's Round 2 had an intense amount of energy and technicality that greatly shifted the pace in the match, but suffered from being too technical, as only faint traces of the previous round could be seen in its finished form, although it attempted to follow up the concept by introducing a Round from Mycro and Gamebop's second match and a Round from Mycro's match with McMANGOS. All three of the player's current avatars are also used, which can barely be seen about 5 seconds into the video. It was also here that he would introduce the first part of an ongoing story that would continue throughout the match in the video description:

"On the 30th September 2311 Splentoen advanced to a new Joltoen timing from the "3"rd wave to the "-7"th wave"

Round 3 was primarily made up a large musical segment constructed around the use of the last PING sound to be heard in BSP's Round 2, displaying a very unique visual display of layers. With little substantial material to get out of the previous round, save for one layer segment that Mycro would very smartly continue, much of the previous round was mostly sped up and spun on composite layers that made up the background of the YTPMV segment, while additional pieces became additional instruments, the ending being the mostly unedited leftover peice. According to Mycro this was at the time one of his most rushed rounds he had ever created, with a lot of planned ideas ending up unfinished. The continuation of the story went:

"One day there was a Jolteon sleeping inside of a Riven dome, but then someone noticed that for some reason he thought he was a human, even though he didn't actually think that, so they shunned him and didn't allow him to link back to Myst by throwing the linking book down the fissure. Then some random person found it and met Sirrus and Achhhhhhhhhhhh. Never mind this story is stupid and a failed metaphor."

Round 4 continued further the layer segment in much the same way and responded with a longer and even more elaborate YTPMV segment, all while keeping the previous round clearly visible and coming up with very clever editing ideas. The speeding up of the layered segment was also continued similarly in addition to rhythmically, ending on an FM remix of the Chrome Gadget Zone theme from Sonic 3 and picture of Jolteon from a book that MycroProcessor at the time had just gotten, which he found to be an incredibly funny coincidence. The story continued with:

"Without access to a linking book, the Jolteon decided to return to Myst by truck instead"

Round 5 once again was an incredible tour-de-force in effects and pace but it was criticized for seemingly clouding up the entirety of Round 4 under a sea of colors(it can be seen briefly in the beginning and end, with 2 seconds in the middle), which technically made it BSP's weakest Round on his side. He had also at this time encountered a serious computer problem which prevented him from being able to respond within the normal time allotment, and after a number of extensions was able to finally release it, although different than what he had intended. It is because of this that there are two YTPMV segments that were made but only one was used, with the unused one being much more elaborate visually and musically. The melody of this one would later be recycled and used in Round 5 of BSP vs. KonXIII, with a slightly altered bridge from the original. The YTPMV segment used in round was much more basic yet busy visually, being more similar in composition to Gamebop's song from the previous round. The story continued with:

"The vehicle travelled across Myst #135 to find the requested book instead, but ended up at Riven #531"

Round 6 was much slower round that once again edited much of the previous round in mostly comparatively minimal ways(though maintained a layout that gave it a distinguished look), featuring a lot of source addition involving Myst/Riven numerals and footage from PokePark Wii, mostly the Glaceon/Jolteon cutscenes. The story continued with:

"The Jolteon was driving his truck through the star fissure once again, and wound up on some island off of the coast of Australia shaped like a guitar."

At this point in time Gamebop's computer would suddenly malfunction to the point of no return, rendering him unable to make his Round 7. To keep the match running he would employ superkoffee as his substitute for his last Round, which would mark koffee's official debut appearance into the tournament, later to become a key figure of the next set. His highly unconventional style would be put to great use here as many were the uses of unusual yet spectacular visual effects in addition to his trademark brand of humor, as shown by the brief WarioWare style mini-game snippet in which a Jolteon had to JUMP! (By pressing "A") to dodge a blue barrel coming at them. In a barrage of sound effects dotted through including the endless repetition of the Jolteon sounds from Rounds, the Round came to an abrupt halt featuring the reprise of the song snippet "SAY GOODBYE WITH A SMILEYYY" which koffee had used as early as his first tennis match against HozKinzPooP. He also took the story in an interesting direction:

"It was the very worst kind of stain. The stain that never came out... A soul stain! Jolteon pulled out his big, fat, slimer, Covered in Good Goo, pokemon! He cradled it in one hand, It was chafed from pumping :( ... Den, she took dat big, fat Mandinga All da way down. 'till it ain't none left ... no shaft ... just face, and crotch. And for once, all was peaceful in Sexual Torture Guitar Island ... For the time-being!"

Gamebop would later gain in his possession a new computer with a new hard drive while still keeping the old drive and be able to continue playing just as regularly as before. Three years later, he had managed to get the original computer to work again and came upon the realization that everything was still intact right up to when he was supposed to make the original Round 7, with all the original pieces still intact. At this same time the lineup of Gamebop vs. MycroProcessor vs. BSP666c had just been announced for the Multi-Way Tennis Tournament created by dewmann which was happening at this time. Seizing the opportunity, Gamebop finished the original Round 7 and it became the serve for this match, continuing in a sub-canon direction of the previous match and integrating many of the old ideas and concepts from then also. This version of the match, while technically still progressing from Round 1 to 9 is simultaneously considered to be Rounds 7-15 of this match.

Round 8, while still a technically heavy round, was much more savvy in its delivery, with a pace much slower than that of previously. It along with Round 9 shared the title of "Linking book for Jolteon {/-\} The Green Blues {\-/} Morning #135", likely in reference with Round 9 to being very minimally edited with the exception of a WAX-cubed YTPMV segment on top of the main of the previous rounds workings, which brought the match to a proper close. Round 8 and 9 finished off the story with:

"Superkoffee skipped the previous linking Jolteon, thus resulted to leap frog the Myst plains."

"Everyone had a bunch of Linking BOOKS and then they used them at the same time and found Jolteon. AND THEN JOLTEON WAS HAPPY THE END"

The final scores for this match were Gamebop: 0.86, BSP666c: 0.41, and MycroProcessor: 0.73, giving Gamebop his 7th consecutive win; a record which to this day remains unsurpassed.

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This article is about a notable YouTube Poop Tennis match.

Luioigi vs. trepmaws vs. Moogle began with a serve made up mostly of Tom and Jerry and Dragonball Z, suggesting a mostly slow pace to be continued. trepmaws naturally countered this notion though with a Round 2 that greatly increased the pace and added onto both sides of Luiogi's introduced sources, with Bugs Bunny and Droopy Dog cartoons added onto Tom and Jerry and Higurashi added onto Dragonball Z, giving the match currently two distinct identities. This would also be trepmaws's first Round in this tournament over 30 seconds long, as in his words, this particular match "was for Jumbo Puffs". The "YUKA YUKA" from TheChutley's Round 2 with JackTron and Luioigi would also make it's reappearance Moogle would continue in Round 3 his unusually new approach with added effects by furthering the anime source addition with a majority of suggestively-learning footage, furthered in its absurdness by a cartoon-like expanding eye effect that later disappeared to reveal more of the round within the eyes of the character in focus. trepmaws's "KUK" was naturally expanded upon with the uttering of "Gigantic cock..."(in which Kukori would appear immediately following) and the forced speaking of "cock" from just about every other source. "YUKA YUKA" would now be expanded upon with "Yuyuko Yuyuko" ("Why not Yuyuko trep?") and "Yukari Yukari" ("or even Yukari?") using a miniscule bit of Norm Augustinus to create the "-ri", before going quite unexpectedly into "YuKUK" with "WOW A REAL PUSSY" being heard in the background of the section following.

Luioigi, in what was his second match involving Moogle, volleyed with Round 4 in a way that echoed that of his previous match with him. "Gigantic Cock" translated over to a cartoon of a chicken the size of a skyscraper, with the expanding eye effect being interestingly dupicated. This would also incorporate the use of the Dingo Pictures "dinosaur" film years before it would be a major internet cult sensation, spawning an unusual fad, along with Dingo Pictures' take on Aladdin, long a regular source of his. The solo frame moving slowly in the beginning of Moogle's round 3 would be added onto with 'Aladin' riding a magic carpet at the end, with the "huhuhu" from the original dragonball Z source now starting to appear as the coda for each video in different alterations.

Round 5 pays homage to Aesaun's YTPMV segment in Round 5 of his doubles match with AjaxCubed vs. XBR4D3NX and Erarg by 'covering' it using the "huhuhu" from earlier in the match, and furthered the wandering frame section by adding Foghorn Leghorn and McLeach from The Rescuers Down Under on top of the already existing material. The rest of the round continued his fast style to great effect, also continuing with "Fix his little Red KUK".

DanielRadcliffe777 once commented on Moogle's Round 6 about the beginning section involving the Round being seen through the TV of an obscure cartoon character as the most original thing that he had seen in a very long time. This Round focused mostly on the more edited parts of the Round previous, continuing the wandering frame bit with several added touhou images, including a very muscularly laden anime female. A humorous manga/hentai panel of a character remarking "now my armpits are going to smell like dick" was replicated again at the end of the round in which the isolated talk bubble was overlayed on McLeach, continuing Moogle's suggestive humor additions involving that of the previous sources, which in this match were being looked at as being entertaining in addition to being creative by some spectators. The end of this Round was of Moogle's most effect-laden at the time.

The wandering frame bit of Round 7 now included the Three Callaberos, several toasters and two realistic looking Bowsers, along with Nu Pagodi, another trademark source of Luiogi's. While substantially less humorous, the Round worked with Moogle's Round 6 fantastically, the best edits being done with the added source, continuing the TV masking tricks and working with surrounding elements of the cartoon itself. His trademark ambience also worked well to end the match on his side, ending his Round with another coda mimicking the pattern of his previous one.

trepmaws's Round 8 is considered today to be a definitive Round of his in relation to his current style. With its addition of much touhou material and further addition of old cartoons( now "A tale of Two Kitties", historically the first Tweety Bird cartoon) and adding all of these onto the wandering frame segment, this Round seemed to cement that he was the strongest player in the match by a good margin in the eyes of some. The description pointed out that it was at the point in the match where much everything had transformed into "tye-dye vomit", with seargentbacon humorously pointing out by the segment at 0:22 of the video that there actually was tye-dye vomit in the round. Possibly the round's best highlight is the reprise of the Droopy cartoon originally added in Round 2, with every bunny appearing in Spike the Dog's hand being overlayed/cookie cutted so the Round appears in place of it, building up nicely to the Rounds' chaotic and energetic ending. The coda is also continued much similarly.

The Last Round put the entire wandering frame segment up to that point within a giant cube, overlaying it with 36 layers worth of Touhou sprites and images, then launching into the rest of the Round, building upon the face-slapping clips from Round 8 and the addition of more of his trademark humor, part of which involved the inclusion of a humorous Eevee flash cartoon in homage to the Tournament's host. Another segment was cookie cutted to form the word "FUCK" much in the style of XBR4D3NX, with the round ending on a picture collage of every major character to appear throughout the matches 9 Rounds. The coda reprised his original question: "So why not Yuyuko trep?" while using a picture of Yuyuko with overdubbed touhou music. trepmaws would respond in the videos comments with "Because I gravitate toward sadistic anime girls with green hair, I dunno. And Yuyuko never gave back those PS2 games I let her borrow when her Dreamcast broke."

The final raw score potentially gave the win to trepaws with Luioigi at 0.53, trepmaws at 0.79 and Moogle at 0.68, but because trepmaws had accumulated 2 late penalties for Round 8 his score was therefore adjusted to 0.59. Moogle would once again win the match solely due to penalties of the other players.

