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Windows Movie Master

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.
Award given to Movie Master Players.
Award given to Movie Master Winner. DaftPunk Yoshi is the sole holder of this medal.

The Windows Movie Master was a specialized YouTube Poop Tennis Tournament hosted by strong414bad and DaftPunkYoshi that involved a classic Cup-style procession of matches in which Windows Movie Maker was the only editor players could use. The event ran from June to November of 2009 and overlapped with the then ongoing Tennis Season and The Grey Tournament which would have started signups but not officially commenced until after the conclusion of the Season and this tournament. Many of the players who joined were ones that hadn't played in tournaments before specifically because WMM was their main editor and with the opening of this felt like they finally had a place where theirs would be the most fairly matched. One such player, DaftPunkYoshi, who was already building a reputation for his impressive technicality with the famously basic-in-appearance editor, would be the winner of the Tournament with much praise, and it would be the only tournament he would actively participate in, the first time an active member of the Tennis Cafe Staff would win and the first time that a tournament would be won by its host or in this case one of its hosts. Because the tournament was organized and planned out like the Tennis Cup, it is retrospectively looked at now alternatively as the Tennis Cup II, to keep in likeness with the logic of the Tennis Cup IV's name, though it is still commonly referred to under its original title. A special award set was created solely for this tournament, for participants and the winner, and has not been used again since.


In August of 2008, Emperor Ing instigated a three-way all WMM match with fellow WMMers and Tennis Fucks strong414bad and NS2, which was an acclaimed match among the tennis regulars upon its completion. It used an unusual format of round orders, doing so in a way that no player would volley each other twice, but every player would be volleyed once. This match would become widely known and coined by Ing as the Windows Movie Master.

In April of 2009, the formation of a second Windows Movie Master was intstigated, in what would appear to be a gigantic multi-way match with several players, estimated to be up to 16. It wasn't until about a week after its original formation that it was formally decided between strong414bad and DaftPunkYoshi to turn it into a full out Tournament, with a total of 16 players competing. It would initially keep it's name of the "Windows Movie Master II", in order to refer to the original match that took place, though it has since been referred to commonly as just the Windows Movie Master. It's official start date was witheld until the Doubles Cup I officially ended, which would be about one and a half months later.

Unusually for a tennis tournament up to this point, the determination of matches fell back from the randomization used in Gallers's Tennis Cup and instead opted for a traditional bracket system, where the outcomes of the first lineup would define the matches of the following Lineups, thus making it more stylized after a real-life Cup. The only randomized lineup of matches would be for the first Set, determined by DaftPunkYoshi.


With strong414bad as the primary host and first participant, DaftPunkYoshi would sign up second in what would be his first official competition. Emperor Ing would then join (this also being his first) and insist that someone get NS2 to join, in order to have all 3 of the originals taking part. NS2 would later state that he was game for anything, with the time in between occurring the confirmed participation of Gamebop, MycroProcessor, Fiddlesticks411, MAZZ0Murder, FuturesPassed, TangerineImpz, quax and RAKninja. Followed by this would be Rarenut59(his first and only competition), TheChutley, and AmiralMachin in his first competition, with the last participant being vvaluigi. AmiralMachin would later announce however that he would be dropping out of the tournament, in which Cristoph would step in to take his place, and almightyseancore, who originally was told that signups were already full, would also enter into the competition when NS2 was unable to make the tournament like planned.


Set 1[edit]

While a serve was made in order to kick off TheChutley vs. TangerineImpz, Tang ended up quitting after what he had made of Round 2 getting lost when his WMM crashed and that he "just didn't feel like dealing with it", giving the match automatically to TheChutley for the first round. This would be the only failed match of the entire tournament. Cristoph vs. Rarenut59 and vvaluigi vs. Fiddlesticks411 remain only half intact and half of quax vs. strong414bad has been privated, but it is known that the winner of the respective matches were Cristoph, Fiddle and strong414bad.

{{#ev:youtube|wHIgfE7SWWo|320}}Gamebop vs. Emperor Ing, Round 4

Elsewhere there was pitted the unusually interesting match up of Gamebop vs. Emperor Ing, players which sported incredibly contrasting styles and preferences in a non-WMM setting and would see two equally as contrasting approaches within one. The serve utilized a number of unusual plugins and featured the source of Alfred Kwak, edited in a way that closely mirrored Gamebop's style with vegas, and Ing would tackle this video editing in a much more basic way through mostly scrambling the order of various sections of the serve, with almost the entire second half dedicated to the inclusion of Hotel Mario and repetitions of "gay" taken from the source throughout. Round 3 would speed up many of the previous sections and employ PiP effects while also semi-rhythmically alternating between a single "gay" clip and edited previous footage to give a complex presentation, while Round 4 would displace almost all of the audio with sentance-mixed Zelda CDI audio and simply repeat bits of the previous round with small frame movement effects applied while also adding in more hotel mario footage on top of it. Round 5 continued the approach of Round 1 and 3 although in this case it proved to be considerably less effective but still provided some unique visual elements while Round 6 this time added Orson Welles footage in small bits throughout to give the round a distinctive look apart from the other two videos on Ing's side, though Moogle observed that it showed "more conformism to the previous round in comparison to where round 2 and 4 went". Ing commented on this saying that he backed off from his original plan which would have "sent [you] all reeling" and that if he moved on he would save the technique for later. He ultimately would win the match, being the first time (and currently the only time)that Gamebop would be defeated in the first round of a tournament.

