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Planet Freedom

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Planet Freedom is the name of the fictional world in which the Sonic the Hedgehog anime movie takes place. The name was adopted by Thereisnospork303(Thereisnospoon303), RabbitSnore, Dopply, Misselaineous10, MrDrunkenFox, UncleChuckTH, and Terrorist, when they created a cost-free forum on during an outbreak of e-drama on YouChew Poop.

Most of the time, when a member of the forum refers to Planet Freedom, they are referring to the forum.


Asking how Planet Freedom was made is much the same as asking your parents where babies come from: you're looking for trouble.

Creation of the Planet Freedom Forum[edit]

After MrDrunkenFox lost his seat as moderator on the staff of the forum in Spring 2008, during the administration of Conrad Slater, it might be said that the situation began to rapidly degenerate, and the forum-goers became increasingly discontent with the way the site was run. Two main incidents following Fox's firing from the mod staff are generally attributed to the conditions which led to the creation of Planet Freedom. These two incidents are The Modsahoy Incident and The Perfect Poop Drama Incident. Without the over-dramatic titles, these two incidents simply refer to the time when Pimpsahoy was made moderator as a joke and the event in which ShadowWario's vocal complaints spurred Conrad Slater to temporarily shut down the forum. Shortly after this, the usage of HTML code was suspended on the forum because of an incident of code abuse. Adding to this flames of drama, Mr. Slater also announced his intention to allow the YouChew Poop community portal's server lease to expire and not to renew it. It was around this time that a group chat on MSN was held between the forum-goers who would become the administrators of Planet Freedom.

During this discussion, it was proposed that a free forum be made, in order to escape the e-drama. Using, Thereisnospoon303 created Planet Freedom, the basic layout of which was used in the phpBB3 version of the YouChew Poop forum. The moderation staff was composed of Thereisnospoon303 (TINS), RabbitSnore, Dopply, Misselaineous10, MrDrunkenFox, UncleChuckTH, and Terrorist. TINS was immediately banned for creating a rival forum before communication was established between him and Conrad. RabbitSnore lost his position as news editor for YouChew and Misselaineous10 lost her moderating position for their support for Planet Freedom. All of them had administrative access to Planet Freedom, and all were entrusted with virtually equal rights to moderate and administrate. TINS was the unofficial leader of the group, and he was entrusted to deal with all communications between Planet Freedom and YouChew Poop. Many of the moderation policies of the current incarnation of YouChew Poop take their roots in decisions made on Planet Freedom, including the moderator voting system, in which each member of the staff has essentially equal say in decisions about forum policy.


The format of Planet Freedom was loosely based on the organization of YouChew Poop, and in included many of the same forum categories, plus several others, including a section about Society and a Venting section, where users could engage in cathartic outbursts. Planet Freedom also included several sections devoted to user-made content beyond the usual milieu of Youtube Poops. Another addition was the inclusion of a section devoted to Poop Drama, meant to enclose all the histrionics in a single location.

Some of the organizational decisions made during the creation of Planet Freedom inspired the formatting of YouChew when it was reintroduced on phpbb3.

The Administrative Shift[edit]

During negotiations between Conrad and TINS, Conrad gave TINS two options. The first was that YouChew would eventually go down and that Planet Freedom would become the new Youchew Poop, or that TINS would shut down his FreeForum and become the new administrator of Youchewpoop. After discussion with the others, they chose to assume control of the site.

Shortly after, Planet Freedom was shut down and TINS assumed control of the forum, Chewiki, and news page. Conrad maintained control over the directory for as long as it remained before it was abandoned. Everyone who originally lost their positions returned to their posts. Terrorist became a moderator after showing he was trustworthy enough. Peace returned to the forums.

Soon after, the Vanilla layout the forum ran on wasn't doing it for the new administration (i.e., it crashed with when more than about 20 people were online at one time; it crashed for as long as 21 hours; its SQL databases were coded like fuck), and the forums were disabled about a week to the general public. When it was reopened, the new forum ran on phpBB3. Dopply and RabbitSnore had attempted to install Vanilla on the new server, but it crashed before it was even populated with users. It was then decided that new, more stable software would be put to use for a new forum. The moderators and administrators spent several days and hours installing the new software and arranging for the new forum to function. This was the first of many sleepless nights for the admins. When complete, the new layout was reminiscent of Planet Freedom, which had run on a free version of phpbb.

Conrad did not rejoin until May 24, 2010, and had not previously been seen on the forum since. Many users objected to the use of phpbb3 and were quite vocal in their protests, much to the dismay of the new administrative and moderator staff.

The old forum and all its posts were saved and uploaded under another domain,, and the forum was later restored on YouChew's main server. Planet Freedom would occasionally be opened up temporarily from 2011 to 2017, as an emergency bunker (or vacation resort) of sorts for when YouChew was inaccessible. Though now permanently closed for posting, it remains as something of a museum of the old days.


  • Planet Freedom was temporarily reopened in May 2008 during a server switch of the main forum.
  • When the old forum was moved to another domain, some of the text appears glitched for some strange reason. For example, Pimpsahoy's strange name with a bunch of accented letters became þìmþs ahõ¥©.
  • One of the prime examples of Planet Freedom's time capsule status is the fact a thread on Osama bin Laden's May 2011 death remains on the first page of the General Chat subforum.
  • In 2017, the previous phpBB software was discretely overtaken by Tapatalk. The old forum smileys are no longer visible, with them supplanted by emoji.
  • As free forums are often deactivated if they go a certain amount of time with no activity, the Planet Freedom staff occasionally make spam posts in the mod section for the sake of keeping Planet Freedom alive.

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