DaftPunkYoshi would now be pitted against both the tournament's resident German tennisers,CorruptionSound and Metzgorre, both of which had a noticeable reputation at this time for being highly proficient at vegas, which would ultimately test the abilities of DaftPunkYoshi, still playing valiantly with Windows Movie Maker. He delivered a competent serve featuring footage from a Ninja fighting game, featuring many effects that seemed more common in vegas than they were in Movie Maker, which was already setting a grand stage. CorruptionSound delivered his Round 2, albeit late, very much a visual tour-de-force like that of BSP's own match, while also making humorous source additions particularly with Krusty the Clown and the POAGN towards the end of the video. Metzgorre's Round 3 continued upon his unprecedented insanity presented in his previous match, making no large effort to completely tear away at CorruptionSound's volley with an atmosphere that was a combination of both intense and on occasion fall-over-laughing funny due to its many absurdities. One of which was the matches close to end gag involving various sections of the round racing ever so slowly towards a finish line, with the last clip of the POAGN continuously falling over repetitively trying to cross but never succeeding. A particular segment involving the continuous morphing of one celeberty's face into another was repeatedly questioned due to some people thinking this was an effect.

DaftPunkYoshi was now faced with probably one of the most challenging rounds of his career especially for one in his particular position. His response to it was however, a stunningly great one, as he made use of several custom transitions and effects not previously seen in his work before, managing to effectively counter the nightmarish mess of his opponent before him in his own unique way. CorruptionSound responded again late with Round 5, very apparently now seeming to be lackluster in presentation in comparison to his two fellow players. Notable for this round though is the addition of Mr. T. in the end announcing that "THE PROCEEDING WAS A PAID PRESENTATION FOR THE FLAVOR-WAVE TURBO! Brought to you by Thane-Direct!", at which point DanielRadcliffe777 claimed to have "fucking lost it" while watching the video. (Edit: We have it on proper authority that the preceding statement is a false statement and that DanielRadcliffe777, though he has acknowledged the round, has actually never laid eyes on aforementioned round.)

Metzgorre's Round 6 responds to this ending segment immediately in its introduction, using audio from the Eat Your Skin trailer to create "THE PROC-men become animalss...(bbeccommee aanniimmaall) I DRINK YOUR BLOOD" which ended perfectly upon Mr. T's smug grin. What followed was quite possibly the most bone-chilling round Metzgorre would ever create.

{{#ev:youtube|qHbvVcmFfoI|320}}DaftPunkYoshi vs. CorruptionSound vs. Metzgorrre, Round 6

Beginning with a dark and distorted sound that instantaneously took on a more mind-bending form and later a thunderous and terrifying drone echoing that of the THX logo, his uses of multiple 3D layers and After Effects reached a climax of astounding proportions in this video, complementing perfectly its deeply disturbing atmosphere. The repeated movement of multiple bended 3D layers of Mr. T. is probably the videos most recognizable feature, also notable for its rather abrupt inclusion of several bits of absurd footage edited at a rapid rate. While the video was noticeably shorter, it was easily one of the stronger rounds of the match for continuing and by far enhancing its feel.

DaftPunkYoshi once again went all out in what would turn out to be his last tennis Round that he would edit in WMM with Round 7. Taking the intro piece and creating "I AM BLOOD", he once again proved his strength with an editor that had been repeatedly criticized at the time for not being good at making YTPs at all in the minds of many younger people within the community. Subsequently after this round though, all of his videos including that of his tennis would be edited with Premiere Elements, his new editor of choice, signifying in many respects the end of an era.

Much of this round would be unrecognizable in CorruptionSound's Round 8, with the almost blunt title of "sexual shitting". Th detraction in atmosphere in addition to the majority of added footage that would be featured throughout failed to make much of an impression, although its notable that a number of pieces of this round was also made in WMM as way to counter of that of DPY's Round more interestingly.

Metzgorre's Last Round would be definitive finale of finales, with the first 23 seconds being an absolute scream of energy and terror opposite that of humor as evident in his addition of Reverend Burn, considered to be the predecessor of the later more-famous Joe Ligotti aka The Guy From Boston. The following was an almost AMV like collage of obscure black and white sources chroma keyed on top of the destructive soup of the previous round, with one only have some recognizable features being that Batman is evidently present in it. The following imagery contained what looked to be Kieth Richards's head pasted onto a primitive model of a women's body, with Conan O'brien appearing from off-screen with two laser-guns appearing in his hands, the interpretation of this still completely unknown to this day by anyone with the possible exception of those who knew him personally. The Round's coda was also extraneously bizarre, featuring pillars of unknown images/snapshots while a butchered version of a song from the PBS kids channel plays on top of it before becoming incredibly loud and the video strobed, ending with a sign/logo for a "Mattress Ranch", supposedly located in Anchorage and Wasilla, AK.

The final score for the match would be DaftPunkYoshi: 0.51, CorruptionSound: 0.61 (0.71 without penalties), and Metzgorre: 0.79, making Metzgorre once again the matches winner, although by a relatively smaller margin than before. With this win, the remaining players of the winners tier were now in place for a showdown to occur in the following set.

In the second bracket, Fiddlesticks411 would see herself out of the tournament due to personal-related matters, and would as such be replaced in what would become the match NESfanboi vs. KlausTheWizard vs. ifhgsfj. All three of them seemed to edit very rudimentarily with vegas, although considering NES and Klaus had been around for some time compared to ifhgsfj(believed to be pronounced "iff-hige-sfudge", though he has since changed his name to the more legible Total Mass Retain) they could potentially be seen as somewhat more experienced. NES delivered the serve showing a very Funnacceptable-like style interspersed with more out-of-the-ordinary bits including a reference to two fads going on at the time (REV UP THOSE FRYERS and Stu Making Chocolate Pudding) in addition to using a snippet from ilovemadnesscombats infamous YTPMV "Achmed's Bombing Job was Rushed" with a picture of Robotnik in a speedo, which served as the rounds ending. KlausTheWizard's Round 2 was edited rather disorganizingly but served in this circumstance to be a competent response, despite much of the video being overlayed with Spongebob as an added source. Round 3 further added voice clips from TF2 (POOT DISPENSER HERE with the Robotnik Image) and a large amount of overlayed text/images while only barely editing much of the previous round and flow-wise becoming inconsistent. After returning from a week-long trip in Virginia NESfanboi delivered Round 4, notorious in the fact that for over half the video all that is seen is a pair of dancing bananas overlayed onto a strobing background. Much of the match continued in this same way throughout with Klaus continuing to be the player that people considered to be the best in the match, although in his Round 8 he was late but didn't request an extension, saying that he was falling behind by his own fault. Because of this even though in the final scores he won the match with 0.90 to NESfanboi's 0.85 and ifhgsfj's 0.25, it would become bumped down to 0.70 and NESfanboi would as a result become the match's unexpected winner.

Funnacceptable vs. SeargentBacon vs. RAKninja would be an almost entirely slow-paced match beginning with a serve that featured Obama as its main source, which would become an element that would in part bookend the match conceptually. It was overall very strong and spacial and introduced many curious ideas that could be taken in many directions, with David Feiss's Cheetos commercials adding a touch of humor with it. RAKninja was critical of it in the aspect that he found "most of the sources repugnant" but commended the round overall saying that despite the sources he couldn't fault his technique. Becoming the replacement for Bunsbuns11, SergeantBacon's volley would bear a strong resemblance to Kurkop in that it's introduction featured a "layout" of 3D composite layers set to form a shape, with other bits of the previous round chroma-keyed inside of it. A distinct feature of this round would be the addition of The Wand of Gamelon in which the previous round would be used to almost perfectly replicate Impa's Triforce in terms of movement and size, transitioning into a brief YTPMV segment. DaftPunkYoshi commended this round on it's creativity while RAKninja said that it was reminiscent of the type of round he would want to make without any additional software or plugins. He also stated that his Round 3 was now going to be entirely different from planned and that as a change in strategy he would opt for something in his more traditional style in replace of it.

Naturally as it would turn out Round 3 was exactly that. Much of the video was dominated once again by a Ninja film with the previous round mostly appearing chroma keyed in the background, though the atmosphere that he had used expertly in his previous match was still eminent, with audio from another source echoing within the mix. This would however provide an excellent springboard for Funnacceptable, who would use this simpler approach to his advantage in his Round 4, which utilized the Ninja source greatly throughout. The atmosphere would also be greatly increased with the addition of more chroma keyed and composited sources (this time seeming to deliberately be more similar to the preference of RAK, as much of it was WWE material) in what was overall an incredibly fitting continuation of ideas. SergeantBacon's Round 5 would seem to largely be a restatement of his round 2 as its beginning and a few sections would largely be made up of it, which was more a detraction than a continuation by this time. Though it suffered from a bad framerate in places, there were parts in which the previous round was used particularly well, such as a point which the first bit of the ninja source is duplicated in multiple simultaneous frames. Much of what followed was mostly surface edits under a picture of Bill Murray with audio/text of an automated phone service message being played, ending with "Fuck I'm Out of Ideas" being drawn onto the last section, a sign that Bacon's endurance had begun to wane.

Round 6 spared no time in continuing with the approach of previously, though the previous round would be considerably edited more than before this time around for the first half of the video, while also adding in Macho Man footage as well as CDI, which was a somewhat less common choice fo RAK. The second half of the video was zoomed in onto Bill Murray's head while a version of the Wheel Gator theme played throughout. The round that followed it was one of Funnacceptable's strongest, beginning with having Bill Murray turning into Spike Mandrill (a common humorous antagonization with Wheel Gator made famous on the forum) while then proceeding into a barrage of color alterations and composite layering and effects that were described by BSP as "Over 2 minutes of pure colour and ear rape". Several Mega Man songs mashed together also served as the songs backing music throughout which made the round an incredible thing to experience. JakeSteel and RAKninja himself reacted very positively to it. SergeantBacon's Round 8 essentially saw him giving the match up as the round time had been reduced drastically by over two minutes and much of the Round had been distorted to a point beyond recognition, overlayered by the "Stu Making Chocolate Pudding Scene" from Rugrats as a reference to the ongoing fad involving that source from around that time.

By the time of RAKninja's Round 9 a major shift in overall forum management had begun to take place, with RabbitSnore and TINS reclining from their overall management input, three new moderators coming in and one (TheHappyFungus) retiring, and Dopply becoming an increasing force in the administration staff, which manifested into a management combination that RAK had much disagreement with. This would culminate into him resigning from the Tennis Staff and leaving the forum for presumably indefinitely, which to the Tennis community was considered a definite loss, since he had long been considered as the de facto Leader of the Tennis Fucks and one of the most respectable. Crash2991 would describe his leave as him "only returning to the cosmos to go back to where he belongs. He now watches over us from afar, placing his faith in us so that we can make a brighter future."

Within the week before Rabbit and TINS would officially step down, he would silently deliver his Round 9 which largely featured video of Bill Clinton giving his last speech as president, in which the previous round was chroma keyed in his eyes and also featured an unusual layering effect that was at first mistaken for WAX. He would continue to make videos although at a much slower pace than before, and would not return to the tennis section again for a year. The final score for the match would be Funnacceptable winning the match with 0.83, and SergeantBacon with 0.75 and RAKninja with 0.42, although because of many late penalties this would be adjusted to 0.02.

JakeSteel vs. AmiralMachin vs. evilskittlemonster gave JakeSteel the benefit of being able to serve which he was able to do very strongly. It featured a rather quiet but musically well-done YTPMV at the beginning before launching into the editing of a series of hard rock/metal concerts, which were a trademark source of his in his solo videos, of which at this time he had immense popularity for. AmiralMachin however at this point was beginning to scale back from tennis noticably in his interest of it, as Round 2 was largely edited very little and focusing more on the added footage, which seemed to be yet another imitation of RAKninja's style in that it was the same brand of ninja source as before.