The serve of DaftPunkYoshi vs. MAZZ0Murder featured an interesting blend of anime and videogame footage that MycroProcessor would call his favorite serve of the first set, and Mazz would respond to it by adding live action Japanese shows into the mix into his Round 2. This would be a pattern that would continue on each side throughout the match with DPY's style maintaining a technical cohesiveness while Mazz maintained a technical disjointedness often subject to frequent changes of pace or gaps in sound, making for a match that was pretty even. DPY's last round would sport an incredible pace and extensive editing which would be his trademark finishing move throughout this tournament, which Mazz seemed unable to match up to in his Round 6, leading to DPY securing his first match win.

RAKninja vs. almightyseancore is well known as probably the simplest match of the first set, with Round 1 using only a single episode of Transformers G1 and later adding other retro cartoons such as Centurion, Inhumanoids, Animated Ghostbusters and C.O.P.S. The Case of the Blitz Attack giving the whole match a very picturesque look that was highly regarded amongst the older tennis regulars as one of the best matches so far. The match was notably completed in only 3 days and RAKninja would turn out to be its winner.

MycroProcessor vs. Futures Passed began with a serve that due to Mycro's already established experience with WMM during his formative stage was easily very complex, making especially unconventional usage of transitions, with Futures wondering how it was even done in WMM. RAK commented that unlike a lot of his videos he could actually envision what the editing timeline of the video looked like at its completion. Futures Passed for the most part utilized a more basic approach for his rounds focusing on the more visual bits involving transitions while Mycro incorporated around the same level of complexity adding multiple sources and music tracks and producing unusual sounds through multiple renders. With Futures's Round 4 being made up largely added source, Round 5 used it to create a densely layered treatment featuring copius frame scrambling and transition usage that had an echo sound due to the many instances in which it was layered upon itself. Futures Passed got very close to echoing this kind of approach in his last round which was definitely his most visual of the match, though MycroProcessor would end up being it's winner.

Set 2[edit]

Fiddlesticks411 vs. MycroProcessor would feature a mostly consistent amount of sources although Sonic the Hedgehog would be the most prominant throughout with Fiddle's addition of AoStH and Mycro's addition of the actual games, every round being quite short, in many cases no longer than 30 seconds. Up to about Round 3 the playered seemed about evenly matched, but at Round 4 Mycro once again approached his normal level of technicality, which Fiddle in the end of her Round 5 was quick to acknowledge in the inclusion of "looks like I lost :3" which would prove to be an accurate prediction. Round 6 is probably most famously known for being featured then on an early episode of Stuart K. Reilly's Youtube Poop News that focused exclusively on WMM and its capabilities, under the misconceived impression that MycroProcessor was a mainly-WMM pooper "known to have used Vegas"; DaftPunkYoshi would be featured on this same episode. Cristoph vs. Emperor Ing remains only half intact but it is known that the sources used ranged through many animes including Prince of Tennis, Dragon Ball Z, YuGiOh and Beyblade and saw Emperor Ing using a few unusually advanced techniques in his rounds including a use of chroma keyed layering in his Round 6. It was considered to be another great and close match with the win ultamitely going to Cristoph.

{{#ev:youtube|Eoyb7b2jf3c|320}}DaftPunkYoshi vs. TheChutley, Round 2

DaftPunkYoshi vs. TheChutley would see TheChutley's only full match of this tournament and be one well regarded for being cohesively good on both a technical and comedic basis. The serve would include a Japanese ad for the Yoshi Game Boy pocket game as well as clips from Titanic: The Animated Movie ("Pick Up Those Bits of Broken China") and Round 2 would introduce TheChutley's signature I.M. Meen and (then) Yngwie sources and be heavily transition driven, giving it a complex yet slow and concentrated feel. A signature bit of DPY's Round 3 would be the layering on top of a swiveling frame with a frame in reverse swivel to give off the impression of revolving doors, while speeding up many sections of the previous Round and interspersing it with Shao-Lin's Road Gameplay into the mix while also continuing the duplication of the "Broken China" frames in a logical progression, at this point 4 frames as opposed to 2 before, which built from just 1 at the beginning. Round 4 added on several layers of transitions and this time implemented some uses of difference compositing, a difficult feat to accomplish in WMM without proper plugin knowledge, and increased the "broken china" frames from 4 to 8 through more layer compositing providing another strong response. DPY's last Round repeated again his strategy from his last final round by launching in all-out intensity which proved to be effective once more; TheChutley claimed that he was made to "pull an Emperor Ing" in that his Round 6 featured Round 5 being mostly transitioned between minimally unedited CDI footage, which Ing himself called "beautiful". DPY naturally became the winner and progressed to the semifinals.

