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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.
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The account(s) 2nnt & c0r3f1ght3rZ has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
Closed.png The account Tvonnt & MadElectroUploadz has been Closed.

In Brief[edit]

Formerly known as 2nnt both on YouTube and YouChew, this pooper goes by the name Mackenzie on YouChew and Mackenzie Aliemilla (display name) / Hachidorey (URL) on YouTube. Also known as Birdyflorae in the Glitch art scene (with most of their social media accounts being named after that) and Static Noise Bird in the Psychedelic music scene.

Posted a lot on the Image Spam Thread(s) during the early years of their stay on YouChew, what they were partially even notorious for.

Another formerly noted characteristic of theirs was using pictures of cosplayers and other Asian girls as their avatars, snatched from fashion sites, Tumblr and online clothing shops.

Has regularly released one album per year under their main project, a few outtake EPs and various other releases, including both EPs and full-length albums under their side-project, From the Willowmeadow.

Focuses on IDM, Downtempo, Psychedelic and Progressive Trance under their main project, Ambient on their side-project and also has a secret Noise side-project.

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Mackenzie is also anime.


In 2007 summer, right after Pokémon Pearl was released in Finland, they started up their first channel for lo-fi gameplay things and later for electronic music uploads.

In 2008 they first heard about YouTube Poop when their friend was on the dark side of YouTube and found these videos. Sooner or later stopped making other kinds of videos completely, grabbed WMM and made their first, obviously terrible poops since 2009 April. Their first channel, 2nnt, was eliminated in the autumn of 2009, and the very next morning they started up a new channel, c0r3f1ght3rz.

In late 2010 they got more into YTPMV and less into YTP/STP, which gained them a bit more fame outside the Finnish community. Sometime soon after their current channel c0r3f1ght3rz was shut down due to copyright infringements and they booted up another new channel, MadElectroUploadz, with the help of their backup channel, Tvonnt.

Was an artist on the Breakbit Music netlabel from November 2010 until the summer of 2011, when they quit the label under the earlier threat of actually getting kicked out.

Finally joined YouChew on August 2nd, 2011.

In 2011 autumn they shut down their channels Tvonnt and MadElectroUploadz, started a new one and went on a long hiatus during which they uploaded very few videos, aside from older reuploads.

Returned to Breakbit under the alias Static Noise Bird in September 2012 and stayed on it until the death of the label in April 2014.

In 2015 February, right before obtaining a new computer, they announced being "finally ready to return after a looooong, looooooong hiatus". In the next two years, they only made four Pokémon YTPs and one round of the 2-way Sega Genesis duel with CorruptionSound against jacobketronCT & djninjalovemistake. The match was retired after the untimely death of Ninja.

During 2017 summer they finally became much more active on the forums, started writing music reviews in the Blogs section and made their first collab entry in 6 years. Since then, so far, they have also joined in on at least one other collab and started a 3-way tennis match.

Joined the Writing Staff on November 16th, 2017.

Met some Finnish poopers in March 2019, then again later in 2019 and 2020.

First poop seen[edit]

King Dedede Inhales a Negative Ion

First poop made[edit]

Ääs huolehtii Prokista turhaan (a WMM-made Finnish Pokémon poop, April 2009)







Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]

Recurring Jokes[edit]

  • Making an original YTPMV of the Pokémon theme in the beginning of a regular Pokémon YTP
  • Replacing sounds when a character has their mouth open with Agapio Racing Team's Digimon dubs

Personal Life & Preferences[edit]

Main Hobbies[edit]

  • Cosplaying
  • Photographing
  • Music production
  • Digital psychedelic & glitch art


  • Cute anime avatars
  • Tea (and infusions)
  • Larks and warblers
  • Ambient, IDM, Breakcore, Glitch, Downtempo, Shoegaze, Glitch Pop, Ambient Pop, Dream Pop, Folktronica, Indietronica, Modern Classical, Ska, Jazz Fusion, Nu Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Psybient, Tribal Ambient, Microhouse, Boom Bap, Abstract Hip Hop, Jazz Rap, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Big Beat, Black Metal, Avant-garde Metal & Chamber Pop (and more)
  • Stupid contextless sentence mixing
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • The nature
  • Game glitches
  • Heavy makeup
  • Experimenting and doing what I like, unconventional stuff


  • Smug anime avatars
  • Coffee
  • Seagulls and geese
  • Bubblegum Bass, Bluegrass, Big Room, Trap, Grindcore, Screamo, Crunkcore & Britpop
  • Unoriginal toilet humour sentence mixing (esp. in Finnish poops)
  • Michael Rosen
  • The city
  • Games that don't glitch
  • No makeup
  • Setting in popular/usual ways, conventional stuff



  • Really infrequent videos, even before the big hiatus(es).


  • First tennis match with using only solid colors as visual source (vs. MountainDewMaNN)
  • Significant people from the YTP community including McMaNGOS, Danielradcliffe777, glue70, Turbopora and RASVAKEITINv23 have or have had subscribed them.



  • The entire Breakbit community, mostly Bye-Product, Ensoi, McMaNGOS, ReeceA, Kraiola, mrSimon and Lucky Oddy.

In real life[edit]

  • The entire STP (Finnish YTP) community


  • The entire STP (Finnish YTP) community
  • McMaNGOS



  • None yet.



  • Mackenzie - "Extended" version of their birth name. Currently used on YouChew and YouTube.
  • Static Noise Bird - Their musical main project. Produces Downtempo, Ambient, Glitch, IDM, Progressive Trance, Psychill and Breakcore under this moniker.
  • Birdyflorae - Their digital art alias. Currently used on all social media profiles, aside from Facebook and
  • From the Willowmeadow - Their musical side project. Produces Drone, Space Ambient, Minimal Ambient & experimental low-bitrate music under this moniker.
  • 2nnt - Former musical main project and YouTube account. Last album released in 2012, the YouTube channel was eliminated in the autumn of 2009. Still mentioned in the URL of their Bandcamp.

Poop selection[edit]

This list does not include every video ever made by Mackenzie, not even her personal favourites, but rather a display of all the various styles she has attempted over the past several years.


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