Round 3 edited the previous round better and also set up for the anticipated response well by its addition of Shakugan No Shana and Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which were also signature sources of JakeSteel's. Round 4 would seize these sources head on and also introduce the most signature source of the match in the form of Team Fortress 2, particularly Meet the Spy, at the time the most recent Meet the Team video that had been released thus far. Round 5 continued to show AmiralMachin's growing apathy as only about a quarter of the video was dedicated to editing the previous round while the rest of it was dedicated to added source, one a webcam oriented video and the other being Fritz the Cat. Round 6 would add little else than a small bit of The Colbert Report and overall struggle to keep up with the pace of match, though succeeding in volleying more substantially than Amiral was. JakeSteel finished the match off on his end just as strong as before, editing with a number of unique effects and adding in more TF2 footage, which seemed to cement his place in the match.

AmiralMachin's Round 8 was reportedly only about 10 seconds long and when originally posted evilskittlemonster demanded that he make it longer else he wouldn't bother volleying it, but by a certain point the video was deleted and AmiralMachin has never made an appearance in the tennis section since then. evilskittlemonster is apparently the only person who managed to save this video to be able to make his Round 9 (which in appearance only really looks more like a volley of Round 7) but it remains of little certainty to if he still has the video saved now. Because of this, the Round 8 remains the only video of the Tournament that has not been found yet.

The final score for this match was JakeSteel: 1.21, Amiral: 0.17 (with 1 penalty for Round 8 making it 0.07) and ESM: 0.62, which moved JakeSteel onward and formerly dismissed the other two players.

FuturesPassed vs. TheChutley vs. vvaluigi has been discussed as being one of the Tournament's most cooperative matches, and one of two that happened within the same set that shared and continued the same concept and exchange of ideas throughout. FuturesPassed's serve set the tone that was to carry on, using entirely Mass Effect 2 sources that at most was majorly made up of sentence mixing and other minimal editing. TheChutley's response to this worked well with all of these bits by mainly adding in Footage of Commander Shepherd himself, used in a way to respond to dialogue from the previous round in humorous ways("YOU TALK TOO MUCH", "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR DISINGENUOUS ASSERTIONS", "MY OPINION IS THE ONE THAT MATTERS"). He would also introducing a bit of his more technical side into the match to add a bit of spice and overall keep his end up on a pace-based level. vvaluigi would echo this in his own Round 3 by the addition of more Shepherd footage and juxtaposition of many of the main clips from Round 2, making his response just as effective as the two players before him. Round 4 would introduce "YOUR JUST IN TIME TO WITNESS MY CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT" in addition to a lot of other added footage but still served to volley the important parts of the match well. Round 5 would introduce "WANNA DANCE" and continue TheChutley's additions of both added footage and added effect edits, at one point adding the endless duplication of "NO" accentuated by unsharped pixelation. Frequent throughout this round would also be the displacement of various voices onto different characters which would provide to be both silly and effective. Round 6 was edited more bare bones than previously but still added a few trace clips that could be worked off of ("That may go down in history as NEWTON'S FIRST LAW", "I'M READY TO PUNCH your friend"), in addition to being much shorter than the round before it, which made it less of a strong response than round 3 was. Round 7 had a much bigger focus on the more effect-based parts of the previous round and was delivered at almost the minimum time limit, providing little of the previous source to work off of than before. This was however compensated in Round 8, which succeeded in adding in more footage and making the video almost twice as long as what it was volleying, providing a cohesive blend of both effect based editing and more new material for vvaluigi to use to close off the match. In addition to its reintegrated humor ("YOU SAY [BITCH] TOO MUCH") it also added "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats as he had done in the match previous and was also doing in other tennis elsewhere. Round 9 was probably vvaluigi's strongest Round and served to close off the match on a great note as he worked with the previous Round in genius ways using only very minimal edits, as was his trademark. The Chrome Gadget Zone music from Sonic 2 would be used the second time at the end of Round of this set here as well. The final scores would be FuturesPassed: 0.48 (adjusted to 0.38 after penalties), TheChutley: 0.94, and vvaluigi: 0.58, advancing TheChutley into Set 3.

Originally Jacktron7000 vs. wwefan3333 vs. XBR4D3NX, Jacktron7000/PokeFire50 vs. piodx vs. XBR4D3NX/Badluckcrow would take shape starting with a 22 second serve that satirically took the title of the Original first Tennis serve, "You wouldn't be welcome". Jacktron7000 announced ahead of time that due to outside commitments he would not be able to make Round 4 and that PokeFire would be stepping in to replace him for that one video. piodx would in Round 2 return to something more of his older style, although noticeably the previous Round in his response could still be seen, as opposed to clouded up by colors as he had done commonly in the past, so in a ways it was a definite retraction. Braden would respond very late with Round 3, and while what he did with the previous Round was very strong, much of the video once again focused more on the added source, which here was majorly made up of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force in another one of Braden's trance like dance montages. The Round would end on an unusual note with filtered gameplay of Super Mario Bros. 3 over a foreign song with the Discovery Channel logo in the corner. Jacktron7000 would be here in time to make Round 4 at this point, although decided to have PokeFire still make it anyway, which MycroProcessor allowed despite it being rather unnecessary on the grounds that there weren't any reasons not to.

PokeFire50's Round 4 would be incredibly fast, short and energetic, responding to the SMB3 footage by adding in Super Mario Bros. 2, while also adding in Happy Tree Friends (as he, piodx and BSP666c had been known to do frequently in the past) and a small bit of Everybody Loves Raymond towards the end. Round 5 would respond to this again the same way as before, now coming closer to his old style as much of the previous round started to become buried, but also featuring a YTPMV segment that made up most of the video's middle. Round 6 would be a restatement of Round 3, using even less of the previous Round then before and adding in more Space Ghost, which he claimed he was in love with around this time, while also masking in the Super Mario world cartoon into the TV as well as adding footage of Aladdin SNES, done in a similar atmospheric style as he had done with SMB3 earlier. The biggest difference here was that he was able to this time respond with this round only about an hour after the last one had been posted.

Round 7 would use a good amount of After Effects and overall be a very strong response to the previous Round, with particular note given to a dissolving effect that moved between the layer in and over the masked television. The I DON'T GET IT button from Round 6 would also be used rather humorously towards the end of the video in addition to Robotnik actually pressing a button. Round 8 would feature a large amount of piodx's trademark particle effects, but overall once again fall to the weakness of being too overedited and clouding up what was existing of the previous round though showing small parts of it at the end. It was at this point that XBR4D3NX started to take incredibly long to respond with Round 9, and asked for someone to fill in for it, a request which, while thought to be initially taken out by BigBowsa, would end up being taken out by LieutenantGwo, a mostly Robotnik YTPer, in what would be his sole appearance in the 3-Way Tournament. Originally too short, the reuploaded and finalized Round 9 would be at most a botched attempt to try and counter piodx's heavy style, adding in no sources minus a few brief frames of Freakazoid and only just scraping over the minimum time limit. The video would also serve to confuse a number of LieutenantGwo's subscribers as this was nominally out of the normal element for his videos.

The final scores for this match would be JackTron: 0.81, piodx: 0.73 (adjusted to 0.53 after penalties) and XBR4D3NX: 0.46. JackTron7000 would react in complete disbelief at the fact that he had won the match, and as a result would credit PokeFire50 as the reason that he had managed to move on, using him again in his next match as something of a "secret weapon".

The last match listed for Set 2 would in fact be the quickest to both start and finish in the form of magmalord vs. ChrisGendo vs. Metroid998. The serve would be made up entirely of Half Life 2: Full Life Consequences, and this would serve to be the dominant source throughout the entire match, despite other sources also being added on throughout each Round. The concept of who 'John Freeman got an email from and what it said' would be constant throughout every one of the 9 rounds, in addition to the "TO BE CONTINUED????" At the end of each video, which in every round was represented by a different source. Chrisgendo here would easily prove himself to be the strongest player, volleying competently and also cleverly to many of the running jokes, using a large majority of anime and other sources signature to that of many of the existing Tennis Fucks, of whom he had formed a strong bond with and at this point was a shoe-in for the next to be added to them. These sources included Godfrey Ho's ninjas (RAKninja), Obsidian (MycroProcessor) Norm Augustinus(Moogle), particularly for a section where he exclaims "DICK" over every instance of the DIC logo provided by Magmalord's round, and Kukori (Gamebop), which at the time he was using semi-frequently. Metroid998 would use mostly his own trademark sources in addition to various other ones that had little exposure, including a foreign cartoon starring a goat, Mario Party 2 and at the very end of the match, a scene from the Candle Jack episode of Freakazoid. All three of the players remarked in terms of the amount of fun that they had during this match, with a number of people agreeing that this was going to be rather difficult to vote for. The scores toward the end however would turn out with magmalord at 0.38, Chrisgendo at 1.04 and metroid998 at 0.58, giving Chris his first win.

Gamebop/superkoffee vs. BSP666c vs. MycroProcessor

Luioigi vs. trepmaws vs. Moogle

DaftPunkYoshi vs. CorruptionSound vs. Metzgorrre

NESfanboi vs. KlausTheWizard vs. ifhgsfj

Funnacceptable vs. SergeantBacon vs. RAKninja

JakeSteel vs. AmiralMachin vs. evilskittlemonster

FuturesPassed vs. TheChutley vs. vvaluigi

Jacktron7000/PokeFire50 vs. piodx vs. XBR4D3NX/LieutenantGwo

magmalord vs. ChrisGendo vs. Metroid998

Set 3[edit]

The three undefeated players so far now faced each other in the match up of Gamebop vs. Moogle vs. Metzgorre, this winner of which would decide one of three players for the final match. Gamebop started off with surprisingly a good bit of humor in the beginning with "I'M A GREAT WHITE SHARK, WHAT DO I EAT", in which the response was "I DON'T THINK SO" when a Touhou picture then appeared on screen. Much of the round that followed was an aesthetic combination of both things that pertained to the interest of both Gamebop and Moogle as Touhou was added in as well as his signature sources of Kukori and Alfred Kwak, which made for a rather interesting combination of things to be built off of. Moogle immediately went for the shark gag in his Round 2, which responded to the question this time with "YES!" when a suggestive anime image appeared on screen. His effect experimentation began reaching new heights in this round as there were many color/visual alterations done to the previous round in interesting ways, such as giving a background to the Mareep card and inserting within the card window footage from someone getting tackled in a soccer game. Another instance that used the card was the zooming in on the "headbutt" that read on the card when then transitioned within the same window of the same soccor player headbutting a player from the opposite team in rapid succession (done by editing) then proceeding to proclaim "IM A GREAT WHITE SHARK" (his team colors were white) with a referee coming in with a red flag with "I DON'T THINK SO". What then followed was the use of frames of the previous round to create the shape of a giant sun with a face, which transitioned into a series of Jolteon pictures with the use of the "CHARACTER I DON'T WHAT THAT MEANS" being echoed over it.

Metzgorrre's editing in Round 3 started to show signs of waining as much of the previous Round was very destructively edited and almost none of the previous concepts were continued, instead replaced with humorous added footage which seemed to hint toward its excessive use with Wario's "HURRY UP" appearing partway into the round. At the very least however he acknowledged the presence of the shark idea by adding in what looked to be Jaws footage and dedicating a section of his round to represent a "shark attack", which was a mostly abrasive noise accompanied by a background song over distorted color visuals. Metzgorrre would make a humorous observation in the description with "Awesome: THREE M's are playing in the THREE-Way Tournament and this is round THREE. HIHOHAHE" but otherwise start making mentions that he was becoming much busier than he used to be, which was interfering with the work he was able to do in the match and subsequently his next one.

Round 4 to this day remains without a thumbnail, which Gamebop has considered to work well with the round regardless. He claimed at the time that he rushed much of it saying that there were still a couple of things he would have liked to do with it, the final version he hadn't even seen yet, but some regarded it as easily better than the previous round he had put out. Much of it was made up of textural 3D layering with the audio edited with an atmospheric and ambient feel, and was much shorter than the round that came before while still managing to edit it rather justifiably as there was little concept wise in the previous round to build off of.