{{#ev:youtube|Ac09tIUsL5A|320}}strong414bad vs. RAKninja, Round 3
{{#ev:youtube|SN5W7XdA30I|320}}strong414bad vs. RAKninja, Round 6

strong414bad vs. RAKninja would be the first match since the Tennis Cup I's Nuthead vs. NS2 to be a Tennis Staff on Tennis Staff match meaning that anything was to be expected. Round 1 featured the Irate Gamer as it's only source but the direction took a sharp left turn in Round 2, which was rendered with an incredible lag and low resolution and appeared to make the video seem almost entirely dedicated to the inclusion of Hotel Mario, even though RAK claimed to use all of the serve in the video. Moogle commented that this continued a trend in RAK turning out what always looked to be the hardest rounds to volley and Mycro commented very positively on the videos lag.

On the "dad414gnorts" account which holds an archive of all of strong414bad's past work, Round 3 is listed as "strong414bad at his finest" and that "Microsoft Sam(which is used extensively throughout the round to convey the lyrics to The Beatles' "Honey Pie" in relation to the recurring titles) would be proud". Considerably the video is one of strong's most effect heavy videos as several unique WMM filters and zoom in effects are applied all throughout the video and particularly effective in one particular place where a filter is applied to make the video look like nothing more than two blobs floating in space. Moogle commented that at this point the match was getting incredibly eccentric and other notes were made of the bizarre feel it presented. Round 4 was a direct continuation of this and also added in Zelda CDI footage to further move it along, this time presented with the correct frame rate and video stabilization, but ultimately less impressionable as the round before it.

Distinctive of Round 5 is the entire video being presented in an ongoing series of sidways moving "push-frame" transitions in which the sequences of the round are presented and then moved aside like an assembly line which proved to be an effective and creative treatment. Round 6 featured extensive added footage treated with hue cycle and pixelation effects and for most of the video focused on only the CDI sections of the previous round, though presented it all in an interestingly repetitive fashion that gave it an equally unique feel to the round in which it was volleying, also contrasting in length, of which is was over twice that of Round 5. MycroProcessor at the time called this one of his favorite tennis matches ever and others commented on it positively also, with strong414bad urging the notion that a rematch should happen in the future between them. It was also strong himself that would end up becoming the winner of this match.

Set 3 and FINAL MATCH[edit]

Things were now coming down to a heat with only 4 players left and all of them being considerably quite strong and proficient with WMM. DaftPunkYoshi vs. MycroProcessor would be considered to be one of the most intense WMM-bound tennis matches to ever happen especially with DPY's Round 5 which was numerously commented on for it's strong presentation - MAZZ0Murder commented saying it was not something he would have expected from WMM - managing even to beat out that of Mycro's last round, which had a noticeable reduction of pace but still displayed enough notable complexity to match well enough against DPY, with no one too worried about how he was to respond to Round 5. Cristoph vs. strong414bad remains only half intact but it is known that Cristoph would arise as the winner of this match, making him and DaftPunkYoshi tourney finalists.

Cristoph vs. DaftPunkYoshi while only currently half intact easily served to be a great change of pace for DPY in comparision to his previous matches in that it was initially much more humor oriented and now relied on more cleverness than usual to emerge as victorious, something that Cristoph, who had played nearly all of his matches this way, seemed well versed to accomplish. Also notable for this match is that it remains the first and only time in a tournament where the final match is increased to 8 rounds rather than 6, something that was a strain on Cristoph who by Round 6 had felt that this match was far out of his preferred style. DPY's last round turned out to be in multiple ways quite prophetic, as it bore the title of "Marik and Bakura create the World's Greatest WMM Tennis Round" and featured something of a storyline progression, involving a scene from the Japanese Mario Bros Movie in which Bowser and Peach converse about the outcome of the Windows Movie Master(Peach: "This WMM Tourney worries me deeply; I can't decide who the "REAL" WMM Master is now...." Bowser: "HAHA! I'm confident that Cristoph has this tournament by the ropes!" Peach: "Just you wait! DaftPunkYoshi might win this brutal match...").

Initially viewers were torn on who to vote for and many knew that the outcome was going to be close. Eventually it was announced that DaftPunkYoshi had indeed emerged as the winner, making him the first Tennis Staff member to win a tournament as well as the first player to win a tournament that they helped host. His win is frequently recognised as a superlative achievement in helping to solidify his image as the most successful WMM YTPer within the core Youchew community and the most dominant YTPer within that particular field, which he would continue to do so for another year and one more tournament before switching his main to Premiere Elements 7. The time of this tournaments completion and the beginning of the Grey Tournament soon afterward somewhat overlapped with the now long-gestating Tennis Season, lagging along in the final stages of its last week, making this brief selection of time the most competitively busy the Tennis Section would ever be.