{{#ev:youtube|zDH-hR01niQ|320}}Gamebop vs. Moogle vs. Metzgorrre, Round 5

Round 5 is quite possibly the most notorious round the match, as Moogle would proceed to take the match into an entirely different direction. Beginning almost out of complete silence, he maintained throughout this round a very quiet and sustained sense of atmosphere, starting with mostly the simple moving of frames filtered through heavy unsharp mask, which he proceeded to build upon as the round went on. He would also utilize many 3D layers throughout the round, including the creation of a cloud knot shape cookie cut out of various segments which was a quite unusual twist on the effect, as well as giving a moving frame wings that he keyframed to actually flutter. Also unique about this round is the amount of black space that appears visually. At 0:27 seconds in, a scene (using only the audio) from Old Men in New Cars is added, taking up almost the entire rest of the video sound wise, save for one segment that is the sole "loud" part of the video. trepmaws recalls that reception for this Round was incredibly mixed, though a number of people applauded it's overall uniqueness, as it was one of the most different rounds of the tournament delivered thus far.

Metzgorrre's Round 6 played with this new addition rather wonderfully in the beginning, inserting two japanese individuals conversing with each other in which the dialogue was synced to pretend that they were having the "meat room" conversation. At the punctuation of "We have MANY rooms", the text "YoutubePoopTennis" appears at the bottom of the screen, throughout this segment the cookie cutted head of the man sitting in the chair fluttering about the video, at one point being swatted away like a fly by the man himself. At this point the pitch of the original audio was lowered and in places edited a little more ("meat ro/////////////////"). Toward the end the man smiles as "YEA FOR HOLDING MEAT" is dubbed over his laughter, and the shot pans to the two of them smiling at each other, at which point the video ends, and Metzgorrre very slyly adds in the word "sex" at that very moment. The Round then proceeds to dive into the usual madness that had long characterized Metz's work by this point, starting with a series of edits to the previous round with "Making Plans for Nigel" by XTC playing the background, then switching to a much more absurd series of edits involving rather innovatively the addition of several hand-animated drawings onto the video, before closing with FATALITY: DENIED, which ended the video rather suddenly. Gamebop's Rounds 7 would turn "YoutubePoopTennis" into "Yellow Teal Purple Tennis", and would feature a background that would slowly change throughout the video from Yellow to Teal to Purple very slowly. Much of the previous Round was edited in Gamebop's trademark fashion, even creating using an unknown source a follow up to both of the matches running concepts ("Hello, do you have uh, a room?" "I THINK SO!" with the same shark from the serve making a reappearance). He would also add in humorous reference "The Room" (film) in which the particular scene he would use would be edited in the exact same way in another match of the same set by pure coincidence. A few people called this round the best of the match so far.

"Yellow Teal Purple Tennis" became "Colorubaru tennisu~" accompanied by the opening organ riff from Kukori es Kotkoda in Moogle's Round 8, regarded as possibly one of the most effect-heavy videos he would ever make in his tennis career. In addition to several complex layering edits and tricks (the head, mane and body of a Jolteon individually being masked out of the previous round and put together in the ideal shape) He would also make use of a large amount of humor ("I CANNOT FEEL MY PEH NUS", "Do you have...a room? I HAVE A GREAT WHITE SHARK YEY YEUY") and reference Round 2 of vvaluigi vs. MycroProcessor(again), Round 8 of Magmalord vs. Chrisgendo vs. Metroid998(with the addition and mirrored usage of Yuyuko) and add in for the third time in a row a variation of the Chrome Gadget theme from Sonic 2. The round would also make reference too/pay tribute to both MycroProcessor and BSP666c by using their respective characters in the round. Moogle would mention that he worked very hard making this round, and it was applauded by people who were inspired by it's hybrid usage of both humor-based and technical-based editing.

Round 9 would feature incredibly intense editing and shroomhead1 would describe the video as if "both of his eyes had turned 360 degrees". It for the most part once again conceptually ignored all that had happened in the video before it, opting instead to go more with his more usual style, adding in more of his own drawings as added source and using a large amount of after effects throughout most of the video, in order to once again try to prove his strength in his ability to finish matches off with incredible strength. At one point a rather ridiculous E.T. parody occurs by with a distorted picture of a bike flying up to a cookie-cutted circle of the previous round, where it stutters in mid air, but Metzgorrre reassures us with "don't worry the bike is still working", as it then proceeds to make its downward voyage home. E.T. then appears in the "moon" itself and the whole scene supposedly "breaks" as a 404 appears within the moon cutting to the color bars from the beginning of Round 8. The round then ends with "How I met FATALITY", using a promo picture from the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" and visually distorting the face of everyone in the photo, ending with a sequence of rather unusually edited audio that brought the match to a trademark Metzgorrre end.

In reviews following this match's conclusion, it would seem to be that a number of people lobbied for Metzgorrre to advance to the end on the basis that his performance was unaffected by the presence of two veterans of tennis and in some aspects made him stronger, earning him the majority vote from those who shared this notion. Some people actually gave Gamebop the smallest percentage on the grounds that he "was TOO good at tennis" and that it wouldn't seem fair for others who are competing to get to the end. In the actual results it would actually be Moogle who would advance to the end, and rather surprisingly due to him actually receiving the highest percentage of votes for a change, with 0.82 to Gamebop's 0.70 and Metzgorrre's 0.49. As a result of this, Moogle was secured as one of the three definite players of the final match, and would thusly be able to sit out of Set 4 while he waited for his two other challengers to approach. Gamebop and Metzgorrre would become intermingled with the remaining players, given one more match each that would both serve to find one of the two final players.

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This article is about a notable YouTube Poop Tennis match.

Originally DaftPunkYoshi vs. MycroProcessor vs. TheChutley, the matchup of superkoffee vs. MycroProcessor vs. TheChutley is regarded by some, particularly SergeantBacon, as the greatest tennis match of all time. It would be a match up in which every single round would be completely different from the one before it, and would spawn from it several different ideas and concepts that would continue to be referenced and reused to the present day, with the match itself looked upon by it's participants as being a notoriously silly (and rather lengthy) affair.

superkoffee's serve, which would start the concept of "Trusting Larry"(But do Mycro and Chutley trust Larry?) would feature one of his most famous video segments that he would ever create in the form of "Ferry Rave", a nonsense sequence of Ferry Boats "dancing" under a disco ball created with a Final Cut Pro effect/plugin. Following this, he would announce in his own voice following an array of deformed 3D text to "PREPARE YOURSELF FOR AN OPPROTUNITY TO CHROMA KEY A PART FOR THE NEXT


Following this, the very first instance of superkoffee's Secret Chroma-Keyable Image game is introduced. He would loudly proclaim that you have "managed to succesfully manage" to locate the secret chroma-keyable image, and that you must now use it in the next round. In later matches the image would be hidden somewhere in the video, but in this serve it is in plain sight(an image of Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thurnberries series), to warm up for it's future inclusion. He then would proceed to ramble on in a funny about "how he werked rilly hard to put the GREEN SCREEN on the back of his image aDOH IM SORTYY I JUS WORKFBKdfkjgfdkfdklgbnklb". Instantly the match was already a favorite to some with this serve alone.

Round 2 would be an incredibly significant turning point for MycroProcessor in terms of his editing style, as this would be the first video he would do with almost entirely experimental editing; the first signs of the style he would continue to develop and refine over the next 4 years. Edited at the very start in an almost analogue fashion, further treating the round with music additions and reverse editing, there would come into focus a MIDI rendition of "Roundabout" by Yes, annunciated by a pulsating wave form generated in After Effects with a black and white strobing background as he continue to delve and tinker with koffee's rather odd-in-layout serve. At about 59 seconds in, the video suddenly stops, and there is silent black space for about 20 seconds, which would be Mycro's first in a series of many uses of this technique. The video then suddenly resumes where it left off, generating two new waveforms for the close of the song's chorus, before abruptly switching to a repeated clip of a Jolteon cropped to the left of the screen. Following another break of silence, the video reappears showing Mycro's usage of the secret chroma-keyable image, in a recursive 3D layering pattern to make the image look like it has depth. On screen there appears the text "WELL THE WORD AROUND TOWN IS THAT THERE'S A JOLTEON BY THE CLIFF NAMED SURGE." "YOU'RE A JOLTEON." "YOU'RE BY THE CLIFF." "SO YOU MUST BE SURGE!" Following brief appearances by both the Waveform and the Jolteon source, the video then cuts to screen-recorded footage of Mycro's screen playing koffee's Round on the original post of the match thread. This would serve to carry out the length of the rest of the video, save for a couple of brief abrupt stops. As an experiment this round would also be uploaded onto his main account under the title "OH NO WHAT HAPPEN TO MYCRO HE WAS MY FAVOURITE TENNISER BUT NOW HE IS A" while MycroProcessor would claim in the description that he doesn't actually like MycroProcessor.

TheChutley now saw himself faced with a real challenge in volleying a round that was over 2 and a half minutes along, as opposed to every other round he had volleyed in the tournament so far which were all under a minute. His Round 3 would be an incredibly textural and also in some aspects equally as experimental response to Round 2, reportedly adding around 30 pictures of Glaceon, in addition to about 3 of Jolteon, as well as 5 Rush songs including their logo. Throughout the round, "Heart of the Sunrise" by Yes can be heard playing the foreground, which is repeatedly interrupted by a Rush song that would fade in and out in succession, before completely overtaking with the song "Jacob's Ladder" toward the end of the video, in what can be seen as only one of the finest Rush tributes to ever happen in a tennis round, giving a feeling akin to beauty and triumph. Also interwoven into the video which is almost entirely made up of displacement map based editing, appears a video of Geddy Lee altered as if to say "Hi, I'm GeeeeeeeeeEeEeEeEeEeEeEayyyyyyyy". The Round would then cut to screen-recorded footage of Mycro's screen-recorded footage segment of Round 2 in the match thread, which would be edited to disappear in a keyframed light ray effect, in which the avatar of the tournament voting account ("Jolteon") makes a 6 frame appearance within the embedded video, before resuming and repeating a section of the video before cutting to silence, in which Geddy Lee's vocal of "Storm Clouds" from the before-used song is heard ending the video. He would jokingly call this video a "Glaceon AMV" and this would also serve to be the round in which the match officially takes on it's alternative name of "Umbreon vs. Jolteon vs. Glaceon", relegating superkoffee almost by impulse to being an Umbreon as the tie-in joke.

Round 4 would see superkoffee taking on his pretend Umbreon persona with enthusiasm as now Umbreon gifs appeared in plentiful amounts throughout his video layout, starting in a flurry of wild effects and intense audio that ripped through the previous round with great visual force. What followed this is quite possibly one of the most impressive visual displays ever done in the history of tennis. Using an auxiliary program called Cinema 4D, koffee constructed a opening gate and an entire kitchen using 3D modeling, all of which was textured using the previous round, an absolutely unimaginable visual feat at this time. Accompanying this sequence was music and sound effects that are used in various parts of Disneyland, largely that of the Pirates Ride ("DEEAADD MANN'S CAAAVVEE") and the Haunted House. When the camera pans past the fridge, a cabinet door opens with an image of a woman similar in appearance to Betty White appears yelling "AH HA-", which is where an embedded link to the secret chroma-keyable image for this round was originally located. At the end of the 3D tour, the camera stops in front of a 3D TV screen which contains visually-altered screen recorded footage of the screen-recorded footage of the screen-recorded footage of koffee's original Round 1, the border of which is deformed and liquified to considerable lengths giving off the appearance of bending pipes whilst an Umbreon watches in earnest. Koffee then cuts to footage of cloned people walking backwards and forwards motion to jangly player-piano music, while he proclaims "IN THE NEXT ROUND, WHAT WILL BE THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION? WILL IT BE:



C. BRIAN FELLOW (in which added source of "IM BRIAN FELLOW!!!" from Saturday Night Live is added in suddenly)



The answer would end up being B, presented almost candidly in Round 5 which Mycro claims to have rushed greatly due to becoming incredibly late with it, also not being able to do 50% of what he planned to do amongst other self-criticisms. The round would feature a recursion effect done with in windows media player using a camera to film his screen, on which a mini-jolteon figurine can be seen on the edge of his keyboard. A Jolteon would be added next to the Umbreon watching the distorted TV, which was followed by more filmed footage of now two Jolteon figures watching the screen which displayed the post containing koffee's embedded round 4, which was masked out to show Mycro's Round instead. Following this came another segment showing scrolling text at the top of the screen with a walking Jolteon at it's end, which read:

"Lots of people are bored right now so they have to hear stories about the Mobius Strip that could. No one entered the room at 6.74 FM. FM SYNTH IS THE BEST JOLTEON IS THE BEST JOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLT! WOW! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I DIDN'T NOTICE THE "41 - Violin" IN GAMEBOP'S TREASURE CHEST."

Ending the video would be an incredibly unusual segment that Mycro claims to have had in a dream, with twisted audio to a strobed 3D visual that zoomed into a wire-framed building construct, upon it simply reading "Metroid998".

TheChutley's Round 6 would be just as rushed but would feature probably the most distinguishable visual feature that could come to characterize the match in some aspects, by taking the scrolling text and mirroring it in 5 different directions, all intercepting at a center point in which a Glaceon is seen sitting proud, amidst rather spectacular visuals. A Glaceon is seen watching the Jolteon and Umbreon watching the distorted TV through one of the "Moving Pictures" within the iconic Rush album cover, before joining them towards the end, jumping excitedly in the Jolteon's general direction. Supposedly 5 more Rush songs would be added into this match including "Where's My Thing? Part IV" from Roll the Bones, which remains the most recent Rush song that TheChutley has used in tennis so far. At this point people started to seriously wonder how this match was not in the winner's tier.

Round 7 would be a visually mesmerizing tour-de-force, although koffee would be heavily critical of it as from a tennis perspective it was incredibly detracting from the previous round, clouding it in a furious psychedelic whirlwind of colors, spastic clashes of particles, at most only showing the outline of the intercepting shape, and 3D layers/space while also not even doing so much as to add in another secret chroma-keyable image. Throughout this video superkoffee himself, displayed as a "Professional Historical Historian", would be seated upon a floating chair discussing a make-believe play that he wrote, whilst a keyframed Jolteon would be singing an excerpt from The Magic PokeFlute close by. At some point in the video an interjected "YEAH DAD" can he heard, which is spoken by NESFanboi (and for a good time was a common in-joke spoken about him). superkoffee is then duplicated almost infinitely across the video as he proclaims "YOU WANNA KNOW WHY I WROTE THAT PLAY? I WROTE IT FOR YOU!" and after a brief array of heavy-editing, writes in text "And here's that play." Which is a series of unusual shapes bending, floating and twisting inside the model of a mansion with the previous round once again textured on the bulk of the models. The Round then ends abruptly on a vocoded voice from an unknown source, closing superkoffee's side of the match.

Round 8 would notoriously take a month and 15 days to make due to Mycro becoming incredibly busy, similarly to koffee who had become busy with his last round. The video he would eventually deliver would be one of the most conceptually elaborate videos to be ever delivered in the tournament, in addition to easily being the longest at that point. The Round was divided into 9 sections, each representing a different round of the match, which was indicated by a border with a line of a D'ni numeral starting from 1 and ending 9.

Section 1 in homage to the "secret chroma keyable image" would replace Nigel Thornberry with a Jolteon and the gifs in the corner with other Jolteons. On one side what originally read "werked really hard to kee this" now read "didn't work at all to key this", while koffee's voice was altered in various places by pitch. This section would last 8 seconds.

Section 2 recalled the experimentalism and music of Round 2, and it was here that the first bits of Round 7 are used. The sound waves and the MIDI Roundabout rendition are reintroduced, with additional edits made and now focusing on the bridge of the original song over a black and Yellow checker pattern, before transitioning into a long stuttering sequence with one of the waveforms, which alternated from Teal to Purple. The video then zoomed in as close as possible to the waveform, which then introduced a source of the making of a polish Myst clone game called Reah. Ending on the first sound that started the original round that it references, this segment would last 1 minute and 12 seconds.

Section 3 took TheChutley's Glaceon AMV and turned it into a Jolteon AMV(thus adding in numerous Jolteon pictures), using the same displacement composite effects to edit his own Section 2 in the same ways. Displayed across the screen in this segment was text that read "Gamebop molhal Sandshrew YTPsource TheChutley Glaceon (the original, current, and alternate names for both individuals), Jolteon Umbreon Glaceon MycroProcessor LeSuperKoffee TheChutley(at this part the movement of the video would speed up drastically and the audio would be replaced with a snippet of the MIDI music from section 2), Yellow Teal Purple You Tube Poof", then transitioning to a cutscene animation from Pulseman over a backdrop that changes significantly in color scheme. The section in full would last about 1 minute and 9 seconds.

Sections 4, 5 and 6 and 7 are all incredibly brief due to them representing all of the rushed and shorter rounds of the match, with section 4 using the 3D visuals from Round 7 in a similar presentation with 3D layering, with this only lasting about 2 seconds, Section 5 being barely a second and merely the previous section recorded within the Vegas preview window with a single effect alteration and Section 6 very obviously replacing the epicenter of the pentasecting formation and with a Jolteon and speeding up the entire thing to about 1 and a half seconds. Section 7 takes an Umbreon and distorts it in a similar way to superkoffee distorting the Jolteon using pin motion in Round 7, also using audio from Round 7's beginning at this part, with this section lasting about 5 seconds.

Section 8 represents what is essentially the definite "Round 8" of this match, and it consists entirely of an original YTPMV segment crafted akin to Mycro's trademark musical style, featuring an infectious rhythm achieved in part by incredibly fast faded stuttering on several clips back by a flanged section of audio elsewhere. A cookie cutted scene from Albia is interested toward the top at first unedited, then later joining the rhythm of the song towards the end of this section. This section would last about 19 seconds.

The final four seconds would serve as a forecoming to TheChutley's final round, as the video would end zoomed in to the D'ni numeral at the bottom representing 9, a discreet reference to Round 6 of the first match of MycroProcessor vs. Gamebop, which would zoom into the 7 and 8 numerals at the end of the original video.

{{#ev:youtube|6PPM-sMPXGg|320}}superkoffee vs. MycroProcessor vs. TheChutley, Round 9

TheChutley knew by this point that his time in the tournament was coming to an end, as he saw that MycroProcessor and superkoffee were by far being received as the favorite players of the match, and he decided to go out with an incredibly unexpected and theatrical bang. He began Round 9 almost as a normal volley with a humorous edge, starting with "CONGRATS! YOU DID IT! YOU WON!" with a Glaceon on a blue background before then inserting the intro to Monty Python's Flying Circus within it to display it as "Monty Python Presents: Round 9!" The next 18 seconds worked away at the previous Round, also reusing many parts of his Round 6 including the pentasect formation before the video is suddenly crushed by Cupid's Foot (a Python trademark) and the round closes on a fake ending. At this point original python footage is shown of John Cleese entering from behind a curtain making the apologetic announcement that the feature was much shorter than they had anticipated, and that in the meantime the audience can enjoy a short film starring a man with a tape recorder up his nose. A small projection of this man then appears which on the last note of the musical cue ends on very lud distortion, which cuts to black space. Here is it mostly quiet, but very faintly cropped footage of John Cleese disappearing behind the curtain again can be seen. This is then overtaken by the video very slowly starting back up again in reverse from the last note of the fanfare, which freezes for a moment on Cupid's foot. Then the raspberry noise accompanying the foot is heard very slowly in reverse, which them jumps the video in full-speed reverse back to the beginning, where of all things, it starts again.

TheChutley would repeat this entire sequence of events three times throughout the course of the video, reaching a record time of 6:07, more than double that of the round he volleyed. Each subsequent time would deviate a little more from the repetition before it, with the second repetition adding new things in small places, particularly loud noises/edits/clips annunciating random notes of the Python fanfare, with small edits made to the Python footage itself. The actual editing of the round would also have a humorously delayed start, with the "Round 9!" title also blinking "Round (!" at one instance, and mid video would stop completely, re-entering with the audio and video panned hard right before resuming to normally. The video would also be juxtaposed with part of the beginning appearing halfway in and the pitch being consistently altered, with a small bit of the previous round then Chroma-keyed into Cupid's foot. The video would then end with the last 8 notes of them theme all being changed to different keys while the "THE END" title was screen-flipped in four directions, while the John Cleese scene repeated his utterance of "EUM" throughout his entire dialogue. The clip would end not on a loud noise, but on yet another "EUM" modified by pitch-shift that would stutter and dissolve out, repeating the reversing of the video yet again, except the entire sequence is actually played in sped up forwards motion.

The sequence would then start for the third time repeating the delayed last noise from the first bit, then proceeding to speed up the first tree which quickly cuts back again to the first bit, now given a slightly modified layout treatment, before reversing the tree back again and continuing onward. Many parts of this rendition of the sequence is interrupted by new parts of the previous round added in and edited in various ways. The Monty Python intro is cut up with lots of small black spaces in between, particularly on the repetition of two notes in particular, with the line of the song ending in incredibly loud and distorted audio and colored visual. Following more black space, the same two notes are heard panned hard right while panned hard left is the continuing theme altered with vibrato pitching, on which a solitary "d" is hanging by a thread from where "Round 9!" should be displayed, despite "Round 9!" appearing as normal immediately afterward. This is also at one instance replaced by 4 lines of "22222222222222", as one of the many additional treatments the round is given in this final rendition. At the end, Cupid's foot is stuttered mid-stomp before once again chroma-keying a bit of the round into his foot, then proceeding to play the final 8 notes of the fanfare with the "THE END" title, although cutting off at the last note. It is repeated again with "THE END" duplicated vertically across the screen, then again with no sound and "THE END" on its own towards the bottom. Then "THE END is given one more showing, rotating while accompanied by a low and startling metallic noise, before then playing the fanfare's closing unedited. This version of the John Cleese segment has him repeated throughout the entire screen with his coughing echoing endlessly and hypnotically, which Sergeantbacon at one point said almost sounded musical, with the segment ending this time on the final metallic noise of the "THE END" editing. This would bring an almost unsettling end to what was otherwise considered to still be an epochal match.

All three players would accumulate a 40% penalty off of their final score due to being excessively late/breaking the time limit rules (which was done intentionally by TheChutley to even it out) so the final results would essentially play out unaffected to either side. Their raw scores were superkoffee: 0.47, MycroProcessor: 0.88, and TheChutley: 0.65, which was adjusted to 0.07, 0.48, and 0.25 respectively. Mycro would emerge as the winner from this match continuing onward, whilst superkoffee and TheChutley's time in the tournament would come to their expected end.

JackTron7000/PokeFire50 vs. ChrisGendo vs. CorruptionSound, while not as popular as the before mentioned match, would be an interesting battle of three entirely different styles of editing pitted against each other. Jacktron7000 would start the match with a rather basic serve that used entirely Kukucska, with all the edits taking place simultaneously on two layers to give an interesting visual effect, with a scene involving a giant rolling acorn having the brief accompaniment of the Indiana Jones theme. Chrisgendo would respond in Round 2 by isolating the Japanese text from the Kukucska title card while the video behind it was edited, than continuing to use the center frame to add new sources into it as well as edit the previous round inside of it, adding in Kukori which MycroProcessor has humorously commentated that this made the match the one that made the most reference of Gamebop while he himself was not directly involved. Following this was a silent segment edited entirely in after effects, before ending on a loud reverbed repetition of the title card announcement.

Round 3 found CorruptionSound in a very out of place position, as his round almost immediately contrasted with that of Chrisgendo's in it's source additions and it's treatment of the previous round edit wise, which was incredibly constituted of several layers of effects that only showed trace remnants of the video before while presenting an atmosphere that seemed very empty. This round would also be one of the last times that he would feature a segment dedicated entirely to audio editing with a humorous still frame over it, which had remained a trademark of his (in correlation with his "Corruption Sound" title) since he had started. Round 4 would be an interesting treatment to the previous round, using a positively noted series of layering tricks throughout and a YTPMV segment that visually built well on an originalty basis, with the video ending with a strange effect applied to the previous added footage, believed by some to be an After Effects trick or something else entirely.

Round 5 would for a long time be considered one of Chrisgendo's best videos, particularly by MycroProcessor among others. By the addition of anime source additions and the use of reverb to give the round incredible atmosphere, Jacktron's video was turned into something rather spectacular tennis wise, both creating another musical segment out of his (although at this time Chris had yet to accumulate the musical prowess he would achieve in the years following) and doing complex yet subtle in visual presentation editing throughout almost the entire video. Round 6 would see CorruptionSound slipping further as almost his entire response was dominated in some part or another by Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Grill, with Round 5 overtaken once again by heavy editing to the point of unrecognizability. One positively noted thing however was the humorous and unexpected addition of "LUIGI I'M HOME" during a period of black space.

For Round 7, JackTron7000 enlisted PokeFire50 in what he considered to be his ticket to winning the match. Unfortunately while PokeFire's round had an intense pace it was mostly made up of at most surface editing, failing to dig deeper into CorruptionSound's cataclysmic editing in a similar way that JackTron7000 was already doing without assistance. There was however a particularly funny moment involving the sudden appearance of Home Improvement as an added source with Tim Allen remarking "LIGHT CLEANING", which then showed a loud stuttered segment of one of the characters apparently being blasted out of or into a window, which focused only on the frames in which they were in mid air, there was then a brief addition of Happy Tree Friends and an ending to the Round on a vibratoed stuttered noise. The Round would be drastically shorter than Round 6, which would also add on to it's weakness in presentation.

Round 8 saw Chrisgendo hitting home with yet another strong response that featured an early addition of Bakemonogontari, which by this time was quickly becoming his favorite anime if it hadn't already. The round was very effect and musically driven, with very prominent usage of the WAX shatter effect that matched to the cue of the song, which was considerably a very original use of this effect. Unique about this round is the addition of a segment similar to CorruptionSound in that it was dedicated entirely to audio editing although done in Vegas, whereas CorruptionSound was known to have done his segments using primarily Audacity. Round 9 saw CorruptionSound essentially resigning himself from the tournament, as the entire first half of the video was a drawn-out tongue-in-cheek "YTP Tennis Intro". What of the previous round he did edit however was considered interesting enough that some people retrospectively have thought it would've worked excellently as a round somewhere in the middle of the match, due to the curiosity of how someone would respond to a video like that. The end of the video ended the match in a rather avant-garde way, with an odd displaced black and white interlaced frame of an unknown origin. Chrisgendo would easily secure the win of this match with a score of 1.06 to Jacktron7000's 0.32 (0.42 plus one penalty) and CorruptionSound's 0.43 (0.53 with a penalty).

Originally JakeSteel vs. BSP666c vs. trepmaws, this match would quickly spiral downward into one of the most famous match disasters in Tennis Tournament history, eventually arriving at the final mutated form of JakeSteel/SynaMax/SergeantBacon vs. BSP666c vs. Kurkop, referred to more commonly under its satirical nickname of "everyone vs. bsp vs. kurkop". The match would start as planned with JakeSteel's serve(the last video he would ever make on his tennis account), which was made up almost entirely of Mama Luigi, with small bits of AVGN also thrown in, edited in his usual technical ability. BSP666c's Round 2 would see him starting to detract from his previous editing style, now showing distinctively more of the previous round and using the round in more creative ways. Among these were cookie cutting frames and rotating them to look like a compass, and ending the round on what looked to appear to be a TV station logo. CorruptionSound was one who was spellbound that everything BSP had done in Round 2 only took 3 days.

trepmaws announced around this time that he had suddenly experienced technical trouble with his computer in the form of what he called "Computer Cardiac Arrest" and ended up being prevented from being able to respond in the match as a result, a problem which would last him longer than originally intended, resulting him having to find a replacement originally for Round 3, and eventually for the rest of the match entirely. Round 3 would be one of the most distinguishable videos of the tournament, edited almost entirely in After Effects utilizing Kurkop's incredibly unusual style, which easily set him apart from almost anyone who was making videos at the time. At this time he had yet to learn more of how After Effects worked, so as a result much of the editing while complex in presentation was for the most part more or less surface editing, though the edits were bizarre enough to merit a rather positive response to his entirely original take on tennis.

{{#ev:youtube|HUDf_8q3e-M|320}}JakeSteel/SynaMax/SergeantBacon vs. BSP666c vs. Kurkop, Round 6

superkoffee would appear the following day to announce that SynaMax would be filling in for possibly the rest of the match, and promptly posted Round 4 in the thread once it had been uploaded. While bearing a noticeable resemblance to superkoffee in terms of sources used(BRIAN FELLOW and Camp Lazlo), much of this video was merely sources added onto the previous Round, doing little to nothing with the video itself. Gamebop would note that this Round would use the same exact scene from The Room edited in the same way as he had done in Round 7 with Moogle and Metzgorrre. BSP666c responded to this round with "Die Roboter" by Kraftwerk (the German version of The Robots) playing throughout the course of the video in its course of complex yet scaled back editing, ending in a YTPMV segment which had a very clever use of frame movement and layout and added eccentricity with its composition and atmosphere with it's echo. Round 6, probably Kurkop's strongest Round of the match, would focus almost entirely on the YTPMV segment, which was slowed down with incredibly amplified reverb, giving an almost sacred and haunting feeling to the entire video as he continued to overlay strange sources and After Effects editing on the top of it. This Round would however take Kurkop a week to respond with, as he would become frequently unaware of the match's progression due to him being rather separated from the forums.

superkoffee would speak again on SynaMax's behalf, now saying that "I spoke with Synaminnyminminmonnyminnlyminmon's Mini Monastery of Cinnamon, And the monks tell me Syndiddlydinminmonntonneryminminsensualminmin will not be making round 7, someone else will be needed to do round 7." It was here that SergeantBacon would now step in to fill in for the last round on the serving side, which at this time was becoming the most delaying match of the tournament alongside superkoffee vs. MycroProcessor vs. TheChutley. His Round 7 took the match in an interesting new direction, with the entire video being a song made out of the previous Round, considered to be one of his definite better Rounds despite being barely over the minimum time limit. Round 8 would be one of BSP's most atmospherically dark videos, with most of the audio being composed of low drones and an ending YTPMV segment made up of similar drones along with other strange sounds, giving this video a very eerie feel while still being a competent response.

It would take almost an entire month before Round 9 would be finally finished, uploaded by complete surprise at a point where everyone was starting to beg for the match to end. This Round 9 would end the match on an incredibly discordant note, increasing the eerieness by editing bits of the round that seemed to start with a definite motion but would then stop hanging in space amidst a storm of reverberating noise (a trademark technique of Kurkop's was applying a reverb effect to all of his audio tracks, used initially in his YTPMVs) while other strange objects moved past them. This would see the first early version of the style that Kurkop would come to take on, as it features for the first time a distinct second section, which cookie cutted "NI IN" out of the previous round onto a pixelated background with an odd stuttering noise. This would be repeated slowed down in the second half of the video amidst the YTPMV segment which was unedited from the previous round aside from being shifted up an entire octave, which sounded in some aspects rather frightening. The entire footage by the videos end would all disappear save for one small distorted clip that seemed to move in the motion of a slug.

Because of the excessive penalties earned by the sides that were not BSP, he would end up winning the match by the sole anomaly of him being the only player with a positive score, a 1.09 vs. Kurkop with a -0.35 (without his own cargo of penalties he would actually not do too bad by raw score, earning a 0.65), and "everyone" with a score that was listed as NEGATIVE INFINITY, leaving little indication as to exactly how many penalties that this side accumulated throughout the progression of this match. Some people regarded it as a handicap for BSP666c considering he volleyed 3 different people without missing a single step, although much praise was given to Kurkop's responses despite his incredible lateness.

With all the madness going on with the other 4 matches, the only match that seemed to not have much chaos going on about was the much more reserved in playout of Luioigi vs. Funnacceptable vs. NESfanboi, which would also consequently be the most under-watched match of the set. Round 1 started pretty standardly in terms of Luioigi's style, using a variety of sources mostly based around what was considered appealing for small children, i.e. the Muppet Babies Cartoon, Yoshi's Story, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and Bear in the Big Blue House. Funnacceptable would respond to Round 2 in his own trademark slow style, which was oddly compatible to Luioigi's, although it would be at this point that his style would start to become overtly excessive and lose the touch that it had in his previous match, often dragging the video on for more than it deserved.

NESfanboi's Rounds for this match have remained the earliest of the tournament to be reuploaded, as his account would go down shortly after finishing his last round and Luioigi would upload what rounds of his that he had saved, with Gamebop managing to salvage the last round from him with one day left of voting. His Round 3 would for a change definitely edit better than that of the opponent he was volleying, going for a more direct and shorter approach with his own style, adding the Cory in the House intro over much of the round in a humourous way. He did however, express in this match that he had no desire to continue onward after finishing it.

Round 4 would continue with this by the use of Luioigi's trademark ambience and layering tricks over many areas of the Round, making it a very effective response to NESfanboi in a nice pacing. Funnacceptable would continue his pattern of overindulging in round length in Round 5, but it was here that the "I WANNA BE A PIRATE" source and concept would be introduced, which would carry on throughout a good majority of the rest of the match. NESfanboi's biggest contribution in Round 6 would mostly be the addition of Squidward on a difference composite layer, though this would also feature the use of 3D layers of which he was known to do in rather basic ways in overall yet another shorter response.

{{#ev:youtube|LuyQ7Cih79k|320}}Luioigi vs. Funnacceptable vs. NESfanboi, Round 7

Round 7 would be Luioigi's strongest round of the match, adding in many bird related sources including Kukori, Daffy Duck, an Eagle from the Aladin film and Chicken Run (Gamebop mentioned in retrospective commentary of how much he liked this round, to which Mycro joked that it was purely for Kukori being added in copius amounts)and featuring a lot of layering segments done in a pace that was overall the most appealing of all three players by a longshot. He would end his round with the Lazytown song "YOU ARE A PIRATE" and superimpose the "PIRATE" from the recurring source onto it, a fitting ending to his side of the match.

Round 8 would be particularly controversial with SergeantBacon, who was infuriated by the fact that the video added Pink Floyd's The Wall film and did nothing else with it than simply letting it play throughout the video, which led him to the opinion that Funnacceptable was for the most part throughout this match at his most uninspired in terms of his own videos, which was similarly echoed by others in terms of the votes. Round 9 would be very bare-bones textural editing, signifying NESfanboi's clear loss of steam and motivation to continue playing in the tournament and tennis in general for the time being. This round would famously make a reappearance in the Triples Tournament, under the use of a 'player' named LoveForLogos who had a misconceived idea of what tennis was, and their Round in the match he participated in was simply this video with a makeshift intro in the beginning, very clearly not using any of the previous round.

The matches final votes for the match were Luioigi: 1.22, Funnaceptable: 0.50, and NESfanboi: 0.28, giving Luioigi a second win and putting him at the farthest position he would ever reach in a tournament thus far.

Gamebop vs. Moogle vs. Metzgorrre

superkoffee vs. MycroProcessor vs. TheChutley

Luioigi vs. Funnacceptable vs. NESfanboi

JackTron7000/PokeFire50 vs. ChrisGendo vs. CorruptionSound

JakeSteel/SynaMax/SergeantBacon vs. BSP666c vs. Kurkop

Set 4[edit]

In retrospective commentary, Mycro considered Luioigi vs. Gamebop vs. MycroProcessor to be one of his Top 5 favorite matches that he has ever participated in, and not without reason. Being one set away from the Tournament's inevitable conclusion, this put 3 of the strongest players so far against to each other, all of them seeming to be the most similar in style to each other than anyone else as of that point, making for what would be an incredibly intense playout.

Round 1 started using mostly an unusual source reminiscent in style to the Babar cartoon not only by it's art/animation but also because the titular character was an "Elephant Man". It also proceeded to add in Little Bear, Franklin and Scooby Doo throughout it's eclectic mix, very heavy in atmosphere and flow which left the rest of the match entirely up to the imagination of the players, as it was also very loose in concept.

{{#ev:youtube|3ju5Stcxz2U|320}}Luioigi vs. Gamebop vs. MycroProcessor, Round 2

Round 2 would be one of the most visually complex and elaborate rounds that Gamebop would ever deliver at the time, starting with the edited round being edited in 4 to 8 frames and continuing to replicate throughout the course of the video until by the end it was replicated with the individual frames at almost microscopic size. On top of the tiled array of madness would be the addition of other sources such as a title screen for "GUSTAVUS WANTS TO SAVE HUMANITY", the title text for a foreign show/programme with the name of Fantadroms, as well as the natural addition of Kukori. One of the most particularly impressive visual stunts of this round was the "washing over" effect in which each frame of the video would be duplicated on top of itself in a clockwise motion in a recursive manner, which had an intense effect in correspondence with it's audio. A 10 frame long added source of a yellow cat would also be added in, under supposed anticipation that MycroProcessor would definitely notice it and extend upon it in some way or another, as was a such event that happened in an earlier version of his Pyramid Chain.

Round 3 continued Mycro's sonic experimentation and exploration in more unique styles by adding in more Jolteon sources in the beginning of the video before stopping the video on a point where Jolteon is turned to stone and frozen in place, in which atmospheric sound effects from Myst can be heard as a Vegas constructed timer at the bottom of the screen appears and counts 13 and a half seconds. When it reaches this point, the video then zooms into the frozen Jolteon's eye, which is a greatly layered transition sequence also rewinding the timer back to 0, and arriving at a 3D layer with bits of the previous Round masked into a hexagon grid, which Mycro had stated he accomplished by creating the grid and chroma-key areas in MS paint, eventually coming to the final result through a number of pre-renders getting the video in place. The next at the top is Mycro(as a Jolteon) being self-aware of his pretend situation, stating "<Oh no, I've been turned to stone!...And I haven't finished Round 3>". This would then transition into a sequence involving heavy use of After Effects before switching back to the stone Jolteon, just in time for the timer to once again hit 13 and a half seconds. This time, the round zooms into the Jolteon's ear, rewinding the timer once again and beginning this time with the addition of Nu Pagodi driving a jalopy to the beat of a dance song*, which then transitions into a segment which indeed extends and builds upon the short yellow cat clip from Round 2, encased within a 3D cube. The timer at this section would bounce back and forth between 6 and 9 seconds in, before resuming at its normal speed upon returning to more added Nu Pagodi source. A horizontal bar of video scrolls horizontally dissolving in a puddle of swirls at the other side of the frame at which point the TV simulator scrolling of a frame from the previous Round is continued here be scrolling that specific segment. The timer would be slowed down slightly at a brief segment following this, then return to normal speed once again arriving back at the stone Jolteon but this time at a fresh start of the timer. The video would then zoom back into the ear at 13 and a half seconds counted, rewinding it back to zero, now featuring a sound wave center screen with the previous round appearing at different points and different speeds at the top and bottom of it. The timer here would be frozen at 4.271. A white background would now appear, in which more text scrolled out to the top of the video which said, "<Uh oh, Round 3 is almost due...I'm running out of time...I'm frozen in place though...hmm...Maybe I should say 'fgldkfjk' twice...doing that causes time to reverse...Yeah, then I can repeat the first 13 seconds...over and over...Add slightly more to the round each time...Okay...'fgldkfjkfgldkfjk'>. At this point, the entire video would reverse back to the point in which Jolteon was first turned to stone, rewinding the timer back approximately 3 and a half times. With the video fading out as it goes into it's 7th second once more. Chrisgendo has long considered this his favorite round by MycroProcessor.

Round 4 would be an intensely elaborate array of complex layering tricks that was an incredibly unique take on Mycro's style, it's most effective aspect being the amount that it toys with the timer throughout the round. Lots of Bear in the Big Blue House is added throughout this Round, particularly at a point where the puppeted moon has masked circles from the previous round coming out from it in a continuous flow. Intense reverb would be used in some places of this round, making it overall impactful as a response and Luioigi a definite force to be reckoned with. Round 5 was essentially Gamebop's extended follow up to "Sid is NOT A BATTLE AXE", being done entirely musical in the same style as of that video, using the previous Round as it's instruments and the Land of Darkness 5 theme from Pajama Sam I as it's driving rhythm, with a mostly unedited episode of Kukori as its dominant background. The one exception of this is a creative sequence in which the Kukori characters are isolated in masked boxes which move slowly by 3D layering but respond in line of motion to their movement when prompted, with a colored background appearing for a short time here.

Round 6 would start with a quick paced YTPMV segment using various bits of sounds from Round 5, and introduce here the Rounds basic layout, with the entire video bordered by soundwaves under a bump composite map and proceeding to have much of the video under an unusual combination of composite layering, which while visually the song from Round 5 was still happening, the audio was entirely displaced with something much different. At one point, music from a 3D minigold PC game slowly fades, before being abruptly intercepted by an incredibly sped up inclusion of the actual "Sid is NOT A BATTLE AXE" video, at the time one of MycroProcessor's all time favorite videos ever made. The sped up song from this video would appear in several other places of this Round, and would mostly feature rather disjointed editing in contrast in pace of the two rounds before, with a complex feeling about it while still being made of mostly rather simple edits. This would be one of the last tennis Rounds of 2010, uploaded on December 29th, the day that dewmann would join the forums, then still a very new YTPer and nowhere close to the intention of getting involved in tennis yet.

Round 7, possibly the first round of 2011, is regarded as one of Luioigi's heaviest videos that he would make in his career. Starting with a series of brief yet threatening noises, the round would continue into a textural wonderland of edited bits of the previous round (including the slowing down of the Sid is NOT A BATTLE AXE segments to reveal the ever familiar "STUPID OLD RAT!") and added sources on top of it, with a skeleton elevator-like object from a source that looked reminiscent in appearance to something from a Wario Land Game moving on either side of the center of the video, at one point being duplicated into the center of the pool of colors and mayhem. The round would end rather suddenly but still prove to be a strong final statement.

Round 8 was described by Gamebop as having an originally much more ambitious idea that would require much work but due to being on vacation for two of his 3 days he was reduced to coming up to whatever reserve idea he could conjure up, which became the Round 8 seen today. the video featured 3 separate sections, 2 which edited the previous round and 1 which added in new sources. The 2 sections with the round were quite simply 4 horizontal bars of the video each editing it in a different pattern, which was repeated with 4 vertical bars, with all 8 doing something different and creating a unique contrast of events within the round. The segment that added source was reduced to a black and white frame at the corner of the video, modified with a reverb effect to enhance the rounds atmosphere, featuring the added sources of Alfred Kwak and Super Mario Bros. 3, as well as trace bits of the previous round. Altogether the video created an energetic chemistry of different things happening all at once, which was closed off by this part of the video dissolving into a whirling mess of sound and vision to close of Gamebop's side of the match, which was uploaded right at the deadline.

{{#ev:youtube|ocfCKE-fjq8|320}}Luioigi vs. Gamebop vs. MycroProcessor, Round 9

Round 9 is almost hard to describe in words the effect that it has on how it closes this match. It was by far not only the most different and contrasting video that MycroProcessor had ever made up to this point, but very likely the most different video ever to come out of all YTP entirely. It reaches a considerable experimental apex, opting towards elements of avant-garde in it's use of ambience and incredibly sparse usage of visuals, making the video something that one would more appropriately experience than watch, a style that would have a profound influence on a tenniser known as Therazoredge, who at this time, would have been just starting his first match, and would later become MycroProcessor's second favorite YTPer.

The almost transcendental offering that is the video titled "5" begins with a long, bass heavy, abrasive noise, the only visual being a single black line on a white background. As the noise progresses onward, vertical lines start to appear making out various shapes upon sudden change of sound, while the previous round visually makes its first visual appearance in the background as the noise repeats itself a second time. After a sudden cutoff, the round is focused at an unusual angle on a obscure visual, where the first couple of seconds of the previous round is heard repeated for the first time. Throughout the entire video, any semblance of the rounds audio and video are almost never heard or seen at the same time, the one occasion they do appear together they are far out of sync. A teal grid created and altered in After Effects is used to visually encase the round, while the accompanying audio is supposedly from Riven, although the source has not been clearly identified yet in terms of this. This audio suddenly cuts off, only to reappear again in chopped playback, before cutting to a strobed camera shot from supposedly Riven again* and a diagram of pterodactyl skeletal structure. Ambient music and noises are heard during this segment, which is inter-cut with a partially faded use of the black and white frame from the previous round cropped into full frame, with another part of the previous round appearing on the leftmost side, while the diagram continuously changes size. Following the strobed frame and an incredibly brief moment of Round 8 being entirely unedited (maybe 1/4 of a second), a low droning noise is now heard echoing panned hard right. another shape appears on screen made out of vertical interlaced lines, where a low catastrophic flange noise is heard entering and leaving with changing frequency, with the previous round now in full view with a color-curving effect over the video without directly affecting it, achieved through compositing. The video ends with the drone noise still continuing to echo after the video has finished, closing the match on an eerily somber note.

The final scores were Luioigi: 0.49, Gamebop: 0.63, and MycroProcessor: 0.87, making MycroProcessor the second player that would participate in the final match.

Only one player was left to find, and they would come out from the match of Chrisgendo vs. Metzgorrre vs. BSP666c, another match with three polarizingly different styles going at heads, this time at bigger stakes. The serve would set the tone, being about average length and not doing anything too extravagant, to leave further evolution to the minds of the players that would volley him. Metzgorrre's Round 2 however, almost instantly signified that he was definitely going to be probably the weakest player in the match, as much of the video was made of added sources and only a very select amount of the previous round was used, resorting to mostly his old shenanigans involving intense presentation but overall needing work on a critical tennis perspective. The round was also drawn out by a long cutoff of black space that ended with a still of a boy eating a plastic plane at the very end, making the actual round 20 seconds shorter than the video itself.

By Round 3, BSP was playing hard. His editing style had vastly improved to a point where he was now still able to be visually dazzling while still keeping visible much of the previous round, though in this round he added just as much of the serve as he did the round 2, but the overall execution showed that he was definitely going for the advancement into the final match. His style proved to be excellent working Metzgorrre's rather blurry storms of colors, using them in ways involving more depth which only further served to provide the notion that he could very well emerge as the victor from this match.

Round 4 saw Chrisgendo compensating for this mostly added-sourceless round by adding in a number of his own anime sources, with Bakemonogontari and Serial Experiments Lain making prominent appearances, with the previous Round being inserted into the background of the latter to a good effect. The entire round was given reverb on all the audio to once again give a great atmosphere, with a musical treatment given to the end of the video which worked fantastically, a very original and strong take on BSP's style. By this time also, Chrisgendo had just been newly knighted as a Tennis Staff Member alongside TheChutley, to compensate for the vacancy left by RAKninja's departure.

Round 5 further continued in the same direction as Metzgorrre's Round 2, adding in a lot of added sources and for the most part only doing comparative surface editing to the previous round, minus the end which features a couple of rather interesting WAX treatments, including a vortex effect with a black restore effect made to look like a small splash of chaos againt an otherwise empty screen. The video is also a step up in absurdity from Round 2, as it features yet again a large number of niche humor, including a humorous ending featuring the german dub of a certain added source which was manipulated in ways that to english-speaking viewers was mostly not understandable. The candid hilarity of "awesome sync" and "acting" appearing onscreen with the video would still serve to be equally as funny, ending with the speaking character yelling followed by a short distorted noise.

{{#ev:youtube|zGIcY1-yHWE|320}}ChrisGendo vs. Metzgorrre vs. BSP666c, Round 6

Round 6 is quite possibly one of BSP's most elaborate videos ever, with MycroProcessor stating that the video is a very definitive example of how BSP edits his videos and his general style overall. With the entire video surrounded by a scrolling border of video frames, the round proceeds to be edited within its center, with low ambient audio playing throughout and an equal sense of reverb treatment given to his audio, also once again using Chrisgendo's Round 4 as well as Round 5. A snake effect involving a series of tiny video frames would serve to be the opening and closing transitional effects of this round, with everything edited in an almost precisely tuned layout so that everything would be even and at times almost symmetrical. At the end of the video, the moving border of the round would be isolated and then recursed into itself, with the sped up previous Round appearing very small at the end of the "tunnel", when then zoomed into it on fadeout, ending an almost flawless presentation.

Round 7's audio served to be one of this video's strongest points, as it's "wide open space" feel aided very well with the visuals that were displayed and overall served to be a very beautiful and envoking followup to an a considerably robotic yet still effective previous round. A particularly clever treatment given was the insertion of sources into various pockets of space, having both the previous Round and his own round happening in almost hybrid cooperation, with the aspect ratio compression making BSP's Round look already like a completely different video. By this point it was almost seeming like Chrisgendo could very well also stand a chance to make it to the end, with he and BSP be very obviously considered the match's two strongest players.

And for the one that wasn't, he would deliver his Round 8 on yet another incredibly comedic note, with the audio of this video surprising very high in quality in addition to being incredibly pleasing to listen to. As much of it would once again be added source interspersed with surface editing of the previous round within it, probably most famous about it is the sudden appearance of a barbie commercial right in the middle which is edited in such intense and fast pacing that the mere factor of it being there was absolutely gut-busting to those viewing it. The video would then end by applying very rusty brakes to an otherwise uncontrollable video with a cursive "merry christmas" trailing off into the distance within the last second, as this would be uploaded on December 26th. This would be Metzgorrre's last appearance in the competitive tennis scene to date; he would only play one more full tennis match after this before going into hiatus/retirement from it for an unspecified amount of time, although still continuing to make videos rather irregularly to the present day.

The last Round saw BSP start on a still shot of the Round that would come forth, started by a video timer on the bottom of the screen which counted the total amount of frames used to make this round(Mycro was initially irritated as it seemed that he had just blatantly stole the timer idea from his Round 3 of the match in the same set). The round proved to be another strong response to Metzgorrre's one-way style, ending with one of his traditional YTPMV's at the end using only the channel RGB colors of Red, Green and Blue on a colorless moving background, with the timer stopping and remaining in the fadeout of the video. The match would overall finish before the other one taking place alongside it, also managing to finish within the year 2010(also on the same day that dewmann would first join the forum), while the other match would carry into January 2011.

The results for this match were incredibly close. While Metzgorrre's time had clearly come to an end by his score of 0.48, Chrisgendo had managed to beat BSP by only 0.06 of a point, with 0.79 to his 0.73. With these results, the three players for the final match were now finally in place, and the conclusion of the tournament could now be seen on the horizon.

Luioigi vs. Gamebop vs. MycroProcessor

ChrisGendo vs. Metzgorrre vs. BSP666c


Chrisgendo vs. MycroProcessor vs. Moogle was seen to be an epic turnout in that it would be an all Tennis Staff match, with Chrisgendo having gotten this far for the first time in his first traditional tournament, and long-time tournament player Moogle also getting to the end for this first time, but for Mycro, this was his in fact second time. He had previously played for the win in the Doubles Cup I alongside Gamebop, being defeated by AjaxCubed and Aesaun, but in the time since Gamebop had managed to win on his own with the Grey Tournament that had happened previously. The motivation on all three sides was high, and it would serve to start the new year on a grand high note.

Chrisgendo would serve off with a large array of anime/Touhou sources (to match the taste of Moogle and himself) while also adding in an amount of Jolteon sources as well as Obsidian (to match those of Mycro), edited in a considerably more amped up way than before, to compensate for the anticipation for the battle that would develop as it could considerably go anywhere from there.

Round 2 would start with a singular short stuttered noise before entering into its first use of black space. Much of the video here was confined to a 3D layered frame which made up about 67% of the video while a textured background provided something else to look at. Much of the video was edited rather basically aside from this but in a curious way, further building upon Mycro's experimentation and serving to take the match in a further direction with it's conceptual deepness. Following this would be a section driven by a song in 11/4 time in which every camera shot of the scenery from Riven would be sped up and used in the back to a monotone color structure of first Yellow, then Teal, then Purple. Over the video he would incorporate more trace edits of the previous round, at one point creating another short song in 6/8 time which worked against the one already playing, before proceeding to work with more of the video and added more sources, including Gamebop's "Alfred Kwak's Quest for It.". Towards the end of this section, a transparent image of a Ninja Jolteon (his current avatar by this time) would appear on screen, with the video suddenly zooming in close to his ear, then abruptly changing to a predominantly black frame with the ear only made out by a black outline, while another ambient noise played. The ear would fade to an upside down layer of the same, then switch to a plain grey layer of video with a much more abrasive noise playing throughout. This would stop only to have a sped up bit from the beginning of the video play under a color composite, then resume back to the noise.

{{#ev:youtube|CWOcVe1Cdvs|320}}ChrisGendo vs. MycroProcessor vs. Moogle, Round 3

Round 3 would be Moogle's last tournament video and would be at this same time one of his most effect-oriented as well, while also inserting a good bit of humor into at as well with the beginning with a picture of 3 Japanese girls which he pointed out as himself, Mycro and Gendo, whilst "you" (the viewer) was a suggestive image in the background. The round then transition to 5 circles of the edited Jolteon footage over unsynced audio, and proceeding to give a lot of interesting edits to the rest of the round, using unconventional effects/plugins throughout the majority of the video. The ambient ear segment would be inverted to white with a black outline, on top of which Touhou sources would be added, and proceeding to edit similarly. The video has a spectacular moment in which the cookie cutted circle of the Jolteon is duplicated and spun several times in the formation of the word JOLT, which on it's own seemed to have taken about 30 layers to construct. The ninja Jolteon is then duplicated and moved across the screen several times giving off a fantastic visual effect, before then transitioning into another humorous segment in which the Jolteon is supposedly speaking "MY JOLTEON IS THE STRONGEST OF ALL. JOLTEOOOONNN, ATTACK!!!". Another anime character by the name of supposedly Iiniku Ushijima speaking simply "HAAIII!" when then prompts both of them to share a hearty laugh in the voices of King Harkinian and Zelda. Their heads are both subsequently eaten by a TouHou character in the background baring her fangs, while the round ends with a series of unusual edited sounds made using the sharp noise from before.

Round 4 in it's tone partially is emotionally reflective, relating to the death of a close friend of Chrisgendo's, as indicated by the video starting soft then suddenly jumping into a screaming reverberated noise and proceeding to otherwise have seemingly playful fun with Moogle's round, as the two of them could be considered to have been practically siblings at this time. Phoenix Wright is added in large amounts throughout this round, in addition to more Bakemonogontari and the translation of Iiniku Ushijima and Jolteon into a pretend dating sim. K-On would also make an appearance, and effect-wise the bulk of the video would be incredibly elaborate, with a particular recursive layer effect that would be a prominent component of the next round.

Round 5, also titled "5", replaces the section of Round 4 with the Japanese scrolling text with the avatars of all three players, then proceeding to delve into yet another experimental approach, with two distinct songs playing in either stereo side, Motoi Sakuraba playing in one and Touhou music * playing in another. All the music featured in the video is in either 5/4 or 5/8, to fit in with the "5" concept. A single empty 3D frame bearing the "Round 5 Title" in a foreign language slowly rotates on a Y axis toward the back, revealing the background, frequently suddenly yelling "FIVE!" as a 5 suddenly appears strobing in the frame, with a second lopsided 5 next to it. The frame would then start to play the previous round completely unedited, while another part of it plays in the background slowed down. The video in frame is then suddenly interrupted again by "FIVE!" when proceeds to start the sequence again and repeat it about 3 more times throughout the course of the video. Meanwhile the background at one point becomes something akin to a freeframe replication effect (which Mycro constructed by hand) before switching to a predominantly teal background using a section of the video that happens later. A compressed frame using other parts of the previous round then appears next to it scrolling downward, edited in a minimal way within before then going into about 8 more seconds of black space. The audio then reenters with the video following behind, the scrolling frame now replaced with the recursive layer piece from Round 4 being intricately shuffled by squares in a sped up pace. The video goes empty again, though this time keeping just the teal background, which lasts for 27 seconds. It then abruptly changes to a white background with a blurred 3D layer of the recursive layer segment overlayed by a grey grid, which continues to play as normally, until about 2:15 minutes into the video when the video is paused on a stutter frame and one by one, a blinking square proceeds to go into the grid and rotate individual squares into a certain direction, which proceeds to do this to about 6 of the 25 squares, creating a stunning complex juxtaposition that some people thought was absolutely brilliant. In the middle of this section it suddenly cuts to a scene from Riven where a linking book is closed repetitively, each time with a different tetris-like shape appearing on the cover while "Losing it" by Rush serves as the background music. After the layer grid segment finally ends, a Portal 2 voice can be heard speaking "5/4" as an intricate visual bit appears, with the rounds ending being upon the previous Jolteon bit slowed down, with a displacement composite effect being used over another D'ni numeral which slowly fades into view.

ChrisGendo vs. MycroProcessor vs. Moogle

As of the present day, almost 4 years later, a Round 6 still has yet to be seen. Chrisgendo and MycroProcessor would each go on to win a subsequent tournament, with Chris winning the Doubles Cup II alongside AshcrementVII and MycroProcessor winning Chris's own Triples Tournament alongside Gamebop and eletricalmonkss. Moogle however, would become mysteriously absent from tennis entirely, announcing in 2014 that he has no desire to continue with tennis at all, due to becoming generally disenchanted with it and feeling rather distant from the community that had evolved in the years since. In addition, On November 20th, 2014, all of his videos on ffgasm (the account he had used for most of his tennis since The Doubles Cup I) became privatized and currently remain this way, the reason for it still unknown. This leaves uncertain to the notion if the tournament will ever actually finish, or forever be frozen in place where the last match to this day still sits outside of the Tournaments: Completed section. Mycro has stated that there will basically be no penalties should there ever come a day where Moogle does decide to finish the match, with the only supposed hint to it's completion given one time by him in 2012, through the mentioning that he was supposedly working on the video. Famously on October 30th, 2011, IceSumo would succumb to incredible impatience at the match not being completed and instinctively announce that he was going to replace Moogle, which immediately prompted Chrisgendo to lock the thread on the grounds that he would not be replacing "jack shit". He would later become banned after subsequently verbally assaulting Gendo as a result of the thread becoming locked, which he had done to several old threads despite repeated warnings, and his expulsion would prompt in a much more humorous fashion for superkoffee to ban himself a half hour later by spamming "#UNBAN ICESUMO!! #OCCUPY YOUCHEW!!!" in dangerously excessive amounts. As a result of the incredible stagnation, this Tournament remains in this way alone the longest still continuously running tournament on the site, still waiting for a proper conclusion to come in some form.

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